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Nowhere to Hide is the sixth chapter of Dead Space: Extraction and takes place in the sewers of the USG Ishimura.


Following the sudden loss of ground, the Gabe, Lexine, Eckhardt and Nathan are plunged headlong into the sewer system of the Ishimura and must find a way to higher ground. However, an incident separates the group from Lexine, Nathan and the others begin to experience the dreaded symptoms of the colonists on Aegis VII and without warning.

Plot Summary[]


In order of appearance:


Catherine Howell during this chapter.

  • Catherine Howell makes her debut in this chapter as non-playable character encountered by the survivors.
  • This is the first and only chapter of the game in which the Grabber appears.
  • The first boss of the game, The Urchin, is also encountered in this chapter.
  • Enhanced Slashers are encountered for the first time in this chapter.
  • Lurkers make their first appearance in this chapter.
  • Exploders make their first appearance in this chapter.