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  • Traverse the Crypt.
  • Survive the Necromorph ambush.
  • Rendezvous with Daina.
  • Defeat the Tormentor.


Isaac enters the Crypt, a burial place for members of the Church of Unitology. The bodies are stored in cryogenic chambers, some of which contain Necromorphs that will burst forth and attack Isaac as he walks past them. Isaac eventually reaches a large chamber where he is attacked by a female Tripod, The Pack, Slashers, Exploders, and Pukers. After defeating a crawling Stalker and passing through a chamber with a Marker replica, Isaac reaches Daina.

Soon after, an EarthGov Gunship appears and opens fire on the group, killing Daina and her followers and sending Isaac barreling down through a vent. A Tormentor attacks Isaac before he has a chance to recover, and he frantically shoots the creature's weak spot as it attempts to kill him. Isaac manages to sever one of its limbs and makes a dash for the exit, but the Gunship reappears, opening fire and sending both Isaac and the Tormentor hurtling through space and onto the Gunship's hull. The Tormentor grabs Isaac and he shoots a nearby fuel tank, killing the Tormentor and destroying the Gunship in the ensuing explosion and propelling himself through a window and back into the Sprawl.

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