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On Your Own is the second chapter of Dead Space 3.


"Isaac and Carver have escaped the Unitologist attack on the Lunar Colony. Safely aboard Norton's ship, the Eudora, they are now en route to the furthest reaches of space on a mission to find Ellie Langford and her crew."
—Ingame Description

Isaac wakes up aboard the USM Eudora sometime after their blind shock away from New Horizons lunar Colony. John Carver is sitting at the end of a medical table Isaac is laying on and becomes short with him after Isaac thanks him for saving him and questions the photo Carver carries around of his family. Captain Norton comes over the intercom soon after and instructs Isaac and Carver to report to the bridge of the ship because they will be arriving soon. As Isaac and Carver move through the ship Norton explains Ellie's mission and her supposed location.

Isaac reaches the bridge. The ship is still in transit and Norton orders pilot Rosen to count down their arrival. Immediately after their arrival Rosen quickly dodges heavy debris floating in front of the ship. Hovering above the planet is a torn moon as well as the flotilla. When Locke scans for Ellies ship, she gets nothing but multiple transponders from the Sovereign Colony warships in orbit and an S.O.S from the CMS Roanoke. Norton orders them to proceed ahead until he mistakens automated mines for locator beacons. Unable to evade, their ship is hit by several mines and starts falling apart.

Isaac then travels through the heavily damaged ship to get to an EVA suit before manually launching the escape module that carries Locke and Rosen. After being forcefully jettisoned from the Eudora she is quickly engulfed in flame and Isaac must fly after the escape module along with Norton and Carver dodging mines and other debris until they reach the CMS Roanoke.


In order of appearance:

  • Automated Mines


  • There are random ammo packs and med packs in the hold where you wake up aboard the USM Eudora.
  • You cannot gain the EVA suit until the ship is hit by mines.
  • This is the first chapter in the game that a Zero G environment is used.
  • The flight to the CMS Roanoke is similar to the HALO jump in Dead Space 2, except now you can aim and fire whilst the action continues.