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The V101-Core Extractor is a heavy duty tool designed for extracting core samples, described as being able to penetrate 65% of all known elements. The primary fire mode fires four plasma beams in a diamond configuration composed of four separate beams at 90 degree angles to each other. The alternate firing mode compresses all four beams together into a continuous stream.

Combat Tips[]

  • The Core Extractor is an incredibly devastating weapon, only limited by its low ammo capacity and rate of fire. It should be conserved for The Boss or larger enemies like Brutes.
  • The primary fire shoots a diamond shaped blast that expands the further it travels. It is capable of passing through multiple enemies. A well lined up shot can easily kill multiple Necromorphs.
  • When using the alternate fire focused beam, the camera goes into a first person view for the duration of the fire. This can be incredibly useful when aiming at the weak spots on a Brute's arms, or the Boss' tumors/eyes.
  • If damage is sustained while using the secondary fire, the shot will cancel, resulting in the waste of valuable ammo, similar to what happens if hit while using the Ripper's primary fire.
  • When using the secondary fire mode, it is recommended to use Stasis, as this helps prevent taking damage and therefore wasting precious ammo.



  • The Core Extractor is exclusive to Dead Space (mobile) and is first acquired during Chapter 9: Trading Up
  • The ammo is the most expensive in Dead Space (mobile), considering its 1,000 credits for one Core, whereas the only ammo exceeding this is the Plasma Cutter's plasma energy, which is 1,200 credits for 6 plasma energy.


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