DS3-Chapter 9
Game: Dead Space 3
Previous Chapter: Off The Grid
Next Chapter: Now We Know
Objective: Find Ellie and her crew
  • Locate a suit kiosk
Ishimura Dead Space Wiki has a walkthrough guide to this level, Chapter 9: Onward. See Chapter 9: Onward/Walkthrough.
Onward was the ninth chapter of Dead Space 3.


Isaac now descended down into the lower levels of the abandoned waystation to try and find an Arctic Survival Suit as he would not last very long on the planet without one. However, Buckell's warning about the strange noises coming from the basement are soon revealed to be a new variant of the Necromorphs: Feeders, the husks of men who ate the necrotic flesh and proved to be a threat in large groups. Eventually, after fighting a vast number of these creatures off and travelling deeper into the waystation's lower levels, Isaac found a Suit Kiosk to equip an Arctic Survival Suit and made his way back up to the ground level where he continued to navigate the planet's hostile terrain in an attempt to find Ellie and the rest of the survivors.


In order of appearance:


  • This was the first chapter that the Feeders are encountered in.

Walkthrough Edit

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