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"We're getting slaughtered here! We need reinforcements—wait! What the hell is that?!"
—A Unitologist soldier just before getting killed by a Creeper.

The Shambler is a variant of the Divider created by disembodied Divider heads called Creepers. Although technically present in previous games, they are encountered with their new names in Dead Space 3, where the Shambler can first be fought.



Dead Space 3 - Creeper and Shambler Sound Effects HQ

The "Creeper" is the name applied to the disembodied head of a Divider in Dead Space 3. Featuring an elongated tongue and three tendrils coming out of the neck, Creeper heads are capable of decapitating dead bodies and burrowing into their neck stumps to create "Shamblers". Shamblers are dead SCAF soldiers or Circle terrorists with firearms in their hands. They can attack from a medium range; however, being undead, Shamblers have incredibly poor aim and sluggish movements, making them significantly less of a threat than regular human enemies.

If the Shambler body is sufficiently damaged, it will rip the Creeper out and toss it at Isaac/Carver, initiating a quick-time event if it hits them. If the thrown head is dodged and instead hits a wall/solid surface, it will become momentarily stunned, allowing the player to finish it off.


  • A well placed shot to the "head" will instantly kill a Shambler and its controlling Creeper.
  • If the player is quick enough, there is a chance to eliminate a Creeper even before it snatches a suitable body.
  • Dismembering any corpses in the room will stop Creepers from creating Shamblers, however this will make the emerging Creepers target Isaac/Carver instead, so be sure to take out the Creepers before they attack.
  • If the Shambler sustains enough damage, it will take the Creeper from its neck and throw it at the player, triggering the QTE if the player doesn't dodge the head in time.
  • When dealing with a Creeper and Shambler, it is advised to use a more accurate weapon such as the Plasma Cutter or Seeker Rifle.
  • The Creeper itself is easily destroyed if one uses a Force Gun with an Acid Bath attachment.
  • It is possible to Stasis a corpse while a Creeper is attempting to take control of it, thereby causing the Creeper to repeatedly attempt to lodge itself inside for the duration of the Stasis.


  • The Creeper will spit infectious fluid at Isaac/Carver during the quick-time event. This is only seen in Dead Space 3.
  • The Shambler is the only Necromorph seen wielding guns as weapons; similar to Fodders who use tools and melee weapons.

Death Scene[]


Creeper Death Animation - Dead Space 3 (HD, 60 FPS)

  • The Creeper has a death scene identical to the Divider head component from previous games. If the player fails the button sequence, it will strangle the player, remove his head, and attach itself to Isaac or Carver's body.
  • If the player succeeds in the button sequence against the Creeper, Isaac/Carver will grab the Creeper and bash it several times with his current weapon before throwing the Creeper away (Isaac also does this to the Divider heads in previous games).