Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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Tram Station

  • 1. You play as Gabe for this level. Eckhardt will arrive and the group will leave.
  • 2. Weapon Upgrade #1: You can grab this right at the start, once Gabe first turns his head towards Nathan.
  • 3. Slashers will attack the group as they make their way to a tram. Watch out for the Exploder and if he appears, Stasis him and gun him down.
  • 4. After the tram ride, Gabe and Eckhardt will disembark on the next station and enter a new hall.
  • 5. Text Log #1: Right before Gabe enters the new hall, he quickly spins around towards Eckhardt before walking to the door. High above and a bit to the left of Eckhardt's head is the Text Log; blink and you'll miss it.
  • 6. Text Log #2: Almost right after Gabe and Eckhardt enter the next hall, Eckhardt comments on the growth on the ceiling, after which Gabe rounds the corner; the log will be in plain sight.
  • 7. Gabe will peer at the various open closets as he explores the hall. You can grab weapons out of them, including a Force Gun, Arc Welding Gun, and a Flamethrower (it's suggestible to keep the Force Gun and Flamethrower).
  • 8. A few Slashers and Leapers will attack as the pair makes their way down the hall into Live Flight Operations.

Maintenance Bay 47

  • 1. Gabe will turn right and spot a Ripper; collect it if you like.
  • 2. Audio Log #1: Gabe will gloat that there is a space shuttle present and turn left. You'll spot the Audio Log by a pillar.
  • 3. Weapon Upgrade #2: After the Audio Log, Gabe will walk to the controls. He'll turn right towards the shuttle and you'll have a split second to grab it inside the open shuttle door. It's possible to get it later if you miss it.
  • 4. Gabe approaches the control center, but the soldier inside refuses to open the door. Monsters will then attack from the right.
  • 5. Weapon Upgrade #3: You'll see it once Gabe first spots this wave of monsters (Eckhardt will scream "Look out!"). It will be to the right, directly in front of the shuttle. Grab it before Gabe backs up too far.
  • 6. After shooting a mess of Slashers and Leapers, the soldier in the control center will be destroyed by an Exploder. Gabe orders Eckhardt to stand watch while he goes down to the manual controls.
  • 7. After Gabe rides down the lift, activate the zero-gravity controls. Gabe will look about once he gets off the lift, then continue.
  • 8. Weapon Upgrade #4: As Gabe looks about after activating zero-gravity, you'll see it in the upper-left area of your screen. Try to snag it before Gabe gets moving again.
  • 9. Gabe will walk over to the first control box. Use Kinesis to drag the blue plate upward until it locks, then shoot the Fuse Box.
  • 10. Two Leapers will attack after blasting the Fuse Box. Kill them; Gabe will comment "One down!" before jumping upward, allowing you to grab a Line Gun above if you like.
  • 11. Take out the next control box as before, and watch out for a Leaper and Lurker.
  • 12. Take out the last two control boxes as before. The last one will have two Lurkers to deal with. Gabe will then return to Eckhardt.
  • 13. After the lengthy sequence, grab your weapon off the ground and shoot the incoming Leaper to end the level.