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Game: Dead Space 2
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"Goddamnit, I trusted you! Fuck you and fuck your Marker!"
Isaac Clarke to "Nicole Brennan"

Chapter 15: It Ends Here is the fifteenth and final chapter of Dead Space 2.


Isaac needed to meet Nicole at the Marker to destroy it while he was being chased by the Ubermorph. This chapter was the concluding one to Dead Space 2. There are many enhanced forms of Necromorphs in this level. There was also a loud sound of Convergence in the background that caused a constant vibration motion which could be slightly annoying to the player. With the Ubermorph at your tail and Enhanced Necromorphs everywhere, this level could be difficult.


After going through the small packs of the Enhanced Necromorphs and the Ubermorph, Isaac encountered Director Tiedemann holding a Javelin Gun. Tiedemann impaled Isaac's shoulder and hand, but he removed them. Isaac disarmed Tiedemann before he could shoot another Javelin, breaking Tiedmann's arm in the process. Isaac shot a Javelin through Tiedemann's neck, making him fall to his knees. After that, he walked toward Nicole and took aim with the Javelin Gun.

The player could press the alternate fire to electrify and burn Tiedemann or just use the primary fire to shoot him through the back of the head. Isaac approached the Marker when the apparition of Nicole suddenly revealed that the Marker needed Isaac to die since the only way that it could be completed was through the death of it's creator. Isaac was pulled into his own mind, emerging upon a rocky landscape. There, Isaac encountered the part of his mind that was affected by the Marker in the form of a giant golden beating heart which he destroyed along with the vision of Nicole.

Upon exiting his mind, Isaac slumped to the ground and was ready to accept his fate as the destroyed Marker crumbled all around him. Suddenly, Isaac received a call from Ellie who crashed the gunship through the ceiling, causing the station's gravity to fail. As the entire Sprawl became unstable and was in the process of being destroyed, Isaac made his way to the gunship by flying through zero gravity while the large chunks of the Marker began to fall around.

As soon as Isaac reached the gunship, he grabbed Ellie's hand and got pulled inside while the Sprawl exploded. Echoing the ending of the first game, Isaac slumped in his flight chair, but his expression slowly grew uneasy. As he suddenly looked over, perhaps expecting another hallucination, he saw only Ellie who replied, "What?".

A sequence after the credits suggested that the Earth Government personnel would double their efforts and continue to perform experiments on the Markers.[note 1]


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  • The Sprawl was destroyed when the reactor blew causing the city to explode, killing all of the Necromorphs and any remaining survivors in it's blast.
  • The endings of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are very similar in the way that the events and interactions are played out. Isaac seemed to notice this as Ellie said "What?". He sighed in relief that it was not another Necromorph apparition.
  • If the player failed to complete the action sequence where Isaac had to grab Ellie's hand, Isaac would fall behind the gunship while Ellie screamed "Isaac!". He would grab the end of the gunship, but slid back and got his legs caught and incinerated by the engine's exhaust. Isaac's dead body would fall behind the gunship.
  • Tiedemann could be killed in two different ways with the Javelin Gun. Using the alternate fire would burn him to death and using the primary fire would blow his head off or pierce through his body. Alternatively, he died by collapsing to the ground if the player did not fire the Javelin Gun.
  • In this chapter and the one before it, sometimes after you killed an Enhanced Slasher, it might yell "NO!" which was a sign that it did not want to die.
  • If Isaac got too close to Nicole's ghost in the final boss battle, Nicole would scream in his face. Isaac exited his mind and appeared to be in a mindless daze. He shot himself in the head with Tiedmann's Javelin Gun, killing himself in the process. He looked at the camera for a few seconds before dropping to the floor dead in a dramatic fashion. Strangely enough, Isaac's RIG would be at full health when this happened.

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  1. EG-9: This is Flight Team EG-9. We have completed the fly-by. There's nothing left. I repeat: Titan Station is completely destroyed.
    Control: And the Marker?
    EG-9: Negative. Nothing survived this, sir. Marker Site 12 is a total loss.
    Control: Pity. Recall all flights and return to base. The other sites will have to pick up the pieces.

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