Walkthrough Edit

Run through the door and continue running forward. Open the vault door and run ahead. Use the Zero-G jump to move out into the open space. Run forward and along the path and aim forward to a vault-like opening to advance through. Keep moving ahead in a straight line. You would come to a door. Turn around to the right and advance through the door to the right of the Store. Run down the hallway and keep going until you hit your first left. Continue down the hallway riddled with desiccated corpses. Dispose of the Necromorphs here. Continue down the hallway and run through the door. Take the lift up and take the Necromorph out that popped out of the air vent. Turn around and advance across the bridge. Turn right and run forward, then turn right again and cross the next bridge. Turn to the left and follow the catwalk around to the lift here. You would need to fight a wealth of enemies off here to advance. After riding the lift down, run to the left and head through the vault door. Run down this corridor by continuing straight. Open the next door and head through it. Turn to the right in here and slash at the Power Node. Then, open the next door and curve around to the right. Once you crossed it, another lockdown ensued. Eliminate all threats and advance through the door across from the one that you entered. Slash the Power Node here to the left and continue through the next door. Keep running straight through the next door and down the hall. Take a right and go through the next door. Slash the Power Node to the left here. Continue forward. Go straight. Head through the vault door. Ignore the path to the left and go through the next vault door as well. Run forward through the large expanse. A lockdown ensued. Eliminate all enemies. Once you did so, continue forward through the door. Run straight down the hall and curve around. Take the first door outlined in blue. Run across the bridge into the tram. Once aboard, you would need to fight your way to the end of the chapter.

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