Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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  • 1. After the lift ride down, you'll be under attack from Slashers; kill them.
  • 2. You'll next need to weld a series of objects together with charged Rivet Gun shots, just like at the P-Sec Headquarters. Afterward, Nathan and his group will continue onto a walkway.
  • 3. Weapon Upgrade #1: It will be on your left behind a pillar next to some fleshy growth right after finishing the welding mini-game.
  • 4. Text Log #1: As Nathan passes over where Weapon Upgrade #1 was, you'll be able to snatch this in the distance, although you'll be traveling over to it anyway.
  • 5. Nathan will stop to Free Look; try to grab as much ammo as you can around the crates.
  • 6. Next, use melee attacks to slash through the "Corruption" (the fleshy growth) as Nathan and co. progress.
  • 7. After reaching the carnage on the otherside, fight off the Slashers as Nathan and co. continue across the next catwalk.
  • 8. Eventually you reach another platform with crates to open containing ammo, and two routes to choose: Left or Right. Go left first.

Storage Closet

  • 1. You'll be going here if you went left. Cut through the Corruption growth to the other side.
  • 2. Kill the Slashers, then beat the Hacking Mini-game. This opens a storage closet filled with goodies.
  • 3. Text Log #2: Inside the storage closet.
  • 4. Weapon Upgrade #2: Inside the storage closet.
  • 5. Nathan will return and automatically take the other route.


  • 1. You will eventually have to take this route, whether or not you selected it first. Hack through the growth, then kill the enemies when they appear.
  • 2. Nathan will continue to step through the growth on the ground across the walkway. Collect all the ammo and a Pulse Rifle on the ground.
  • 3. A tentacle will grab Lexine. Shoot the thick, round growth on it to get it to drop her.
  • 4. The miner you've been escorting will get snatched by the tentacle and try to take Lexine with her. Shoot the miner quickly so he dies and lets go.
  • 5. Continue on and grab all the ammo you can when Nathan "Free Looks" at the platform ahead.
  • 6. Grab the Plasma Cutter in the broken pipe above the ammo during "Free Look".
  • 7. Use Kinesis to shove aside the debris, then continue.
  • 8. Weapon Upgrade #3: On the platform just to the left of the ramp at the end of the walkway. I'd suggest grabbing it just after you've turned towards the walkway.
  • 9. The next walkway will have tons of baddies, including Female Slashers that spit acid blobs from a far-off walkway. Get the P-Sec Pistol out and head-shot the Female Slashers, also shooting the blobs if they manage to fling one, or use Kinesis to send them back. The Pulse Rifle/Rivet Gun should handle the other monsters.

Access Tunnels

  • 1. Nathan will go forward after a lengthy cutscene. Cut through the growth.
  • 2. Open the crates for ammo and be sure to grab the Flamethrower on the shelving.
  • 3. The group will then enter an access tunnel after you complete a Hacking Mini-game. Cut through another set of growth when you have to.
  • 4. Audio Log #1: It's to the right in the T-junction after cutting through the growth in the tunnels; you'll want to grab it before Nathan makes a left.
  • 5. After cutting through some more growth, Nathan will hit another fork in the road. Neither route has anything special and both meet up again very soon. If you go right, you'll need to use Kinesis to drag a loose panel onto a hole to get past it.
  • 6. Cut through the growth and Nathan will head down a hole.
  • 7. There will be Leapers everywhere. Discourage them with flames and liberal shooting; make sure to grab the goodies in each of the alcoves that Nathan walks past (he'll turn toward each of them briefly).
  • 8. At the end of the tunnel, Nathan will enter the next one, turn left, then right and encounter a Leaper in his face. Watch out for it and cook it with the flamethrower.
  • 9. Weapon Upgrade #4: You have the briefest chance to grab this in a dead-end when Nathan turns left after entering the next tunnel, before turning right to face the Leaper that jumps in his face.
  • 10. Afterward, Nathan and co. will flee out of the tunnel into a storage room. Open the crate for ammo.
  • 11. Text log #3: Lexine will eventually comment "We made it!" after entering the storage room, immediately after which Nathan turns left to face a shelving unit holding the log and some ammo; if you miss it, you'll likely not be able to grab it again.
  • 12. The group will enter a shuttle bay. Fight off the last of the Slashers and Leapers and the group will eventually board a shuttle after you survive a Hacking Mini-game/Slasher attack combo.

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