Power from the Sun
Game: Dead Space 2
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"Isaac: Ellie! Come in!
Isaac! We have to cross to the Government Sector before they cut us off! You'll never make it down here in time!
I'll be there! I'll be there!'"
—Isaac to Ellie, just before the HALO jump

Chapter 7: Power from the Sun is the seventh chapter of Dead Space 2.

This chapter takes place primarily in the vast Solar Array Network.


Isaac ventures up to the Solar Array in an attempt to activate the life support and power in order to take a train to the Government Sector.


Isaac moves from the Transport Hub in the CEC Facility toward a lift that will take him to the Solar Array. Reaching the lift, Isaac finds out that it is floating at the bottom of the elevator shaft so he flies down and raises it up with some Rocket Canisters. Boarding the lift, he starts going up only to be attacked by multiple Tripods which he successfully fights off. Finally reaching the Solar Array, he navigates the Facility guarded by ANTI. After passing the booby trap filled rooms, he reaches the Mainframe of ANTI and successfully deactivates it. But with the computers off now, he had to align the Panels manually. He proceeds to the Solar Panels where he is confronted by another Nicole hallucination in the Rocket Chair Room. Exiting the room, he starts to align the panels and also fought a Nest off. Now with the power online, he went back to the Rocket Chair Room only to be informed by Ellie that a large group of Necromorphs was destroying everything in their path. Fearing that they would be cut off from the Government Sector, Isaac sits down in the Rocket Chair and starts a head down dive toward the Sprawl's surface. By dodging the large debris, Isaac reaches the surface and proceeds to meet up with Ellie and Stross.


In order of appearance:


  • The first Nest was fought in this chapter.
  • The USG Ishimura could actually be seen from the Zero-G area outside the Solar Array.
  • The HALO Jump took place in this chapter.
  • The Rocket Chair's exact function was unknown as there was no discrenible reason why someone would use the Rocket Chair as a mode of transportation unless they are in Isaac's exact situation. Also, there was no landing platform on the other side of the jump gap, making the Rocket Chair even less practical.
  • On the back of the seat that blasted Isaac down to the Sprawl to initiate the HALO jump, one could read the description " MC 90". This was the development team's desired MetaCritic target score.
  • During the HALO jump, when the giant debris block came into the scene, it would completely hide the Sprawl beneath out of view. This happened on purpose so the low LOD model of the Sprawl could be swapped seemlessly with a higher resolution model without the player noticing.
  • If you kill all of the Tripods during the lift sequence, you would earn the " Elevator Action " Achievement/Trophy.
  • Deactivating ANTI would give you the " Shut Down " Achievement/Trophy.
  • Completing the Solar Array Puzzle would give you the " Powered Up " Achievement/Trophy.
  • Dead Space 2's Peng was found in this chapter and awarded you the " Collect Peng" Achievement/Trophy.
  • You could look out the top window in the elevator room to see the distant Solar Array.
  • A glitch may occur that removed the mirrors of the Solar Array's arms. With the mirrors gone, you had to restart the checkpoint or die and try again.
  • While in the Transport Hub, if you look out the main window in the center, you would see the Solar Array.
  • The character, Howard Phillips was a reference to the early horror author, Howard Phillips Lovecraft whose descriptions of monsters bore the resemblance to the Necromorphs.
  • The logs in Howard Phillips' rooms made a reference to breaking the quarantine with a regard to his pets, but seemed to have no bearing on the Necromorph outbreak.
  • In case you are playing the game on Hardcore difficulty, at the end this chapter, where Isaac entered the Transport Hub and had to wait in the vacuum until Ellie opened the CEC doors, this could be cleared without spending any ammo or taking any damage at all. Before entering, make sure that you had at least 70% health. As soon as you enter, hurry and collect any items as soon as you see the first Necromorph, start running in the widest circle possible around the entire area by staying close to the walls. This way, the Necromorphs would keep following, but never catch up to you. Make sure that you should run in the widest circle possible in that area until Ellie opened the CEC doors.
  • The Force Gun Schematic was found after you exited the elevator when you got to the Solar Array in one of the lockers.
  • The Contact Beam Schematic was found in the Power Node locked door past the Solar Array Control Pod door.
  • The Ripper Blades Schematic was found at the Solar Array's Zero-G area.

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