Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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  • 1. You're now playing as Catherine, who wields the Ripper. Just hold down the fire button and paint the Ripper's blades over your victims like a chainsaw. You'll want to kill all the Slashers and Leapers you find. Open the lockers with the blue lights for supplies.
  • 2. Text Log #1: It's in the center of the "blue light" lockers. You get one, good, final chance of opening that locker right after Karen dispatches of all the enemies.
  • 3. Karen will enter the next room, filled with Necrogrowth. Take out all the enemies and use Kinesis to throw the explosive canister at them if you want.
  • 4. Weapon Upgrade #1: Keep your pointer to the left. Karen will turn towards it after killing this first group, then hearing a strange voice. Grab it asap, before the next wave starts as you might not get another chance.
  • 5. The next wave has a mob of monsters including an annoying Lurker throwing projectiles from the back. If one appears, try to Stasis the enemies in front then quickly throw the Lurker's projectiles back with Kinesis. If an Exploder appears, Stasis him as well so you can dismantle him with the Ripper safely.
  • 6. After killing this group, Karen will flee to a new hall, then an elevator, then another hall, experiencing all sorts of hallucinations. Don't bother shooting the "monsters" that appear as they are not real. Make sure to grab the Pulse Rifle.

Cooling Systems

  • 1. Weapon Upgrade #2: When Karen enters the room with Lexine, she will exclaim "My God!" and turn right. The upgrade is dead ahead. If you miss it, you'll have more chances to grab it again.
  • 2. Lexine will be in the large area ahead. She'll be escorted to a nearby clinic where Karen aids her. In the clinic, grab the goodies on the shelf before she treats Lexine, then when she turns toward the two lockers, raid them quickly for ammo and a Contact Beam.
  • 3. The pair will return to the area where Lexine was found. A "Brute" will attack; it's invulnerable from the front, so hit it with Stasis when it gets close and pound its vulnerable backside with the Rivet Gun, or use the Pulse Rifle/Ripper's alternate fire to speed things up. If it throws acid, grab it and throw it back.
  • 4. Once the Brute takes enough damage to its back, it will rear up after getting hit. Quickly shoot the fleshy part of its shoulder to de-limb one of its arms. It will now crawl around, spitting acid; throw it back to eventually put it out of its misery.
  • 5. With the Brute dead, the pair will flee to the Grow Rooms.

Grow Rooms

  • 1. The pair will enter and immediately use Free Look. There are LOADS of items to collect in here, including two Weapon Upgrades, ammo, a Line Gun to the furthest left, and in the lockers to the furthest right a Text Log and Arc Welding Gun. Of these items, you have a few chances to get them all.
  • 2. Weapon Upgrade #3: Right on the floor in front of you where Karen enters.
  • 3. Weapon Upgrade #4: Pan up from Weapon Upgrade #3 and get this one on the ceiling.
  • 4. Text Log #2: Turn right as far as you can until you spot a pair of openable lockers. The leftmost one has the log, the other an Arc Welding Gun.
  • 5. After getting the goodies, a mob of foes will attack, including Pregnants, Leapers, and Infectors. The Ripper will work great here; you can also grab the nearby canisters to blow up your foes.
  • 6. This first wave will bring on about six or seven more waves, appearing as Karen moves around the room. Spam some Line Gun mines or similar weaponry if you can. The Pulse Rifle will bring down the Leapers quickly if you aim well. If you see a canister, grab it and fling it at the nearest enemy asap.
  • 7. Eventually Karen and Lexine will flee into a hall and race down it towards a lift.
  • 8. After riding down the lift, another mob of Leapers will attack, after which Karen will Free Look and walk at the same time to the exit; to the left are three small alcoves that contain ammo. The level ends after a lengthy cutscene past the exit.
  • 9. Audio Log #1: Tough to get cause you have to turn all the way left pretty much right away. It's on the left side of the shelves of the first room you can look into when the Free Look section starts.
  • 10. Weapon Upgrade #5: During the walk-and-Free Look segment, look to the right between the two big yellow vats, on the ground.
  • 11. Text Log #3: During the walk-and-Free Look segment, look to the left inside the last alcove, right before exiting to the final cutscene.