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The Codecow is a weapon that appears in Dead Space 3. The weapon can be built at a Bench after finding the blueprint.


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The Codecow is a simple one handed submachine gun that fires acidic bullets at high speed. It lacks a lower weapon in which any tool can replace.

It is not truly a desirable weapon if you want to save your resources, however at early stages of the game, the Codecow deals moderate damage and has an average magazine size, which when combined with its fast fire rate proves efficient in quickly killing enemies.


The blueprint for this weapon can be found during Chapter 3.

Technical Specifications[]


The original stats is just a military engine on a Compact Elite Frame with no lower tools. It has an ammo support and acid bath for attachments and a total of eight upgrade circuits. The upper tool has 2 (+2 Damage and +2 Rate of Fire) and 2 (+2 Damage and +2 Mag). The lower tool has 4 (+2 Reload and +2 Mag) with one locked. It has a total of 31 bullets per magazine and deals acid damage.

Upper Tool[]

The upper tool of Codecow consists of a military engine with a default Tip . This produces an average military engine gun.


  • This weapon can't be built or used in Classic mode.
  • The name "Codecow" is an alias of a programmer that also goes by the name "Codecow".