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Three years after the events of Dead Space, Isaac Clarke awakens in the hospital of the Sprawl, a human colony orbiting Saturn. Faced with another Necromorph outbreak, Isaac must shed his restraints and recover his equipment before finding a way to escape the city. Aided by the mysterious Daina, Isaac navigates through the hospital while encountering numerous enemies, including a Tripod, as well as Nolan Stross, a fellow psychiatric patient.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Chapter 1 doesn't really need a detailed walkthrough since it is pretty straightforward and the videos cover it, but in the video for part 5 of Chapter 1, Isaac misses a Power Node when he first goes outside after getting his suit. As you go out through the door, keep looking ahead for a dot of purplish light. That's a Power Node. Do a Telekinesis ("TK") grab for it.

Here are some tips that are useful throughout the game:

1. TK is faster and easier than stomping. TK a loot box, aim at the floor a few feet in front of you, and pull the trigger. This will break open the box and most of the time, the loot stops right where the box broke so you can immediately TK it or walk over and get it. You can open several boxes without having to run around a room stomping. Likewise, after you kill a necromorph, TK it and just fire it into the air. Whatever loot it has will stay where you are. (Most of the walkthrough videos have Isaac shooting necromorphs which are already dead until the loot pops out; that is a waste of ammo.)

2. If you try to TK a necromorph you think is dead and it won't move, and you can't even pull an arm or claw off it, it may not be dead. TK something else to throw at it. Even something light hitting it will cause its loot to pop out if it is dead; otherwise, assume it isn't dead.

3. Always circle a room looking for loot, as well as going across it, and watch the walls for storage boxes. Although most loot is visible from a distance, some may not be visible until you get right on top of it.

4. A couple of locked supply rooms in the game do not have loot worth the cost of the Power Node it takes to unlock the room. If a Save Station is nearby, save before going in so that you can revert if the loot isn't worth it.

5. When fighting a lot of necromorphs, try to get to a place that will force them to come at you one at a time instead of from all sides.

Video Walkthrough[]