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Advertisement for the Cassini Towers.

Cassini Towers was an apartment complex on Titan Station. It was personified by the tagline "Cosmic Views, Terrestrial Living".


Cassini Towers was one of the residential areas on Titan Station. It housed the Church of Unitology, and featured examples of elaborate statuary, a trait that put it at odds with Titan Heights and other areas of the Sprawl. It was here that untold numbers of Unitologists committed suicide upon the outbreak of Necromorphs on Titan Station, many of them in front of the Church or inside the building itself. The log Sally 3 implies that the residents of the Cassini Towers, to some extent, were aware about the plans to sabotage Titan Station and had begun their suicide rituals even before the outbreak started.

Isaac Clarke journeyed to Cassini Towers to meet up with Daina Le Guin, who claimed to possess the cure to his Marker-induced dementia. Clarke soon discovered her treachery, and managed to escape the Church and travel back to the Cassini Towers apartment sector, where he was contacted by Nolan Stross, who informed him of the project that had exploited them. Isaac left Cassini Towers to reach him.

Cassini Towers was destroyed when Titan Station exploded following the destruction of the Site 12 Marker.


  • It is here that Isaac is first engaged by the Gunship.[1]
  • The towers are named after Italian/French astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini, who was the first to observe four of Saturn's moons: Iapetus, Rhea, Tethys, and Dione.
  • In some of the children's rooms in the towers, there is graffiti saying "God will save us".