Dead Space Wiki


Run down the corridor and head through the door. Pick the battery up here in the middle of the room with Kinesis and place it in the plug to open the door. Advance through the door and head right at the fork. Run down the left path to find some ammo and return down the opposite way. The path winded around by leading to a locked door. Ignore it for now and take the path to the right by following the walkway with grating on the floor.

After crossing through the two areas, you would find a Power Node. Turn around to face the advancing Necromorophs. Run past their corpses and take a right to come to a room with a large cord in the center. There was a batter waiting here. Pick it up with Kinesis and slot it into the console nearby. You would have to fight the advancing enemies off first or the battery would continually be knocked out of your grasp. You would need to follow the path around to the original room so be careful when carrying the battery. Once it was in, turn around and run through the pathway with white grating.

Continue on until the Crawlers assaulted you. Eliminate them and get back on track. There was a battery up ahead. Wak forward to another pathway with white grating while you wrapped around to the room with two batteries. Insert this battery. The door in the center would open. Go through it and walk straight until you reached a room with a Peng sign. Go through the doorway to the left, but be sure to grab the Power Node in the box that was beside the door. Turn around and exit through the previous room and on to a door to the right of a red "authorized personnel" sign.

Once you ran through, take the left path. Keep running straight through a corridor with the red machinery that was dotting the halls. Run straight by following the advancing catawalk as it eventually curved right. There was a cache of goodies here through the door that would cost you a Power Node. Leave the room and get back on the path by heading straight down the same catwalk. Take your first right and right again. You would see Vandal come face to face with a mirror image of herself which turned to that of a Necromorph. Kill it and run through the lockdown.

Once you are free to advance, run back down the catwalk so the green light and tinted fog are on your left. Head through the door, across the gated walkway and turn left to run through the door. Enter the tram in this area. You got another grisly battle ahead of you. Once it was done, you reached the chapter's end.