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The Cyst is a stationary Necromorph variant encountered in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.


Cysts appear to be growths of the Corruption that serve to kill targets moving through its immediate vicinity. They are capable of excreting organic bombs that will explode violently upon impact. Though effective as area-denial defense, they are not capable of distinguishing between human hosts, inanimate objects and Necromorphs, and will eject their bomb should anything come within range, Necromorph or not.

The Pods that the Cysts eject can be grabbed in air with Kinesis; the Pods can then be launched back at the Cyst, or any other object or Necromorph.

Cyst ds3 giant

A giant Cyst in Dead Space 3.

In Dead Space 3, within the ruins of ships around the CMS Terra Nova and the CMS Brusilov, there is an extremely large variant of the Cyst. In the Awakened DLC, there is yet another variant of the Cyst encountered inside the CMS Terra Nova's power core. These Cysts are the same size as the ones encountered out in space and are apparently indestructible. They do not seem to generate and spit out their bombs when the gravity inside the core is still on.


  • One strategy is to turn your back to the Cyst when you have found it and slowly walk backwards to it. As soon as you hear it launch the mine, sprint straight forward to avoid the explosion. The Stasis Module can help with this.
  • An alternate strategy is to just walk slowly towards the Cyst and when you hear it barely launch the Explosive Pod, run backwards at full speed and if you do it correctly, most of the time you'll be fine.
  • Throwing any object at the Cyst with the Kinesis will cause The Cyst to throw out its projectile, usually killing itself if the object hasn't already.
  • Another strategy is to slowly walk up to the Cyst and catch the mine with Kinesis. Once caught, you can throw it back to the Cyst which will kill it instantly.

Death Scene[]

The Cyst does not have a death scene of its own, but should Isaac/Gabe/Carver get hit by a cyst bomb explosion while low on health, he will be thrown backwards completely dismembered. If Isaac gets killed by a Cyst bomb flying through Zero-G, he will be killed with his limbs and head popped off and flung away at great velocity.


  • If you catch a Cyst's pod mid-air and hold it with Kinesis, it will make fruitless, strained attempts to grab at Isaac, showing it has a mind of its own.