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Type: Video
Characters: Terrence Kyne, Benjamin Matthius, Bridge Officers D. White and Chic[note 1]
Chapter: 4
Can be found: In the elevator facing the entrance to the security room
(Kyne stands in front of Matthius; two bridge staff stand behind him.)

  • Matthius: (looking behind him, at the two bridge staff) This is mutiny. You'll all be tried for mutiny! Kyne, make them listen to reason.
  • Kyne: Settle down, then. (to the bridge staff) Hold him.

(The two men restrain Matthius from behind by the arms)

  • Kyne: By Maritime Law Article 54-69, I hereby declare Captain Benjamin Matthius unfit for duty.
  • Matthius: The marker...must be delivered to the church! Terrence! Please!
  • Kyne: (turns away, and readies a needle) I'm sorry Ben, but I can't let you do this.
  • Matthius: Traitor. Heretic!
  • Kyne: (turns back around) Hold his head.
  • Matthius: MURDERER!
  • Kyne: Hold him!

(Matthius begins to violently struggle in the men's grasp. Kyne tries to get a clean shot with the needle, trying to inject it in his neck. Kyne stabs with the needle. The needle goes right into Matthius' left eye. Matthius screams in agony, blood pouring out of his eye socket. The two men let go of him in shock, and Matthius falls backward onto the flood, dead.)

  • Bridge Staff 1: He's...dead!
  • Kyne: N-no, it was an accident! I had to stop him!
  • Bridge staff 2: Arrest the doctor.


  • The Captain's death is revealed to Isaac.
  • From the perspective of this log, it appears that Dr. Kyne intentionally killed Captain Matthius.[note 2]


  1. In Dead Space neither officer is given a name; their names are given in Dead Space: Downfall. It is possible, however unlikely, that this video log may show two different officers.
  2. The film Dead Space: Downfall, however, shows a drastically different scenario: the Captain's resistance is far more violent - Kyne accidentally kills Matthius when the Captain lunges at him. It is also worth noting that the dialogue is different as well, though similar.