"Audiolog, RIG number 438642. I've been selected for a special secret mission, down in the core systems on the Shard. I hope I can do them proud. Altman be praised."
—Vandal (AKA Karrie Norton)

Honrable Intentions is the first chapter of Dead Space Mobile.


Move down the hall and head through the doorway. From here, go forward until you reach the door ahead of you. Go through the door. Once you've passed through, continue down the hallway in front of you. Open this door as well, and continue inside, bearing off to the left. You'll see a Plasma Saw on the shelf. Pick it up.

Next to the shelf where you acquired the saw, there's a power box on the wall. Slash it, and then open the door to your right. Head down this hall. When you reach a door, open it up and head into the next room. There's another power box here you need to slash. Take care of it, and then check the console behind you. There will be a second power box you need to slash as well. Head to the wall on your left. Slash the power box on the right side of this wall and turn left. Run to the back of the server room and open the door.

Run down the hallway and open the door. Turn to the right after entering and run to the back of the room. Open the door on your right, and run down the corridor here until you see some crates. Go right here. Head through the door and into the next room. Turn left to find the Plasma Cutter on the shelf to the right. From there, head out the door to the left after destroying the power box with your Plasma Cutter. Pick up the ammo here as well.

In the next room, tilt your device for secondary Plasma Cutter fire. Aim for the power box to the top left on the crates beside you and take it out. Run to the back of the room and destroy another power box between the two consoles here. Turn left and head to the far end of this room. Take out another power box on the right side of the door. Ammo is waiting in the boxes to the right, and you'll want to stock up before going through the door. Before running down the hall here, pick up the Power Node from the cabinet.

Go into the next room and turn to the left, then go into the door on the right. Move through the hall. Go through the hallway and head right. There's a door here that's partially open. Take this path and go into the next room. There's a box inside this room that you can stomp on. Do so and collect the ammo. There should be additional ammo in the other containers here. When you've stocked up, leave the room using the same entrance. Go down the hallway and take the first right you see.

Using Kinesis move the boxes impeding your progress of the way. Run forward and open the door in front of you to go into the server room. There should be a power box to the right of the door that you need to destroy. Check out the console behind this power box, and find a second one. Take it out. There should be a door ahead with another box to destroy. Do so (it's to the right) and go through the door. There's a long hallway here you want to go down. A door waits at the end. There's a room here at the end that contains a Necromorph. Take it out.

Go through the door and another hallway awaits you. Take the first left you come to and continue on to find another left. Head forward a bit, then turn right. Run down this hallway a bit, and take another right. Head down this last hallway and go into the elevator. Press the button here to bring Chapter 1 to a close.

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