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Research Compound[]

Before climbing the ladder indicated in the opening scene, cruise over to the front of the building to its left and grab the upgrade circuit [Circuit 1/5] from the top of the crate in front. Return to the ladder and climb up.

Follow the icy slope up and keep an eye out for a small cave on the right (there's a resource cache at the back of this for your scavenger bot if you are into that kind of thing), follow the suit locator up to the top of the slope and enter through the gate to the Science Facility. Follow the path up and around to the right to enter an unlocked door here. Exit via the door at the end of the hall.

After exiting the small building, continue up the snowy path to the left. Continue up until you see a vehicle on the left of the main path, look on the flatbed above its wheels at the back to find a Blueprint – Seeker Rifle [Blueprint 1/2]. Continue up the hill to the building in the distance and interact with the panel in front for a mini-game to unlock the door.

Biology Sector[]

As soon as you enter, pick up the weapon part – Heavy Standard Frame [Weapon Part 1/5] from on top of the boxes on the right. Enter the hallway and a group of wasters will jump out of all kinds of vents to come and get you. During the battle, you will fight with 4 ‘enhanced’ wasters and 4 ‘regular‘ wasters as well as a number of swarmers. Note that as this can be quite tough, I noticed that if I backed into the previous door to the circular room, it caused them all to retreat back into the hallway for some reason. So feel free to step out, kill a few and then back up and repeat until you knock them all down.

When it is clear, you can explore the hallway to find a suit kiosk and a bench we can use to upgrade our weapons. It is recommended to craft a torque bar if you do not have one currently. Afterwards, all the other doors are locked so we have little choice but to head to the right hand end of the hallway and use the unlocked lift here.  When you reach the top, enter the door on the right side of the hallway.

Rosetta Lab[]

After entering, walk over to the far end of the room to reunite with your crew and have a conversation. We need to reassemble the slides in the centre of the room (note that below the broken stairs behind the central slide holder you will find an upgrade circuit on new game +). Hop up the stairs on the right and use the blue panels here to open the glass door. Use kinesis to pull the slide out. Carry it to the opposite side of the room and stick it into the receptacle that has appeared here. Hit the panel for a scene.

Afterwards you'll learn that we need to go and find another four of those slides scattered throughout the facility. Fun, right!? Return to the control panel and Ellie will give you the Research Facility Key. Afterwards return through the door to the Biology Sector.

Biology Sector[]

Head to the far end of the hallway and back down the lift. Note that there is a co-op mission in the right hand door as you exit.  If you wish to partake in this, you can find the walkthrough here:

  •    Co-op Mission: Marker Containment

Once you have finished with the co-operative mission (or if you straight up didn't fell like doing it) continue to the end of the hallway, using the bench or suit kiosk here if required, and use the keycard on the panel next to the far door to unlock it. Continue through.

Note: There is a missable achievement/trophy –

‘Weedkiller’ at this point. We need to get through this first hallway area without killing any of the cysts so that we can kill them all at the same time together later on.

As you open the door there will be a cyst on the floor in front of you. Stick this into stasis and run past it. Turn around and use kinesis to grab the projectile it shoots in the air (it will kill the cyst if it drops back into it) and fire it off somewhere safe. Repeat for the next cyst on the ground. The third cyst is on the wall to the left, stasis that and run by it. The next one is on the floor again so repeat the steps that we did for the first two. The final cyst is on the wall just around the corner. Stasis this and run past it.

Ignore the control room here for now and enter the door to the left of the lockers.  On the wall you will find a locker with an upgrade circuit [Circuit 2/5] and on the nearby crate a text log [Log 1/4]. Grab these before continuing down the elevator. Kill the three lurkers on the way down and in the room below. Interact with the panel for a mini-game to balance the needles to activate the power and the elevator simultaneously.

Use the following steps:

  • Move 50 to the right
  • Move 50 to the right

Once power is restored, kill the ‘super’ waster and a regular waster that burst out of the vents to join you before returning up the lift to the previous area. Kill the waster at the top of the lift and then head through the door. Enter the control room and activate the panel to release some gas to clear out all of the growth on the walls.

Note: if you did not kill any of the cysts, you should earn the achievement/trophy ‘Weedkiller’ at this point in time.

Return down the hallway where the cysts had been and find the now accessible door on the right. Go through the door on the right inside to enter a larger room. As you enter, look to the left for an audio log [Log 2/4]. Proceed to the far end of the room and kill the guardian on the wall. Once it is dead, look for the x-rays nearby and on a barrel next to them you will find an Alien Artifact [Artifact 1/4].

