Walkthrough Edit

Begin by heading down the hallway on your way through Flood Storage. Go through the door at the end of the hall. At the intersection at the end, you would find a Pregnant on your left. Kill it and take the left hallway. Follow the turns and go through the door. There would be a crate to smash on the floor shortly after entering this room. Turn left and there would be another door on the wall that you entered from. Turn right down this hallway toward Flood Storage 2 and there would be enemies and items waiting for you. After killing the Necromorphs, take the hallway that they are in to the right into Flood Storage 2. The room would enter lockdown and you would need to clear it of the enemies.

Once the quarantine lifted, head to the utilities area through the door at the back of the room. Retrieve the Corer in the next room and head through the door. Move down the hallway and in the large room at the end, you would be faced with a Brute. Stasis it and use the Extractor on it from behind to end the fight quickly. Find the exit and follow the hallway to take the intersection right. Follow through the doors and you would find the tram. When riding it, you would go up top and fight the enemies off as the tram was in motion.

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