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Life and Death is the seventh chapter of Dead Space: Extraction. The chapter takes place on the Ishimura in the Hydroponics Deck and is told through the eyes of Doctor Catherine Howel, a botanist working on the Hydroponics Deck.


Catherine Howell must fight her way through the Hydroponics Deck to the apparent safety of escape on the ship's Shuttle Bay. There, she encounters Lexine Murdoch, who was thought to have perished in the sewers by her companions. Catherine must protect herself and Lexine from the swarm of Necromorphs chasing them in order to reach a shuttle that will allow them to escape.

Plot Summary[]


In order of appearance:


  • Howell is one of the few individuals who are able to examine the behavior and ecology of the Necromorph life form aboard the ship.
  • Warren Eckhardt's ties to Unitology are revealed.
  • The only Brute of the game, is encountered and fought in this chapter.
  • This chapter marks the death of Catherine Howel.