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Chapter 8: Through the CEC is the eighth chapter of Dead Space 2.

This chapter spans the entire CEC Facility and part of Fuel Processing.


Ellie reveals to Isaac that she and her crew of thirty people had escaped the CEC Facility mere hours ago after it was overrun by the necromorphs; she recalls having to cut the arms and legs off her friends to save her life, and bemoans the fact that after all that effort, she ended up right where she started. Scattered throughout the facility, Isaac finds several audio logs that reveal the fate of Ellie’s crew, including a xenogeologist named Kaleb.

As Isaac is traversing the Hydrogen Processing Plant in zero gravity,Tiedemann reactivates the automated processing systems, forcing Isaac to carefully maneuver around dangerous industrial machinery. Finally, he regroups with Ellie and Stross (barely coherent due to his persistent hallucinations) in the Fuel Pressurization Tower.

Ellie informs Isaac about an industrial tram located on the upper floor of the facility, which runs on the same spoke as the commuter train and could get them to the Government Sector. Isaac sets out to manually deploy the tram.


In order of appearance:


  • The second Nest is fought in this area.
  • After the first room with the Store where Isaac stumbles, you walk into the room with the window and you will see something falling. That is the female Tripod.
  • At the beginning of the chapter, you can see an Infector creating the Enhanced Slashers in the room behind the glass. Once you enter that room, an Enhanced Infector will "run" across on the floor. This is one of the rare occasions where a Necromorph will not attack you in close proximity, unless you attack it first.

    The Enhanced Infector that will run across the Records Room.

  • The Vintage Suit Schematic is found in the Power Node door right after the first Necromorph encounter.
  • The Large Medical Pack Schematic is found in the room where you met Ellie and Stross.