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Expect Delays is the fifth chapter of Dead Space 3.


"Whether they return to Earth, or explore the frozen wasteland of Tau Volantis, Isaac's team can't go anywhere until they recover a shuttle. Buckell's research into the S.C.A.F. manifests shows that there is a shuttle in the Aft Station of the Terra Nova."
—Ingame Description

Reaching the biggest ship in the derelict flotilla, the CMS Terra Nova via the SKIP transportation cart, Isaac must now progress through the Terra Nova and attempt to re-activate the ships tram systems in order to travel to the location of the ship where the shuttle CMS Crozier is docked and try and get it working again.


In order of appearance:


  • The Tau Volantis Hunter makes its first appearance in this chapter.
  • Also in this chapter you have to face more than Regenerators at the same time, a first for the series.
  • The first Scavenger bot is found in this chapter.
  • It seems that this chapter was supposed to introduce you Pregnants, Pukers, Exploders and The Swarm, but if you complete optional missions you already met them. Probably developers intended players to complete optional missions after Terra-Nova as they also have Scavenger Bot resource points, but the missions were withdrawn and are now in Chapter 4.