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"Gabe!! Gabe!! I tried to lock them out, but they're coming in through the fucking vents. Get up here and help me, my leg's cut... bad!."
—Price's last words[1]

Corporal Colin Price was a security officer on Titan Station in Dead Space 2: Severed.


Colin Price was the last of Gabe Weller's Bravo Team sent to stop the Necromorph outbreak in the Titan Mines.[1] During his escape to the surface, he cut his leg.

Hindered by his injury, he locked all of the doors in the mines in an attempt to prevent the Necromorphs from escaping to the surface, trapping himself and Gabe below. Realizing that the creatures are using the vents, he called Gabe for help. Moments later, he was killed by an Infector and transformed into a Twitcher. Too late to save his teammate, Gabe killed the mutated Price.


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