Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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  • 1. You are playing as Nathan again. After the tram ride, Nathan and Lexine will enter the next hall, similar to the one Gabe and Eckhardt went down.
  • 2. Throughout this dark hall, you will be under constant assault from Pregnants, Lurkers, and Leapers. The Force Gun and Flamethrower especially will be vital. Like Gabe, Nathan will glance at the open closets, in where you can grab ammo for yourself. There's also a Line Gun by the exit.
  • 3. After reaching the exit, the pair will be in the shuttle bay where Gabe is. Nathan will stop to Free Look, allowing you to grab a Pulse Rifle.
  • 4. Weapon Upgrade #1: Right by the Pulse Rifle during Free Look.
  • 5. Lexine will call out to Nathan and he'll rush over to her to find Gabe in the control room.
  • 6. Weapon Upgrade #2: You'll have to snatch this off the ground as Nathan runs over to the control room; not entirely easy. Keep trying and you might catch it even if it off the screen.
  • 7. After a brief chat, Nathan will make his way all the way back to the cargo lift and ride in into the Flight Deck.


  • 1. As soon as the elevator doors open there is a Flamethrower on the ground to the right.
  • 2. As soon as Nathan gets off the lift, he turns to the right before heading left, allowing you to grab supplies.
  • 3. Weapon Upgrade #3: Also to the right of where you exit from the lift; you'll have to be quick as Nathan will make only two quick glances at it.
  • 4. After some exploration, Nathan will be hit with a siege of Pregnants, Leapers, Lurkers, and Exploders. Guns with high collateral damage will cause some serious explosions amongst the group.
  • 5. After killing them, Nathan will curse and jump down a vent shaft, initiating Free Look. Grab all you can.
  • 6. Text Log #1: Right from when Nathan lands after jumping down, grab the log from the corpse, or try for it during Free Look.
  • 7. Nathan will crawl into a pipe. You must use melee attacks to cut through growth and bat aside Swarms.
  • 8. After exiting the pipe, Nathan will land on a web of growth. On each level of growth you'll use Free Look to grab items including Recharges, then use Stasis on the spinning fans before the growth breaks and dumps you on top of them.
  • 9. At the bottom, Nathan will follow a tunnel, while Super Leapers continually attack, one by one. The Force Gun will make short work of them. More tunnel exploration will continue after Nathan cuts through growth.
  • 10. Audio Log #1: Nathan will cut through growth in the tunnel and have a hallucination. Be prepared to see the Audio Log afterward, in a small nook to Nathan's left.
  • 11. Nathan will finally exit the tunnel near a train station.

Freight Train

  • 1. There will be some trip lasers ahead. Use Kinesis to hurl boxes at the lasers, setting them off without taking you with them.
  • 2. Nathan will then enter the station and use Free Look. Grab all you can.
  • 3. Weapon Upgrade #4: In plain view during the freight station Free Look sequence.
  • 4. Next, Nathan will get on the freight train. Activate the console to get the train moving.
  • 5. Grab the artillery shells with Kinesis and throw them at any trip lasers in the train's path. If you survive, the train will stop at a platform.
  • 6. Weapon Upgrade #5: Right on the platform the train stops at.
  • 7. Another Free Look bit; grab all that you can, including ammo in the lockers and an Arc Welder by the weapon upgrade.
  • 8. Nathan will exit through an air vent, have another hallucination, then exit to a new area.

Main Atrium

  • 1. Nathan will charge down an empty hall into the atrium itself.
  • 2. Text Log #1: When Nathan enters the new hall and goes right around the first corner, look for it in the ceiling.
  • 3. When you enter the Atrium you'll get a Free Look session, grab as much ammo as you can and there is a ripper to the far left.
  • 4. It will be a long battle throughout the atrium. There will be Pregnants, Exploders, Super Slashers, Lurkers, and Infectors. The Contact Beam is great for picking off Infectors and Lurkers as they flit about, as well as one-hit killing the Exploders (whether or not you hit their explosive pustule). If you see explosive canisters, grab and toss them. During the series of battles there will be a Force Gun next to a set of explosive barrels.
  • 5. After enough killing, Nathan will run down into the captain's quarters to complete a Hacking Mini-game, then go back up and take the central elevator. Watch out for a Super Slasher in the elevator.
  • 6. Nathan will crawl out of the elevator when it breaks down. Grab the nearby Contact Gun if you like.
  • 7. Nathan will next enter another dark hall and scamper straight to the exit. Opening it reveals some Super Slashers; kill them.
  • 8. Text Log #2: You can't miss it as you traverse down the dark hall; it's right next to some ammo. If Nathan reaches the exit first, you're too late.
  • 9. After killing the Super Slashers, Nathan will continue into a storage closet to grab a spacesuit; take advantage of Free Look to loot the closet for ammo.
  • 10. Watch out for the Pregnant attacking Nathan from behind as he gets in the lift to the airlock.

Starboard Trench

  • 1. After Nathan opens the airlock, grab the supplies (including a Pulse Rifle, which will be handy against the incoming boss). He'll head on into outer space.
  • 2. Move from Jump Point to Jump Point, picking off Lurkers that are attacking you (the Contact Beam or the flame thrower works well, or you can conserve ammo for an incoming boss fight by throwing back their projectiles).
  • 3. At the other side, Nathan will enter an airlock and need to complete a Hacking Mini-game.
  • 4. Nathan will return along the trench and encounter a boss character, a giant crab-like monster. He'll be a long, rough boss battle. For the first phase, you must shoot the yellow weakpoints underneath its claws. The claws will slowly turn and expose the weak points. Once enough damage is done to the yellow weak points, the claws will fail to attack you, if not it will slash you. Any weapon with a high rate of fire will be good for this like the P-sec pistol or the pulse rifle.
  • 5. After enough swipes with its claws, it will try eating Nathan. Just shoot the yellow sacs that appear inside the mouth before they explode, releasing acid pus. If you have the Flamethrower, this will be very easy; just tap the B button every time a pustule appears.
  • 6. For the next phase, it will release a string of orange balls from its mouth. You must destroy all of the orange balls. The P-sec pistol and the pulse rifle are excellent for this. You'll want to destroy the balls closest to the boss monster; not only does this instantly kill all the balls in front of it and save you ammo, but they will release leapers.
  • 7. Finally, a very small, yellow weakpoint will appear on some sort of appendage after all the balls are destroyed. You must destroy it quickly before it retracts. Again the P-sec pistol or the pulse rifle are excellent for this.
  • 8. The process will repeat several times but it is possible to finish the boss fight in three rounds. Save ammo before the boss fight by using your rivert gun since it is unlimited ammo and it is quite strong, just lacking in rate of fire. It is very hard to fight the boss with only your rivert gun as it is slow in shooting. (Fastest possible is about one shot per half second while engaged in alt fire mode)
  • 9. Once the boss dies, you are still not through. Flying shrapnel will gore Nathan's hand, pinning him to the outer hull; you must hack off his hand using melee attacks before it is too late. The level will then end.

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