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Off The Grid is the eighth chapter of Dead Space 3.


"After breaking up on re-entry, Isaac wakes up to discover himself stranded on the hostile plains of Tau Volantis. With his helmet broken, and his crew scattered or dead, Isaac's only option is to press forward in hopes of finding a way to survive."
—Ingame Description

After a very dangerous and troublesome descent to Tau Volantis which did not go down well at all, resulting in the death of a couple crew members and separating Isaac from everyone else, Isaac wakes up after a while still seated in the now destroyed Crozier upside down. Disorientated and not knowing where he is or what to expect, Isaacs RIG has been badly damaged and his helmet is not working, he has crash landed on Tau Volantis which is quite clearly a very cold, snow covered and treacherous place. He must leave his crash site and proceed to find shelter and also try and find signs of Ellie and the others. Unsure if they have survived or not while using the fires from the crash site to keep his body temperature up so he doesn't freeze to death. Eventually finding another large section of the downed Crozier he sees a dead body thinking it might be Ellie but is relieved to see its Mark Rosens body. After watching a short video message showing Ellie, Santos and Norton still alive and heading for shelter, Ellie quickly pleads for Isaac to still be alive and has left a trail of flares for him to follow. The flares lead through a couple of outposts and eventually to an abandoned waystation where Isaac sees Buckell, who is dying from hypothermia and exposure to the cold. He reveals that Ellie and the rest had acquired arctic survival gear and are heading to a nearby S.C.A.F facility but that there wasn't enough snow suits for him and that there might be  more in the basement but there was strange noises coming from down there so he stayed behind. He then passes away and Isaac must now proceed down to acquire a snow suit.


In order of appearance:


  • If the player (Isaac) is wearing any suit besides the EVA suit at the start of the level, the blood and snow on Isaac's face will not appear. Isaac's face will be perfectly clean.
  • The objective waypoint is nonfuctional in this chapter, due to Isaac's damaged RIG.
  • This chapter appeared as the downloadable demo for Dead Space 3 prior to the game's release, however the demo contained significantly shortened sequencing, removing major portions from the playable segment as well as removing the body heat mechanic and Isaac's broken helmet.
  • Early promotional material depicted Isaac wearing the Advanced Suit for this chapter, although this later changed to the Arctic Survival Suit and finally to the EVA Suit. The Advanced Suit was completely removed from the game.