Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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Space Shuttle

  • 1. You'll be partaking in two "turret" sequences. The first of which sees you shooting up asteroids. Only the orange ones can hurt you, so shoot them, and remember that they will split into chunks when shot.
  • 2. Next, you'll be shooting at cannon fire from a space station. Just target the white balls coming at you in groups of four.
  • 3. Afterward, Nathan will exit the shuttle in a space suit. Grab the ammo you can find before he leaves.
  • 4. You must jump from Jump Pad to Jump Pad across outer space to the exit door. Space debris will be floating around; get rid of them on sight by grabbing them with Kinesis, then quickly flinging them away. Destroyed debris will often drop health.
  • 5. At the exit door, complete the Hacking Mini-game, then when Lexine is knocked away by debris, save her with Kinesis.

Crew Deck

  • 1. Audio Log #1: As soon as Nathan enters the crew deck and makes a left, you'll see it by a couch.
  • 2. Nathan and co. will enter a vast area. Be sure to break all the Green Containers and open the crates for valuable ammo.
  • 3. The group will enter a communications room. Again, snag all the ammo lying around one in the locker. Kill the Slasher when he appears.
  • 4. You must now open the nearby closet. Grab the goodies inside and meet a new ally.
  • 5. Weapon Upgrade #1: On the floor on the left in the closet.
  • 6. The group will go back out and be attacked by Slashers of various types. Kill them.
  • 7. The group will head into the next area, where you must do a Hacking Mini-game to defuse a trip wire.
  • 8. Next, Nathan will enter a storage room and Free Look; collect the goodies including a Pulse Rifle.
  • 9. Nathan will investigate a stuck blast door, then retreat with the group into the next room ahead.
  • 10. Weapon Upgrade #2: It will be right within view when you enter the next room, to the left.
  • 11. A Slasher will come to life inside and attack. Waste him; Nathan will run ahead and turn the corner around the central seats.
  • 12. Text Log #1: Eckhardt will comment "What is happening here?" as Nathan makes a left. You'll see a corpse in the distance; collect the Text Log it holds.
  • 13. A big Slasher brawl will break out. Pound them with the Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower. There are suitcases you can grab with Kinesis and fling into your foes; this is especially useful against the Leapers that sometimes crawl on the ceiling as it often one-hit kills them. After winning this fight, the group will exit into a reception room.
  • 14. Inside the reception, collect the goodies with Free Look, after which Nathan will go left and work his way counterclockwise around the room.
  • 15. Video Log #1: After Free Looking, Nathan goes left and then peers around a small niche with some seats. Grab the Video Log on your left when he does.
  • 16. After some exploration, Nathan will choose between two routes. Don't go right yet as you can grab more items going to the left.
  • 17. After choosing the left path Nathan will briefly turn to the right. Grab the flamethrower on the table before he turns back towards the elevator.


  • 1. If you went left, you'll be going here. Nathan will ride up a lift overlooking the reception. Slashers and Leapers will attack, then he'll enter the next room. Grab all the ammo you can above and below.
  • 2. In the next room, Nathan can grab the Line Gun right in front of him (if you have to replace a weapon with ammo, it's suggestible to dump the P-Sec Pistol if you haven't already).
  • 3. Nathan will then enter another room and use Free Look. Turn right to grab some ammo.
  • 4. Weapon Upgrade #3: It's on the floor in the center of the room right in plain sight. However, you can't grab it until Nathan goes around the glass wall blocking his way.
  • 5. The room will go dark eventually, so try to keep things well lit with the Glow Worm while you shoot up the enemies. If things get desperate, use the Flamethrower which makes a great weapon as well as torchlight.
  • 6. Nathan will eventually flee back into the room he came from.
  • 7. Text Log #2: It will be right in plain sight to the left of the door across from you. You couldn't get it before due to the camera angle when you first entered, but now you can.
  • 8. Nathan will continue to head back to the lift and rendezvous with the group, and now take the right route.

Mess Hall

  • 1. You'll have to eventually take this path, whether or not you went to the Lounge first. All will be quiet until you reach the elevator; you'll need to once again shoot off enemies while playing a Hacking Mini-game. Use the Flamethrower to distract them while you work.
  • 2. After the elevator ride up, Nathan will look around. Collect some ammo.
  • 3. Nathan will then turn towards a closet with a Fuse Box. Quickly shoot the Fuse Box before it's too late; it will unlock the closet door and allow access to some goodies using Free Look.
  • 4. Weapon Upgrade #4: On the storage shelves in the closet.
  • 5. Text Log #3: On the closet floor. You'll need to Free Look down towards it.
  • 6. After the closet, Nathan will head down the darkened hall and fight off more Slashers and Leapers. Don't forget your Glow Worm and Flamethrower.
  • 7. Nathan and co. will head into the kitchen; grab as much ammo as you can see during the Free Look. You can also grab a P-Sec Pistol if you are running low on your current main firearm.
  • 8. Nathan will battle his way around the mess hall, eventually jumping below. Take out all the monsters. Try to grab as much ammo as you can as you battle, and save your Flamethrower and Line Gun ammo unless you are desperate.

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