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DS3 Tau Volantis Convergence

The Convergence Event as it took place on Tau Volantis.

"Convergence. Where the bodies of the dead will rise; united, undying, made whole by the Marker."
—Dr. Challus Mercer[1]

A Convergence Event (or simply Convergence) is the final process of a Marker and the Necromorph life cycle, culminating in the birth of an entity known as a Brethren Moon.[2]


General Beliefs[]

"Humans will learn that by death of their worldly spirit they will be reborn in unity as a stronger community unending."
—Marker Mantra[3]
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A Unitology poster about Convergence.

Throughout the series, "Convergence" as it is described by Unitologists and Marker Dementia-afflicted individuals is a vague description of being reborn as a singular entity through the power of the Marker after death; an event that causes the "end" of humanity and brings about their transcendence to a better and "purer" form of existence.[4] Unitologists fervently believe that, through death and the subsequent Convergence of their bodies, they will be reunited with their loved ones and live on in a greater community with one purpose, mind and soul, hence the mantra "Make us whole". As a result, Unitologists are encouraged to celebrate the loss of loved ones and hope to join them in Convergence, rather than mourn them.

DS2 Convergence Statues

Convergence as depicted in Unitology's architecture.

Hints at what Convergence entails can be found in the various messages written in Marker symbols as well as the Marker's hallucinations, which describe death as a "necessary step" towards "new life" and "eternal unity", a process that will eventually lead to being "reborn as one" through the Marker. As such, prior to and during Necromorph outbreaks, many individuals begin to feel a "call" to Convergence from the Marker, manifesting itself as realizations that their worldly existence is unimportant, and that they must let go of their lives to find a better sense of unity and enlightenment through death.[5][6]


"[Octavia] knew what was necessary. She offered everything she had, for everything we could give. Do you want to know what she knew, at the end? Bring the makers, and we will make you both whole again. [...] Those who create must seed Convergence."
Marker 3A tells Nicole Brennan about Convergence and the necessity of its makers' bodies.[7]
Chapter 13 telomere11

The "Nicole" apparition leads Isaac Clarke, the maker of the Site 12 Marker, to his death in the last step towards Convergence.

Convergence is, in fact, a process that takes place when a large enough amount of organic matter becomes infected with the Necromorph pathogen. This process is triggered by the Marker alongside the mass of Necromorphs accumulated by the outbreak. While Black Markers appear able to initiate Convergence by themselves, the Red Markers - replicas created by intelligent civilizations - require their creators to be killed and absorbed to fulfill Convergence.[1][7] The transmission of a Marker's codes and blueprints to suitable hosts is a priority to ensure that more replica Markers are built, and that the bodies of their makers are consumed when the time for Convergence arrives.[5]

DS2 Marker Convergence Vortex

The Site 12 Marker creates a Convergence vortex around itself that flings the Necromorphs into the air, initiating the formation of a Brethren Moon.

In preparation for Convergence, and presumably in response to a signal sent out by the Marker to their commanding Nexus form,[8] the available Necromorphs gather in a circle around the Marker's dead space - the "eye of the storm".[9] Once Convergence is initiated, the Marker flashes brightly and emits a fog horn-like sound. Massive bursts of energy are released and powerful thrusts of wind create a vortex around the Marker, before flinging the Necromorphs into the air above the artifact, slowly creating the first pieces of the Brethren Moon.

Eventually, all of the necrotic tissue is pulled by the Convergence vortex alongside a large portion of the planet, moon or asteroid where the outbreak took place. These rocky fragments are used to form the Brethren Moon's protective shell around its fleshy center.

Brethren Moon[]

"The sky will part and we will draw them up, and they will be devoured, and we become one with them."
—The Brethren Moons about Convergence.[10]
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A fully-formed Brethren Moon.

Once a Convergence Event is completed, the newly-created Brethren Moon travels to other worlds affected by the Markers to continue feeding. It is implied that each complete Moon is capable of initiating a form of Convergence by itself as it feeds on the available biomass, drawing its victims towards it via a Convergence vortex or through its colossal tentacles.

Once the Brethren Moon is done feeding, it will join its kin in a chain network signal spanning the stars.


The Art of Dead Space Convergence

The Art of Dead Space's page on Convergence.

  • During Convergence, several voices can be heard reciting what sounds like prayers in an unintelligible language alongside shrieking in the distance and the continued fog horn-like sounds of the Marker.[11]
  • In the event that multiple Markers are present during Convergence, one of the Markers (seemingly the largest one, or the Black one) is used as the primer of the event while the other Markers "assist" it before being re-absorbed into the Moon. These re-absorbed Markers could be utilized as telekinesis-propelled projectiles during the Tau Volantis Moon fight at the end of Dead Space 3.
  • A Convergence Event can be stopped either by the destruction of the Marker that triggered it or by the destruction of the incomplete Brethren Moon itself. In the case of the moon above Tau Volantis, the Alien Machine powered by a Codex was successful in slamming the Moon into the planet itself to kill it.

Convergence in Progress[]

Sound Effects[]


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