Walkthrough Edit

Run through the room to the door by the red sign. And now it's locked. Turn around because you're now in a lockdown. Once you've taken out the swarms of enemies, run through the door with a red sign to the right. Run down the hallway and through another door, where you'll come face to face with a headless corpse and copious amounts of blood. Head through the door to the right and enter, and now go down the hall. Turn to the right at the crossroads and follow the winding path around. Continue straight ahead, open the door, and wind around to the left. Run through the door. Continue down th hallway and keep running down this straight corridor as well. Instead of going through the door here, run around to the left by the red devices and open the door to your right. Run through the center of the panels and take out the Necromorphs here. Run forward past more red panels and head through the door. Keep moving forward, then at the wall here turn left to go through thte door. Run forward and into a side room to find another battery. Pick it up with Kinesis and go back through the side room. Open the door, and still holding the battery, continue down the corridor.

Use Stasis on the gate that keeps opening and closing in order to pass through it, then grab the battery and enter the room. Place the battery in the open slot to the right of the door here. Run through the now open door and immediately to the left.Turn right and advance forward, then turn right to go down a spacious room where you see yourself reflected in the distance -- more hallucinations. As you near the illusion it will change into a Necromorph, so kill it. Go forward from here and hang a left at the "infidel" window, turning left past the flesh-like material and down the hall. You'll see a door on your right. Go through it and find yourself in another room surrounded by red panels. Run to the end and find yourself in Lockdown again. You know what to do. Once it's cleared, run through the door and into a very suspect hallway to end the chapter.

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