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"Nobody cares if you're a Uni, Cap. We just want to get out of this alive!"

Chic was the Second Officer aboard the USG Ishimura.


Second Aegis VII Event[]

As the Second Officer, Chic was placed in direct control of the Ishimura's systems via the Bridge and also acting somewhat like a technical liaison between the Ishimura and the Aegis VII Colony. He was critical of others and impatient and disliked his authority being challenged by those around him. Like First Officer White, he was wary of Unitologists, derisively referring to Captain Benjamin Mathius as a "Uni" in front of the entire Bridge crew. Chic and White were involved in the arrest and death of the captain. Trying to help restrain him, they pushed Mathius into the needle that killed him while trying to get him back under control.


Chic discovered that Terrence Kyne was sabotaging the ship as well as his location, allowing Alissa Vincent to intercept him and prevent him from shutting the gravity stabilizers down. Chic was not seen again in the movie. As the movie ended, the Bridge was shown to be full of Necromorphs, suggesting that Chic was killed before he could escape. Though it is possible he found the means to escape.



There is an audio log found in Hanger 47 in Dead Space: Extraction where a crew member with a similar personality and accent as Chic, who mentions escaping and getting ahold of Vincent, whom he regularly encountered and even had access to a universal system showing the status of all escape pods, which means whoever left the log had higher clearance. While it is unlikely it is Chic, there is always speculation.