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Below is a full transcript of the movie Dead Space: Downfall.

The story and characters are copyrighted to EA Games.

Transcript written by Haegemonia

{The screen flashes and flickers as a recording begins to play. A haggard, tired looking Alissa Vincent slumps down into a chair, sighing before leaning forward and looking into the camera}

Alissa Vincent: My name is Alissa Vincent. I may be the sole survivor. We have encountered an alien life form; they have taken over the bodies of the crew.

{Screen cuts to the image of a Necromorph staring into the camera and pictures of bloody hallways and corridors}

Alissa Vincent: The colony was lost. My team is dead.

{Screen flashes to a Lurker and then a corpse-strewn hallway}

Alissa Vincent: It is my belief that the artifact we discovered on the surface is somehow responsible.

{The camera cuts to images of the Marker before finally returning to Alissa}

Alissa Vincent: If you find this recording, the Ishimura and the artifact must be destroyed. {Camera begins looping} –must be destroyed. –must be destroyed.

{Screen fades to black}

{Screen fades in. A gray planet with an asteroid belt comes into view. As the planet's sun rises over it, the words “PLANET AEGIS 7 CYGNUS SYSTEM appear onscreen. The screen now cuts to a deep pit on the planet's surface, a ring of manmade structures surrounding it; the words DEEP SPACE MINING COLONY AEGIS 7 appear. The camera finally cuts to three figures moving across the landscape, each wearing full RIGs. One member of the group opens up a holographic map, then flips up their visor, revealing the face of Jennifer Barrow}

Jennifer Barrow: 30 meters; whatever it is, it's just up ahead.

{The other members of the dig crew flip up their visors}

Male Surveyor #1: Any idea what “it” is?

Jennifer Barrow: Not a clue; this planet is ripe with unusual seismic activity. Protocol says we're required to check it out, so we're checking it out.

Male Surveyor #2: Alright, heads up; we've got a small impact crater ahead. Watch your footing.

{The group descends into the crater}

Jennifer Barrow: Toggle your flares.

{The group pulls out their flares and toggles them on}

Jennifer Barrow: Let's take a look at what we're dealing with.

Male Surveyor #1: There's something strange about these walls... There's evidence of chemical weathering.

Male Surveyor #2: ...And there's symmetrical 45 degree scarring on these walls.

Jennifer Barrow: Anyone else think these marks resemble the ones made by an E-34?

Male Surveyor #1: Well, I would if we weren't several million light years from home on a previously unexplored rock.

Jennifer Barrow: Yet, we have E-34 drag lines as well.

Male Surveyor #2: Nobody's used an E-34 elephant drilling rig in over 150 years; hell, I've only seen them in books.

Jennifer Barrow: I'm going to radio the colony; somebody's been messing around out here.

Male Surveyor #1: ...Jen, you're going to want to look at this.

{Jennifer walks over to where the rest of her team is standing. Her eyes suddenly widen and her mouth gapes at what she sees. The screen cuts to directly behind the group and zooms out, revealing a large, black stone structure covered in red glyphs: The Red Marker.}

Jennifer Barrow: Oh, my God. We've got to call this in.

{The camera cuts back to a view of the colony and slowly zooms out}

Colony Communications Operator: This is Aegis colony, artifact discovered; could be a second Marker. Please advise.

Unitologist Operative: Unitologist Church has been notified; they're awaiting specs.

Colony Communications Operator: Earth, you should have an image. Files are uploaded.

{Recording of Marker appears on screen}

Unitologist Operative: My God, we've found it.

{Screen now cuts to the USG Ishimura, following the vessel as it moves toward the planet}

Unitologist Operative: Launch of Ishimura on schedule; arrival on station, one month. Prepare the artifact for transfer to the ship.

Colony Communications Operator: Artifact removed from discovery site. Strange interference generated. Unexplained violence reported among colonists; planet security handling it. Artifact is quarantined and ready for removal.

Unitologist Operative: Acknowledged, Ishimura will be on station and ready for transport shortly. Our expert, Dr. Kyne, is aboard and will coordinate the experiments.

Carthusian: Altman be praised.

