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Exit the elevator and head right. Continue down this corridor and advance until you came across some ammo. Pick it up and take a right. Follow this hallway until a corpse was tossed against the wall and turn right. Follow the long corridor and take the Necromorph out here. Move forward (You could see a door that would not open or close completely) and take a right. Open the door and go inside.

Head into the next room and raid the lockers for credits and a Stasis module. Exit the room and return to the main hallway. Use Stasis on the door and make your way through it when it was wide enough to pass through. Advance down the hallway and head in through the door. Check the lockers inside the small alcove here for credits. Near the back of the room, there should be a console. Activate it and turn around to return in the direction that you came from.

Head back to the main door that you entered this area from, only to find yourself back in lockdown. The room was aglow with a security alert and the Necromorphs would now be crawling out of the woodwork. Eliminate them all. Once you did so, you may loot the corpses for goodies. The door was now unlocked so you could exit the room. Return down the dark corridor from before and head forward. Open the door and follow this corridor around when suddenly a Necromorph jetted out from the open space in front of you. Continue down the hall and take your first right into a dimly-lit, dingy sort of corridor. Run straight in, take your first right and work your way around to find a box with a Power Node inside. Grab it, then wind back around to exit into the main hallway. Run straight as the lights flickered on and off, then take the next two doors ahead.

Run forward to find a gruesome blood trail, then to your right to be met with a surprise Necromorph attack. Take it out and the subsequent monsters who tried to attack you. Once they are all dead, run to the lift and back into the area from before which was now under another lockdown. Eliminate all enemies to escape from the lockdown and grab the fallen loot. Take the double doors to exit and head forward to the lift. Activate it to end the chapter.