Into the Void
Game: Dead Space
Place: Mining Deck
Previous Chapter: Environmental Hazard
Next Chapter: Search and Rescue
Objective: Launch an S.O.S. beacon
  • Find the Mining Access Key
  • Find the S.O.S. Beacon
  • Plant the Beacon
  • Destroy the Gravity Tethers
  • Launch the Asteroid
  • Go to the Bridge
Ishimura Dead Space Wiki has a walkthrough guide to this level, Chapter 7: Into the Void. See Chapter 7: Into the Void/Walkthrough.
Into the Void is the seventh chapter of Dead Space and takes place on the Mining Deck.


Isaac was instructed by Kendra to get down to the mining shaft and attach an S.O.S. Beacon to an asteroid in the Mining Deck so the three of them could call for help and escape from the ship.

Along the way, Isaac encountered Nicole who appeared to be alive and well. She helped Isaac get into the room containing the S.O.S. Beacon. She could not reach him due to the gap of space between them, but promised to find another way. Isaac went out to the asteroid within the ship, attached the beacon, destroyed the Gravity Tethers holding it in place and launched it into space.

It was here that Kendra told Isaac that the Communications Array was not responding and head to the Bridge to get it working or they could not respond to anyone responding to the beacon.

Summary Edit

After defeating The Leviathan in Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard, Isaac arrives at the Mining Deck with a new goal: Send a distress call. Kendra tells him that there is an asteroid waiting to be smelted in the Mining Bay that he could attach the S.O.S. beacon to and launch into space to make a clean broadcast. She also says that the beacon is located on the Maintenance Sub Deck and the asteroid has to be launched from the Control Room (Which was locked and could only be opened by an Emergency Access Key on the Processing Sub Deck). Isaac passes through the RIG Room and calls an elevator which a security officer died from massive blood loss. The Mining Sub Deck is offline according to Kendra so Isaac goes to the Processing Sub Deck while she tries to fix the problem. The elevator ride coinsides with the arrival of several Necromorphs. At the entrance of Processing, a log from Jacob Temple reveals that he met his girlfriend, Elizabeth Cross, but couldn't find a single spaceworthy vessel in the bay so the two are also looking for a beacon. Isaac battles some Slashers and a Pregnant in the Antechamber before picking a log up in Mineral Processing that explains that an asteroid broke into pieces when the Centrifuge went offline and the pieces are needed to be removed. One of the pieces ripped a hole through a wall which gives Isaac an entrance to the Mineral Processing Room containing the gravity beam used for transporting the minerals for smelting. The room had no gravity and like the other Zero-G environments contained some Lurkers and Leapers. Isaac must 'dump' the floating asteroid pieces into the gravity beam in order to restore gravity and open the Processing Control Room. After destroying the four asteroid pieces and battling the Necromorphs, Isaac: restored the gravity, killed the Slashers, Pregnants and Exploders and retrieves the Mining Access Key from the Processing Control Room.

Kendra tells him to use the key to get into the Control Room and launch the asteroid once he attached the beacon. She also reveals that the colonists' dementia only began after they extracted the artifact referred to as the Marker. He takes another elevator ride down to Deck D: Maintenance (During which a revived Hunter could be seen on Deck C which was last encountered in Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion) and kills some Infectors in the Repair Room. An audio log from Dr. Kyne suggests that he is losing his sanity as he held a man hostage and demanding the keys to the Cargo Bay despite being in Processing, he says that it was 'imperative' that he gets to the Marker. Isaac passes a half formed Guardian and rides a gondola (While killing the Pods) to the Equipment Maintenance Bay. When the gondola stops, Nicole appears in person for the first time in the game. She claims that she can help him and tells him to follow her. Despite the gap between them, Isaac is able to defend her from the Slashers and Lurkers while she unlocks the door to the Storage Room containing the beacon. She unlocks it and tells him that she will eventually find a way to get to him and says that she loves him. When Isaac gets the beacon, Kendra tells him to attach it to the asteroid and implies that Hammond is dead considering that he had not been in contact since leaving the Hydroponics Deck. Isaac returns to the elevator and Kendra tells him that she lifted the lockdown on Deck C and he will need to disable some gravity tethers in order to launch the asteroid. Deck C is full of Necromorphs that Isaac kills while transporting a power box in order to power an elevator up which takes him to the Mining Bay. After his first encounter with the Enhanced Leapers, Isaac disables the gravity teathers both on the interior and exterior of the ship in zero gravity and plants the beacon on the asteroid while avoiding two smelting gyrators. He returns the elevator power box back to the Extraction Room so he can take a second elevator to the Mining Control Room which he had the key for. When Isaac launches the distress call, Kendra tells him that the Array Receiver isn't responding so Isaac will have to return to the Bridge and fix it. She tells him that she is having more hallucinations of her brother, but the conversation is cut short when Isaac battled the Necromorphs in a temporary quarantine. He takes another hazardous elevator ride back up to Deck A and takes the tram toward the Bridge.



  • One of the tools commonly found on the workbenches of this level and featured prominently in a poster stating "Let your tools do the talking" (Where you first met Nicole in person) was clearly a blind rivet (Or pop rivet) tool. The blind rivets are small, low stress rivets that would likely have little to no application in mining despite the fact that they are featured on the Mining Deck.
  • With the ceiling of the mining lift being open to the two vents, along with it being much bigger than all of the other lifts, it was the only lift in the game where Isaac would be attacked by the Necromorphs as he was going up or down.
  • Because of the rather large space between the ceiling and the floor of the mining lift, the player could make Isaac look up and quite clearly know beforehand when a Necromorph was going to attack.
  • When Isaac was first going between Floor B and Floor D, while Floor C was still locked, the player could watch the locked Floor C go by and vaguely see the shadow of the revived Hunter snarling to itself and sharpening it's claws.
  • The Mining Deck was where Jacob Temple and Elizabeth Cross finally reunited as it was noted by the Audio Log that Isaac found.
  • The Level 4 Suit Schematic was found in this level in the storage room where the S.O.S. beacon was located.
  • Although Isaac refused to shoot the NPCs, he was allowed to shoot Nicole while she was trying to bypass the storage room where the S.O.S. beacon was located.  This was not a hint about her being a hallucination as he would still refuse to fire at Nicole in Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions and behaved more like a pragmatic method to allow aiming at the Necromorphs that got close to her.
  • The Mining Deck was the biggest deck on the USG Ishimura for obvious reasons.
  • The fact was given that Nicole died before Isaac's arrival without any doubt that he was hallucinating when she made her appearance to unlock the door. Isaac may have stood there for the whole time or this was one of those moments when the power went out and someone else was unlocking the door.
  • Completing this chapter on any difficulty earned the "S.O.S." Achievement/Trophy.

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