Head to the back of the room to loot a power node from the cabinet and look to the left for a box to smash open. There's a necromorph in here, so take it out. Advance through the door with the necromorph. As soon as you enter the room that familiar red will engulf the room. Kill all the baddies to end the lockdown. Loot theroom and the corpses for ammo. Head through the door by the "Safety Protects People" sign to the right. Run down this hallway and head through the next door. Cross the rickety bridge through the mines and follow the path around to the left.

When you get to a four-way cross there will be necromorphs coming to you, so eliminate them to stay safe before continuing. Turn around and run straight to the lift and activate it, then ride the lift down.Once you reach the bottom, run forward and activate the green consoles one by one. Turn around and return to the lift, eliminating the pop-up monster along the way. Ride the elevator up again.

Eliminate the necromorphs and follow the winding path around again to the lift you saw the first time around. Climb on board and ride it up. Get off the lift and head forward to find a power node. Turn around and follow the path around to the left. Run straight down a corridor that connects to the catwalk you're on. Watch out for the pop-up necromorph battle here and tap your way to victory. Run through the gold-tinged door and through the next to find it's locked. Wait for it to unlock, and then enter.

Head to the left past the glowing orange consoles and you'll find yourself having been transformed into one of the monsters yourself. Saunter down the corridor to the first blue door on the right and you'll be back to your normal inner self. Inside the room it's back to carnage as you're assaulted by a few more necromorphs, undoubtedly mad at you for pretending to be them. Swing around and run through a door that leads to a white hallway with plenty of blood covering the floor. Surprise, right?

At the intersection, turn right, heading straight through the complex to the green panel remaining to be activated. Guess what happens next? Another lockdown! Once again, destroy the enemies here in order to advance. Once you complete this rather lengthy segment, run back to the door that leads to a blood-soaked hallway with a corpse in the middle. Turning left prompts a very close encounter, so get out of it quick and head through the door leading to the lift to the mines. Continue along the winding corridor and through the door at the end. Exit via the door with a Peng sign to the left. Run forward and take the elevator up to complete the chapter.

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