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Contact Energy is the ammunition for the C99 Supercollider Contact Beam. It takes the form of squat batteries that are inserted into the top of the tool.


Contact Energy is a form of ammunition used in Dead Space and Dead Space 2. In Dead Space, four Contact Energy cells can be stored in a single inventory slot. That is increased to six per slot in Dead Space 2. It is a rare and expensive ammunition, which costs 4000 Credits for a stack of two. Contact Energy should be carried in your inventory frequently, as doing so encourages enemies to drop more of it. This will net you 1,000 credits per contact energy drop (if sold), as opposed to finding between 300-800 credits, or cheaper ammunition, from lesser necromorphs. The trade-off in this case is necessitating careful management of inventory space. The ammunition has a light orange glow when not collected. in dead space 1 and 2, the Contact Beam, after being shot, ignites the surface it was aimed at, if only briefly, and in small fire. this suggests that the contact energy is plasma based. 

In Dead Space 2, Contact Energy is more common than in Dead Space.

Universal Ammunition takes over in Dead Space 3 for the ammo used as it supports the game's crafting mechanic.


  • In Dead Space, the Contact Energy Schematic can be found Chapter 6. It will be available once you enter the room from the elevator before meeting Zach Hammond.
  • In Dead Space 2, the Contact Energy Schematic can be found in Chapter 11. It is located on the right outside the tunnel that is targeted by the two large "mines" after being tossed out of the Titan Mines and into space by the Drag Tentacle.