The Roanoke
DS3 CMS Roanoke 1
Game: Dead Space 3
Previous Chapter: On Your Own
Next Chapter: History's Ember
Objective: Find a way into the ship
  • Open the cargo door from the crew module

Reach the command saucer

  • Restore power to ship
Ishimura Dead Space Wiki has a walkthrough guide to this level, Chapter 3: The Roanoke. See Chapter 3: The Roanoke/Walkthrough.
The Roanoke is the third chapter of Dead Space 3.


Isaac and his crew split up on the CMS Roanoke in the hopes of finding Ellie aboard. After fighting through the dilapidated ship, they eventually did.

Enemies Edit

In order of appearance:

Trivia Edit

  • During this Chapter, exploring out of the waypoint for general goods may sometimes spawn a Necromorph that would not appear if a certain area was not explored.
  • The Lurkers make their first appearance in this Chapter.
  • You will encounter your first functioning Bench here, allowing you to experiment with different weapon configurations. You are given 2 weapons to experiment with; The Submachine Gun which provided you with a Military Core and a Compact Standard Frame, and The Plasma Cutter which provided you with a Plasma Core, a Rotator Cuff, and another Compact Standard Frame. You can also find a Heavy Standard Frame and a Tesla Core on board the Roanoke before reaching the Bench as well.


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