On the wall next to the guardian, you will find a console requiring the key to access. Use this to find the next slide that is required in the Rosetta Lab.  Carry it back towards the entrance to the room and a group of 5 ‘super’ wasters and 2 regular wasters will enter the area through the various openings. They will come at you 1-2 at a time. When they are all dead, carry the slide to the entrance and place it in the orange slot nearby. Activate the panel to send it back to the crew.

Return to the main hallway outside and turn right. After a short distance you will be able to access a lift that was previously blocked by the cysts and growth. Take this up to the next level. Continue through the next pair of doors until you reach a bridge between buildings.

As you cross the bridge here you will be ambushed by 6 ‘super’ slashers with 3 dropping down in front of you and another 3 coming up from behind.  Use stasis to help deal with them and when it is all clear continue through the door on the far side of the bridge.

Palaeontology Sector[]

Upon entry a message for you will play over a loud speaker and the only exit out of the room will be locked. Look on the wall to the right of this to find a panel that we can use kinesis to remove. Pull the crank in here to unlock the door and head on through.

Turn left and loot the lockers if you like before entering the next room. Grab the Reaper Barracks Key from the table (we need this to access an optional mission). Turn around and on the wall next to the entrance you will see a locker containing an upgrade circuit [Circuit 3/5]. On the opposite side of the room you will find a socket for a torque bar, use one to open the room to find a weapon part – Explosive Module [Weapon part 2/5].

When you are done looting, go down the lift. This room has a MASSIVE number of feeders in it and when you attack or are spotted by one of them, you will have to kill 15-20 of them. Be sure to keep moving, use stasis liberally and try not to get cornered or you will be overwhelmed in seconds. Once they have stopped coming, be sure to loot them all and follow the walkway around until you get a lift. Descend to the lower level.

Here you will find a large glass tube with another slide piece in it. On one side of the tube, you will find three consoles relating to the rotating holes in the tube with degrees of rotation listed on them. Our goal is to make all three screens read 0. Unfortunately we only have two cranks to control rotation with the middle piece able to be manipulated by both.

Once the puzzle has been completed, hit the activation console to send the slide through to the other side. Go to the opposite side of the tube and use kinesis to pull the slide out. Place it in the nearby square, orange hole to send it back to your crew. Look on the desk here to find an audio log [Log 3/4]. Return to the side of the tube with cranks and continue through the unlocked door here.

There are two open doors in this small room with the room opposite leading to an optional mission and the door to the left to continue the story mission.

You can find a walkthrough for the optional mission here:

  • Optional Mission: Reaper Barracks

Once you have finished the mission (or if you decided against doing it), continue through the other door.

As you enter, shoot the cyst in front and turn right. Look behind the control room here for a locker containing an upgrade circuit [Circuit 4/5]. Continue past the control room and destroy the cysts in the room ahead. On the wall next to the gate at the end, use kinesis to remove the panel and then use it again to turn the crank within. Return to the control room whilst avoiding the gas and hit the terminal to deploy that gas again.

Once the gas clears, enter the now uncovered door on the right side of the room. As you enter the next lab area you will see a large necromorph corpse hanging from the roof. At this point you will also be spotted by a feeder who will summon a large group of his buddies and a slasher or two to attack you. Once that is dealt with continue inside.

To the right of the door is a desk with an Alien Artifact [Artifact 2/4] sitting on it. On another desk to the left of this is an audio log [Log 4/4]. To the left of the entry door you will find the next slide we need to send back to the Rosetta lab (note on the floor below this and to the right is an upgrade circuit on new game +). Grab the slide and carry it over to the opposite corner of the room, stick it in the slot and use the panel to send it back to your friends.

The door on the raised platform will now be unlocked. As you open this use stasis on the carrier and ‘super’ slasher on the other side of the door (remember to not shoot the carrier anywhere but its legs!). Another ‘super’ slasher will emerge from the vent to the left of the door, so deal with him first before turning your attention to the others. Once clear, continue through the door. Loot the lockers here before using the next door to exit the building.

Research Compound[]

As you exit, move down the slope slightly, you will see a gunship patrolling the area. You'll need to avoid its searchlight and make your way up the hill to the left to enter the door there. If you do get spotted, sprint for the door and you might be lucky enough to make it! Continue through the hallway here and exit the far side.