{Screen fades to black; the title DEAD SPACE: DOWNFALL appears on screen}

{Screen cuts to Alissa Vincent's apartment aboard the Ishimura. Alissa walks into the room, wiping her head with a towel. She looks down, picking up a cup of coffee, revealing the photo of a murdered man attached to a homicide report. Screen now cuts to her on her computer, scanning through some of the many homicide reports for the colony}

Alissa Vincent: That's odd. What the hell's been going wrong down there?

{A video feed from Chic opens on Alissa's computer}

Chic: Chief Vincent, your wanted on the bridge.

Alissa Vincent: What's up?

Chic: The Captain is ready to see you.

Alissa Vincent: On my way. Audio off. {To herself} About fucking time.

{Alissa gets herself suited up in her security gear and loads her Divet pistol. She then proceeds to exit her apartment}

Alissa Vincent: Lights out.

{The lights in her apartment go out and her door shuts behind her}

{Screen now cuts back to Aegis 7 colony, where Colin Barrow and Glenn are supervising the final construction of the planetside gravity tethers, where above them Jackson and other dig team members prepare the equipment for planetcrack}

Colin Barrow: ...So I tell her, artifact or not, in the grand scheme of things, we are all alone out here. Might be a long time ago the universe had all kinds of life, but now...

Jackson: You know what I think? I think the thing is cursed; I mean look what's happened since they found it.

Colin Barrow: I don't remember you getting paid to think, Jackson. Now go help secure those gravity tethers. We've got a whole operation waiting on this thing.

Jackson: Someone or something put that thing here for a reason, that's all I know.

Colin Barrow: It's a good thing no one asked you.

{Colin and Glenn walk away, heading towards the Shuttle Bay}

Glenn: Come on, Colin, you telling me the thing ain't creeping the shit out of you? I mean, the suicides, the murders? Seems like everyone on this rock is losing their shit.

Colin Barrow: This is deep space; weird shit happens. The faster we do our jobs, the faster we get home.

Glenn: Your wife discovered it and she still has no theory about where it came from?

{Glenn stoops down and picks up a rock}

Glenn: The Unitologists seem to have an idea that this is what created us, {he lets go of the rock and lets it fall to the ground} or something stupid like that.

Colin Barrow: Jen is a geologist and a site surveyor, not an anthropologist, archaeologist, or Unitologist. Besides, she hasn't been well. That's more the reason to get this thing aboard and go home.

Chic: {Via radio} What the hell is going on down there, Barrow? We've got a timeline and a planet to crack.

Colin Barrow: Everything is fine, Ishimura; securing the last anchor now. We'll be moving out momentarily.

{The screen now cuts to the Ishimura, where Dr. Terrence Kyne is studying the Marker}

Dr. Kyne: What secrets do you have for us?

Donna Fawkes: {Via comlink} Dr. Kyne... You're needed in the med lab.

Dr. Kyne: On the way.

{The camera cuts to the Ishimura's bridge, where Captain Benjamin Matthius, First Officer White, and Second Officer Chic, as well as numerous other personnel oversee the final shipside preparations for the planetcrack}

Captain Matthius: Steady now.

{Alissa Vincent enters the bridge}

Alissa Vincent: Captain.

Captain Matthius: You wanted to see me?

Alissa Vincent: As chief of security on this ship, I would like to severely protest bringing the artifact aboard.

Captain Matthius: You have already made your protests heard, and I have already taken them into account, thank you.

Alissa Vincent: Captain.

Captain Matthius: You've given me the incident counts for the colony, and I say that this colony has been in operation for two and a half years. That much time in deep space is inherently dangerous, and the people attracted to this line of work are, too.

Alissa Vincent: You're forgetting one thing, Captain: A spike in serious violent incidents have been reported over the last week. We pulled that thing up a week ago.

Captain Matthius: I have my orders and you have yours.

Alissa Vincent: Just tell me this: Why is this thing so important?

Captain Matthius: Alissa, don't fight me on this. Once Kyne has studied the Marker, you can have your team run a full analysis.

Alissa Vincent: {Saluting with middle finger} Yes, sir.

