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"Powering humanity into the future."
—Company Motto

The Concordance Extraction Corporation, also referred to as CEC, is a public trading company at the forefront of the deep space mining industry. They are the largest solar mining and extraction company in the Earth colonies and the fifth largest company in terms of market capital.[1] The CEC was responsible for the creation of the giant Planet Cracker-class starships in the 25th century.[2]

As of the 26th century, the Church of Unitology is one of the CEC's majority stakeholders, and the company is often caught in the middle of the power struggle between the Church and EarthGov.[3]


T Env Prop Sgn Ch12 IntoTheFuture 01 E PACKED 0

A CEC poster with the company slogan.

"CEC (Concordance Extraction Corporation) is the largest solar mining and extraction company in the Earth colonies, and the fifth largest interstellar company in terms of market capital. Since our founding, we have become a powerhouse of industrial might and a major cross-system employer. With a generous budget allocated to election spending, CEC has always been able to maintain a strong market position and secure political support, thanks to our dedicated lobbying bureau. [...] We take your financial security and the well-being of our employees seriously. When you invest in CEC, you are investing in a future we can all believe in."
—"Planetary Mining - An Investor's Guide"[1]

The CEC was the first company to develop deep space mining and asteroid catchers, and also the first to implement ShockPoint Drives for commercial use. It likely profits in the trillions or hundreds of billions from mining, as Hanford Carthusia mentioned that the CEC invested hundreds of billions into Aegis VII. The company owns and operates at least two ship yards: one on Mars and the other in orbit above Earth, where the CEC's headquarters is located.

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A CEC poster about planet cracking.

The CEC apparently has no qualms about partaking in illegal mining operations, and it is noted that the Aegis VII planet crack was not the first of the company's unlawful activities. Though there are persistent rumors that the CEC frequently engages in illegal mining of restricted worlds, the company's influence and deep pockets have kept most of its critics quiet.[4] The CEC is also heavily linked to the Church of Unitology, as it sent the Ishimura to retrieve Marker 3A for the Church after it was found by the colonists on Aegis VII. The extent to which the company is linked to the Church was evidenced by the actions of CEC Executive Director of Colonial Mining Affairs Warren Eckhardt, as he was responsible for swapping out much of the crew of the Ishimura with Unitologists prior to its mission to Aegis VII.[5][6][7]

After the Ishimura incident, unemployment in the CEC increased in drastic numbers as planet cracking started to lose its credibility and safety.[8] Despite the decline of the planet cracking business, the CEC managed to find moderate new life for its facilities in the R&D department of EarthGov.[9]

CEC Fleet[]


Welcome to Ishimura video DEADSPACE 2023

A CEC video in 2508 introducing the company's flagship, the USG Ishimura.

"CEC owns over 400 deep-space vehicles including five planet crackers, with the famous USG Ishimura as our flagship. CEC pioneereed the "scan and catch" technique which is now a staple of asteroid mining, and was the first to implement ShockPoint Drives for commercial use. We are the largest supplier of precious metals to commercial interests across inhabited space."
—"Planetary Mining - An Investor's Guide"[1]

The CEC is known to own and operate more than four hundred deep space vehicles including five Planet Cracker-class starships.[1]

Planet Cracker-class[]

  • USG Ishimura - Flagship,[1] current status likely destroyed following the destruction of Titan Station.
  • USG Castle[10] - Unknown, presumed active.
  • USG Perseus[11] - Unknown, presumed active.
  • Unidentified Planet Cracker-class ship, destroyed by gravity tether failure in the Wanat Disaster in 2497.
  • Two other unidentified Planet Cracker-class ships.[1]

Resource Extractor-class[]

Personnel Conveyor-class[]

First Responder-class[]

Wai Lao-class[]

Security Forces[]

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Ishimura Security Team poster.

CEC facilities and vessels maintain their own security teams; Planetside Security, also known as P-Sec, is responsible for maintaining order on the mining colonies established by the company, while P.C.S.I. Security was the police force on the CEC's flagship, the USG Ishimura.

CEC Security forces are commonly equipped with light body armor and wield Pulse Rifles and Divets.

Text Logs[]


  • The CEC logo is meant to be a C clamping down and pulling on a planet; a variant of the logo seen on the Ishimura's Mining Deck actually shows the clamped planet fracturing into several pieces.
  • In the original Dead Space and in Dead Space 2, if you shine the flashlight on the CEC logo on board the Ishimura, the logo will turn green. A sign on the Medical Deck in Chapter 2 of the original game claims this is an authentication measure by the CEC.
  • The CEC is referenced in a trailer for Battlefield Hardline, having been awarded new mining rights in a "landmark high court ruling."[12]