Walkthrough Edit

Exit the tram and you would find a Bench across the room. Head through the door that was next to the Bench and head across the room to the door on the left side of the wall. Follow the hallway and use the door that was unlocked. Activate the gondola. Once activated, you would begin riding it to the maintenance hub. Exit the gondola and head down the hall and take a right. Once the lockdown was lifted, you would arrive. Exit through the doors and follow the hallway (Fending the enemies off who may drop down through the ceiling). At the intersection, take the door at the center into a blood-splattered room and through the door on the other side which took you to the tram. You would begin to ride on top of the tram again. The enemies would begin attacking as soon as you took control. Fight the waves of Necromorphs off. Once they are killed, the tram would reach it's destination and the end of the level.

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