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I still can't believe Dr. Howell's gone. I just wish we could get even one person off, you know?

Escaping the Ishimura is the ninth chapter of Dead Space: Extraction. Returning to the perspective of Detective Nathan McNeill, the chapter takes place on the Maintenance Deck and the Bridge of the USG Ishimura


Nathan and Lexine arrive to the Maintenance Deck to find Eckhardt slain and Gabe grievously injured. With only the ADS canons blocking their path to freedom, Nathan is the only one among them who can reach the Captain's Nest on the Bridge. During his journey to the Bridge, however, Nathan is assaulted by violent Hallucinations; the line between reality and illusion teetering closer and closer to the edge.

Plot Summary[]


In order of appearance:


  • This chapter marks the death of Nicole Brennan in real-time.
  • The Spider is encountered at the end of this chapter.