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"Caldwell! Hope you can hear this, because comms are screwed out here. Good job with the tether, systems are stable again. We're en route to storage with the Marker. Meet us there, OK?"

Cooper was the chief of the Extraction Dig Team on Aegis VII. He was the supervisor of Sam Caldwell, Egan, Sterling, Banks and Bear.


Cooper was the CEC manager responsible for the extraction operation of Marker 3A. He started the operation with Banks and Bear and was briefly frustrated by Sam, Egan and Sterling's late arrival. He advised the arriving engineers to be careful with the Marker as Dig Foreman Colin Barrow would not take kindly to it being damaged. When the Marker was removed from its pedestal, it released a shock wave that destabilized Gravity Tether 16. Cooper then sent Sam, Egan and Sterling to fix it at Megavent 24 while he remained with Banks and Bear to take the Marker to proper storage.

Cooper was later heard through radio numerous times orienting Sam and hurrying him to fix the Gravity Tether as its failure could destroy a great portion of the colony. He lost contact with Sam shortly after he managed to stabilize it, and was not heard from afterwards when Sam was working with Lexine Murdoch to restore the colony life support systems.

His voice was heard for the last time by Sam as part of his Marker-induced hallucinations, telling him that he "had a job to do" and that he "knew what it was". Presumably, this was the Marker's way of pushing Sam into committing suicide.