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An audio log in Dead Space (2023).

Audio recording device

An audio log in Dead Space 3.

Logs are storage devices where a person can store audio, graphics and text. Logs can be activated in a user's RIG, and the message is then projected through the RIG's holo-displayer (given that the user has one). The RIG will store the logs in the device's database where the user can view them at any time.

In Dead Space (2008), Dead Space 2 and Dead Space (2023), audio, text and some video logs can be collected by Isaac, which play immediately upon acquisition and can be played again from the database screen. Audio RIG calls made by various other characters are also added as audio logs. Upon finishing the original game and its remake, several backstory text logs are added to Isaac's inventory.

In Dead Space 3, bigger, portable displayers replace the small sized storage units as seen in previous games. These devices can record and play audio to its listener. Artifacts also replace the storage units in the third game. These Artifacts can store graphics and text and also are different from each other from the outside.


  • The Dead Space 3 audio recorders appear to be using some sort of an operating system called the "Strata Messaging System".

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