{The screen now cuts to the colony, where the anchors shift into ready position. Shifting back to the Ishimura, the screen shows the ship engaging its gravity tethers, which beam down and link to the anchors of the rock mass. The screen once again cuts back to the bridge of the Ishimura}

Chic: Gravity tethers full tension and stable, Captain.

White: All systems are go, sir.

Captain Matthius: All right, Mr. White. Pop the cork.

{The screen cuts to the exterior of the Ishimura, its thrusters now activating. With a dull roar, the massive ship begins to ascend, lifting the massive chunk of rock from the planet. As the mass of rock clears the ground, the colony's secondary gravity tethers activate, linking themselves to the rock and holding it steady. The rock begins to rapidly accelerate, massive chunks of it crashing to the ground below, until it has finally reached the Ishimura in orbit around the planet; the planetcrack is complete}

{The camera cuts to one of the medical bays aboard the Ishimura. A crazed man, Hans Leggio, writhes around on a patient's chair, restrained by chains around his wrists linking him to the chair. The Nurse who had previously contacted Kyne is monitoring Leggio and the equipment analyzing him}

Leggio: I had to kill, you understand? They need bodies. They need us to turn.

Donna Fawkes: All right, Mr. Leggio, sometimes the sedatives cause hallucinations. Just relax, okay?

{Dr. Kyne enters the medical bay}

Dr. Kyne: Why is this man still awake? I told you to give him a sedative.

Donna Fawkes: I did. 500 cc's, just like you ordered. He's fighting it.

Leggio: You don't hear that? Oh my God, make it stop!

{Leggio begins violently thrashing and screaming, finally freeing himself from his restraints}

Leggio: Kill me!

{Leggio begins viciously punching himself in the temple, resulting in the sound of bones crunching and blood flying over the area. Kyne leaps atop Leggio, holding his wrists}

Dr. Kyne: Nurse! Help me restrain him!

{The Nurse reattaches the restraints to Leggio, whose paroxysms grow more and more violent}

Leggio: Kill me! Just fucking kill me!

{Kyne brandishes a syringe filled with a clear fluid while keeping one hand on Leggio}

Dr. Kyne: Hold him still, nurse.

{Kyne places on hand on Leggio's arm and then inserts the needle into it. Upon injecting the contents of the needle into Leggio, he immediately becomes less violent, his pupils constricting as he begins to succumb to the sedative's effects. The screen now switches to Leggio's view, as the world becomes increasingly blurry and fades away, the sounds of his environment becoming distorted}

Dr. Kyne: That should do it.

{The screen fades to black and then switches back to an overview of the three figures}

Donna Fawkes: What the hell just happened? I've never seen someone resist a sedative of that quantity; it's not possible.

Dr. Kyne: I have no idea. Two weeks ago, this man was healthy and mentally stable. Then, out of nowhere, he kills two members of his dig team. None of this makes much sense.

Donna Fawkes: Some kind of toxin, maybe? Something in the colony?

Dr. Kyne. Maybe. This rash of unusual cases coming from the planet puzzles me. I need full blood work done ASAP; check for anything and everything.

Donna Fawkes: Yes doctor.

{Kyne exits the room and enters a hallway, where he watches, in shocked silence, a stream of dead bodies being wheeled into the already-crowded morgue on gurneys}

{The screen cuts back to the bridge of the Ishimura, where Matthius, White, Chic, and Vincent monitor the planet crack's progress}

Captain Matthius: Good work, people. She's coming up nicely.

{The bridge suddenly begins to shake and the electronics begin to flicker on and off before the ship and its electronics become stable once more}

Captain Matthius: Normal, electromagnetic surges. The magnetic field of the planet is bleeding out.

{The bridge begins shaking once more, this time much more violently and for a considerably longer period of time. All of the electronics on the bridge, including the lights, shut down and then, as the shaking stops, start up again}

Captain Matthius: What's happening?

Chic: I'm not sure. The entire system is rebooting.

Alissa Vincent: Our power cores are shielded.

Chic: Yes, I know. Another wave of disruption just broke from the surface and smacked into us. It's a temporary glitch, not an attack, Alissa. Down, girl.

Alissa Vincent: Asshole.

White: Break it up, you two.

Captain Matthius: Chic, can you raise the colony?

Chic: Well, things are choppy at best; we've lost 40% of the comlink signal.

