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"Goddamn Unis are running the ship. [...] That many senior officers just "happen" to be Marker heads? Can't be coincidence. I know a stacked deck when I see one."

D. White was the First Officer aboard the USG Ishimura.[2]


Originally serving as a military pilot back on Earth during the Resource Wars, White joined the C.E.C. when the war ended, eventually becoming the First Officer of the prestigious USG Ishimura below Captain Benjamin Mathius. Although Mathius was a devout Unitologist, White did not share in these views and was rather critical of Unitology and wary about their growing presence on the ship. His unsavory views of Unitology are evidenced by a list that he made of all of the known Unitologists aboard the ship.

Despite his dislike of Unitology, he elected to hold his tongue on these matters and continued following the orders of the Captain, despite his affiliations to the Church. It would not be until the Necromorph infestation of the Ishimura and the increasingly irrational behavior of the Captain began evidencing itself that he would dare to protest the Captain's orders.


CH04 Captain Benjamin Mathius death by Terrence Kyne Videolog DEADSPACE 2023

Mathius' death by the hands of Dr. Kyne.

When an erratic Mathius began wildly ranting about bringing the Marker to the Church of Unitology, Dr. Kyne decided that Mathius had gone too far and declared him unfit for duty. With White and Second Officer Chic restraining the Captain, Dr. Kyne tried to administer a sedative. Mathius, however, broke free of their grasp and lunged at Kyne, causing the needle in Kyne's hand to be pushed into the Captain's eye, killing him. White immediately sought to arrest Kyne, but he eluded capture.

Following the death of Mathius, control of the ship was handed over to White. White, however, was unable to re-establish contact with the rest of the ship and instead became more and more pessimistic in regards to their chances for survival. By the time Alissa Vincent arrived on the Bridge, White had completely lost all hope, believing the entire ship to be lost. This attitude was further reinforced by the discovery that Kyne was sabotaging the ship in order to scuttle it.

Alissa, disgusted with White's pessimism toward their fate and ability to avert it, struck White in the face and left the Bridge. White would later make his way to an airlock, intending to commit suicide and spare himself from being killed by the Necromorphs. While he was initially stopped by Chic and another officer as they tried to reason with him, White continued to rant about how there was no hope for any of them before finally telling them that they should hold on and opening the airlock, killing himself.[1]


White was shown to be a rational and logic-based individual who eschewed more fantastic explanations for mundane and pragmatic ones. Despite his contempt for fantastical institutions such as the Church of Unitology, he did not allow this to affect his work despite serving with and directly underneath several Unitologists. It should be noted, however, that despite his obvious professionalism, White would question orders if they became too irrational or erratic.