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Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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The chapter starts out as soon as the player enters the door which locks behind them.Then the player must go trough a quarantine tent that leads to an elevator that that takes them up to the docking platform.The letters of the Ishimura are faded. The player must then walk down the platform that leads to the flight lounge. In the lounge are two doors: one that leads to a restroom with a log and the other to the flight lounge terminal which Isaac activates to find out the centrifuge is offline. Isaac will then contact Ellie saying that he has to go down to engineering to activate the centrifuge and head to the bridge to activate the tethers.ounce the player takes the path from Dead Space {the Necromorph chase} and use the elevator the end up on the floor were the Plasma Cutter was equipped but now there is a bench.Isaac then takes the elevator down to the tram control room were there are some people taking on coms and a voice from Vandal taking about a secret mission on the Shard the player then takes the long hallways to the tramway hall were they are attacked by 2 Brutes, Slashers,and sometimes Crawlers were then the player takes a cargo lift up to the engineering tram station the player will the end up in the small terminal lounge with a store and save station.He or she then must take the elevator up to decontamination were they are not attacked by necromorphs the then must take the right hallway to the centrifuge were they are counterattacked by Pukers,elite Slashers,Lurkers,and a legless Stalker.when the reach the centrifuge its cooling tubes are missing and have to be reconnected.after the tubes are reconnected the turn the centrifuge on and now have to make there back to decontamination were they have a flashback of the drag tentacle when the head back to decontamination and are in the chamber they are attacked by the Pack,Slasher,and Puker.when they head back to the tram station they attacked by 3 slashers and the swarm.