Continue up the slope here and follow it to the right for a short scene introducing a new type of enemy – twitchers.

New Enemy: Twitcher
Twitchers are very similar to the standard slasher albeit with one

major difference. They have been imbued with stasis packs which allows them to move in very strange, awkward ways as well as perform short range teleportation that enables them to approach and attack you at high speed. They are also a little bit tougher than your standard slasher and will take a few more shots to take down.

There are a total of five twitchers in this area, so kill them all before proceeding through the nearby door.

Biology Sector[]

As you enter the main hallway here (again!) use the bench and suit kiosk if you require their services and then enter the one room that we haven't explored yet. Use the key on the panel on the wall to unlock the door and go on through it to exit the building.

Geology Access[]

Follow the snowy path down until you reach a bridge. Look near the bridge here for a weapon part – Rip Core [Weapon Part 3/5}( note: this one counts in the stats & progress tab in-game as a part for Chapter 15]. Continue down the tunnel to the right of the bridge and kill the 3 slashers here to find another weapon part – Full Zoom Scope [Weapon Part 4/5] (note: This appears as a MK-II Full Zoom Scope on new game +). There is also a resource cache around here for your scavenger bot.

Return to the bridge and follow it all the way to the other side. Here you will see a wall of crates in front (note on new game + there is an upgrade circuit on top of the crates here).  Approach the crates and you will be attacked by a group of 5 stalkers. After dealing with them, look opposite the end of the bridge to see a door requiring a key card to access (this is the next optional mission but we can't get in there just yet).  To the left of this door is a stone column. Look behind it for a Unitologist Artefact [Artefact 3/4].

Head over to the other side of the area and take the lift up to the higher ledge. Turn left as you exit and proceed up into the open area ahead. As you reach the crates a large group of enemies will attack. Backtrack to the top of the lift to allow them to come to you. In total there are 7 stalkers, 2 ‘super’ slashers and a regular slasher.

 Once they are all dead, look behind the crate to the right to find a S.C.A.F Artefact [Artefact 4/4]. Continue through the courtyard and enter the unlocked door at the far end.

Geology Sector[]

In the first room you will find a bench which you can use to upgrade your stuff. I'd recommend making a torque bar at this point if you do not currently have one as there is a door we can open coming up.  When you are done, proceed around the frozen necromorphs to the other side of the area and grab the upgrade circuit [Circuit 5/5] from the left hand corner before proceeding through the nearby door.

In this room, loot the lockers on the left, grab the Disposal Services Key from the table to the right (this allows us into the optional mission area I highlighted earlier) and then use a torque bar to unlock the door at the back of the room. Inside you will find the usual reagents, a Blueprint – Hot Death [Blueprint 2/2] and a weapon part – Earth Gov Frame [Weapon part 5/5].

Enter the next room when ready. Here you will find a couple of bodies lying before a laser trap – stomp them to pieces to make the next part easier. Pull the hanging block in the laser area towards you with kinesis to break the first laser beam. Walk past it and kinesis the block over to disrupt the second laser (note that there is an upgrade circuit on the ground next to the second laser source in new game +). Do the same again with the block and the third laser to reach the far end.

You will find the final slide for the Rosetta Lab here. Use the console to open the window and use kinesis to take it out. This will cause three swarmers to spawn opposite. Kill them (and the commandos they revive if you didn't stomp them out as I suggested).  Use kinesis to shoot the slide over the lasers to the start of the room and then use the block to traverse the lasers as before.

When you are back at the entrance, grab the slide and stick it into the nearby socket to send it back to your mates. Go through the door, turn right and proceed through the first room here, kill the three Unitology commandos that greet you and return outside.

Geology Access[]

Backtrack through the courtyard here (its much quieter this time around!) and take the lift back down to the lower area.

At this point, if you follow the left hand wall we'll end up back at that locked door that needed the keypad I mentioned earlier. Now that we have the Disposal Services Key we can undertake the next optional mission.

You can find a walkthrough for the optional mission here:

  • Optional Mission: Disposal Services

Once you have finished the mission (or wish to continue the game without experiencing it) continue backtracking across the nearby bridge and into the unlocked door on the far side.

Biology Sector[]

Here you will find the entrance to the co-op mission directly in front. If you still haven't done it, now is a good a time as any. If you wish to partake in this, you can find the walkthrough here:

  • Co-op Mission: Marker Containment

When you are ready, enter the elevator at the end of the hallway. Return to the Rosetta lab to complete the mission.