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"A classic CEC RIG, designed to handle years of faithful service."
—Store description

The DS-08 Legacy RIG is a suit that can be worn by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space (2023). It is available for free to all players upon first reaching the Store. It takes the appearance of the Intermediate Engineer RIG from the original game, almost exactly as it appeared in the 2008 release.


  • The suit's name is a reference to the original Dead Space and the year of its release, 2008.
  • The Legacy RIG appears to be directly ported from the original game, with a virtually identical appearance; the metal texture is noticeably lower in resolution compared to the remake suits. The only differences are the health and Stasis indicators appearing as they do in the remake, and the metal being glossier; the latter likely due to the Frostbite engine's improved lighting, rather than any deliberate change.
  • As with the original RIG, this RIG is missing shoulder boosters.