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  • Traverse the apartment blocks.
  • Locate the tram station.
  • Board the tram to the Cassini Towers.


After exiting the hospital, Isaac traversed the Titan Heights apartment complex under Daina's directions. He made his way to the tram station where he boarded a tram headed for the Cassini Towers. The tram was soon attacked and derailed by the Necromorphs and Isaac must battle a small onslaught of enemies including the Slashers, the Pukers and a Brute.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Near the end of the Part 1 video, Isaac enters a room which has a laundry room to the left with some loot in it. After picking up the loot, approaching the area's exit door (with the blue dot) triggers a major necromorph attack. The best location to be is back in the far corner of the laundry so that necromorphs are forced to enter one at a time (or drop from the ceiling), making them easier to deal with.

In the Part 2 video, where there is a big necromorph battle in the tram station, Isaac misses a schematic down on the railroad tracks.

In the battle where Isaac is hanging upsidedown, a couple of bars are on the ground near him and he has plenty of time to pick them up to use against the first necromorphs, conserving ammo. Once multiple necromorphs attack, as usual it is wise to use Stasis to hold them back.

This large area has a lot of loot around the edges, in addition to that in and around the necromorphs you just killed. In one dark corner is a wall bax with a Power Node.

Video Walkthrough[]