Environmental Hazard
Game: Dead Space
Place: Hydroponics Deck
Previous Chapter: Lethal Devotion
Next Chapter: Into the Void
Objective: Purify the poisoned air/Kill the Leviathan
  • Poison the Leviathan
  • Destroy the Poison Pods (0/8)
  • Recycle the Atmosphere
  • Kill the Leviathan
  • Go to the Mining Deck
Ishimura Dead Space Wiki has a walkthrough guide to this level, Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard. See Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard/Walkthrough.
Environmental Hazard is the sixth chapter of Dead Space and takes place on the Hydroponics Deck.


In this chapter, Isaac is in the Hydroponics Deck to fix the air quality because of the Wheezers poisoning the air. After killing all of the Wheezers, Isaac resets the air filtration system on a control panel, opening the doors to Food Storage. Isaac walks down the corridor to a door that is sealed shut. Isaac feeds the poison on the filtration system, killing the tentacles blocking the door, opening it. However, since the poison failed to kill the Leviathan, Isaac was forced to fight it. After Isaac finished the Leviathan off, Kendra says that she "lost" Hammond's RIG signal. Kendra finally tells Isaac that she had a plan to release a beacon on an asteroid on the Mining Deck.

Summary Edit

After creating a poison capsule in Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion, Isaac enters the Hydroponics Deck and immediately discovers an audio log made by Elizabeth Cross (The girlfriend of Engineer Jacob Temple) where she simply states that everything in the deck is normal, but objects to the Captain's no-fly order. This suggests that the toxic Necromorphs spreaded very rapidly once the infection reached the colony. On the right side of the corridor leading to an elevator is a bathroom littered with dead bodies. Isaac takes the elevator up to the Sapling Room and meets Hammond who is clearly affected by the toxic air. He tells Isaac that the Leviathan locked itself in Food Storage and some of the crew are 'transformed' into what are known as Wheezers. Kendra tells Hammond to leave Hydroponics as he could not help in his unhealthy condition. When Isaac is in the Main Air Control Room, Kendra tells him that he has to kill eight Wheezers in order to pass through the door to Food Storage. There are two ways to go from here: The East Tower and The West Tower.

In The West Tower, Kendra says that, despite being glad to know that he was alive, she still doesn't trust Hammond. The hot pipes cause trouble for Isaac in the hallway leading to the West Grow Chamber, but he dodges them and progresses up an elevator. On the catwalk above the hallway is a Slasher and a door to the chamber. Once in the West Grow Chamber, Isaac is attacked by a very large number of Slashers and Lurkers, but manages to defeat them all. The nearest Wheezer is in Inner Greenhouse A and Isaac will have to rely on his air supply until he killed the toxic Necromorph (As he would with every Wheezer). Upon exiting the greenhouse, he is attacked by a Pregnant. The next Wheezer is in Greenhouse B and it's death prompts an Enhanced Slasher and Lurker to attack.

The next two Wheezers are on the upper floors of the chamber. In the Control Room of the second floor, Nicole mysteriously speaks from an unknown location and asks Isaac to 'make us whole' once again. He kills the third Wheezer and deals with a pair of Infectors. Also on Floor 2 was a Refrigerated Room on the way, Isaac has to battle some Exploders for the first time. The several Refrigerated Rooms themselves are actually in Zero Gravity and contained some Lurkers. There are also doors which Isaac opens with his Kinesis Module in order to reach each room. The last room leads to the Air Filtration Room and back to normal gravity. Yet, another audio log from Dr. Cross is located in this room. In this one, she is trying to locate her husband amidst the emergancy. The filtration tubes on the bottom level of the room are filled with flames at the regular intevals and Isaac has to pass through them while disabling the door panels. The fourth Wheezer is killed at the end of the filtration tubes and Isaac takes an elevator back to Level One of the West Grow Chamber where he kills more Necromorphs before returning to the Main Air Control Room.

In the East Tower, a Guardian protects an elevator leading to a catwalk which leads to the East Grow Chamber. This Grow Chamber is considerably more affected by The Corruption and is placed under quarantine as a result. After killing a Brute, Isaac destroys another two Wheezers in Inner Greenhouse A and the Feeding System. On Floor 3 of the chamber, the penultimate Wheezer simply sits on the balcony until Isaac kills it and on Floor 2, an audio log shows Dr Cross' account of the Leviathan's entrance to the ship. On the same level, Isaac is attacked by a Drag Tentacle while heading towards the Refrigeration East Room. The Room was drastically transformed by The Corruption to the point where it was unrecognizable. Another log reveals that Jacob Temple came to Hydroponics in search of Elizabeth, but was unsuccessful. He says that he is heading to the Mining Deck in search of her. Refrigerated East is a Zero-G environment with Lurkers just like it's West counterpart, but also contains a malfunctioning electrical generator that must be hit with Stasis before Isaac can progress. When Isaac kills the last Wheezer, Kendra tells him to restart the oxygen recycling via the Atmosphere Control switch so he can enter Food Storage and use the poison on the Leviathan. She also makes a point that she saw her brother on the security monitor which she claims 'was not possible' and suggests that she is suffering from the same hallucinations as the crew are. Due to the absence of the Wheezers, the East Grow Chamber quarantine is lifted, but Isaac still has to deal with a few Necromorphs on his way back to the Main Air Control Room.

After another obscure message from Nicole, Isaac reactivates the Air Recycling System and enters Food Storage. The last of Dr Cross' logs in this chapter reveals that she is also heading to the Mining Deck and, after listening to it, Isaac enters the poison into the filtration system. However, the poison only destroys the tentacles blocking the Main Chamber and partially damaged the Leviathan so Isaac has to enter the Chamber and kill it himself. The creature is killed when Isaac dismenbers it's three huge appendages and launches it's explosive pods back into it's 'mouth'. Once he does this, Kendra tells him that she could not locate Hammond's RIG, but she located an S.O.S. beacon in the Mining Deck that they could use to send a distress call. Isaac heads to the tram and takes it toward the Mining Deck and Chapter 6 ends.



  • This was the first and only time that you fought the Wheezers.
  • In this Chapter, you battled your first boss, The Leviathan.
  • As you headed down the elevator from the Air Filtration Room, if you listen carefully and raise the volume, you could hear the song, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
  • The Exploders are first encountered in this chapter.
  • The Contact Energy Schematic was found in the Sapling Room.
  • When reaching the other side of the malfunctioned electrical generator, Isaac had the option to turn it off. Should the player choose to do so, Isaac could be seen nodding.
  • Completing this chapter on any difficulty earned the "Greenhouse Effect" Achievement/Trophy.

Walkthrough Edit

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