Captain Matthius: Can you isolate the problem?

Chic: I've never seen interference like this.

White: I have, when I was a pilot back Earth-side and my radar was being jammed.

Chic:{Chortles} You think this is intentionally being directed at us?

Alissa Vincent: That's a dead planet and we're the only people out here. How in the hell is something intentionally jamming us?

White: I'm just saying what it looks like. It could just be excess magnetic feedback from the planet crack.

Captain Matthius: Chic, get me Foreman Barrow. I want to know what's happening down there.

{The screen cuts to a shuttle, piloted by Barrow and Glenn, flying over the surface of the planet. The planet itself is shaking violently and rocks are raining down from the sky}

Colin Barrow: Captain, I don't know if you can hear me, but we must have pulled too closely to the core; things are shaking like a mother down here. We've got heavy interference. Over. {Pauses} You reading me Ishimura? {Pauses once more} Nothing.

Captain Matthius: {Via comlink, badly scrambled due to interference} Barrow, come in. Barrow! Barrow, this is the captain. Report in. Barrow.

{The image of Matthius on the comlink screen suddenly turns into that of Glenn, which then morphs into a hideous multi-faced monster which leaps out of the screen at Glenn. Glenn shakes his head and lets out a groan then looks at the screen again. There is nothing on the monitor but static and there is no sign of a creature; it was simply a hallucination}

Glenn: The planet is pushing back.

Colin Barrow: What?

Glenn: Something I read about the danger of harvesting planets.

Colin Barrow: You've got another line of work you're looking to get into?

Glenn: It says the planet cracking procedure is extremely dangerous to the overall harmony of the universe.

Colin Barrow: What a bunch of Unitologist bullshit. The only planets we ever found in all of space are dead; Earth was a fluke.

{The ship arrives at the colony and lands inside a shuttle bay. Glenn and Barrow exit the ship}

Glenn: It's a ghost town in here... Where the hell is everybody?

{As the two trek deeper into the colony, they come across masses of organic growth all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. Barrow looks around cautiously, while Glenn seems equal parts awestruck and horrified by the scene}

Colin Barrow: I'm going to check on Jen; catch you later.

{Barrow walks off by himself while Glenn silently watches him. Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker and shut off completely. When the lights turn back on a second later, Glenn is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Barrow continues to head towards his apartment, stopping when he hears the noise of a woman screaming emanating from down a darkened corridor. The cacophony is soon joined by that of a creature roaring, startling Barrow and causing him to flee for his apartment. Upon arriving at his destination, he leans forward and gasps for breath, then proceeds to open his door and enter his apartment}

Colin Barrow: Jen? Where are you?

{Looking around his dimly lighted apartment, Barrow finds the floors and walls coated in blood, papers, and broken glass. Each of the monitors has the image of the Marker prominently displayed. Finally, he notices a strange marking smeared in blood on the wall}

Colin Barrow: What the fuck? These symbols are the same as...

{He stops midsentence as he notices a strange crunching noise coming from deeper in the apartment. As he looks onward, Jennifer Barrow emerges listlessly from the darkness, dressed only in her undergarments, cut and bleeding while carrying a laser pick. The crunching noises are revealed to be emanating from her; she is walking atop the broken glass on the floor, seemingly oblivious to it cutting deeply into her feet. She stops before Colin and activates the laser pick}

Colin Barrow: Honey, what are you doing?

Jennifer Barrow: They want our bodies... {She digs her nails into her own arm and tears three deep cuts into it} This is mine- {She holds her blood soaked hand out in front of Colin} My flesh, my bone, and my blood.

{Jennifer closes her eyes and tilts her head to the side, then readies the laser pick}

Colin Barrow: No!

{Jennifer slashes the laser pick across her neck, causing a spray of blood to spray onto Colin's face. Her eyes roll back in her head and she hits the floor, her neck nearly severed completely by the blow, with steam and a gurgling noise rising from the wound}

Colin Barrow: {Cradling Jen's corpse} No, no, no! Jen? Oh baby... {Tearfully} Fuck. Why? Jen...

{The screen now cuts back to the bridge of the Ishimura, which Dr. Kyne has just entered}

Dr. Kyne: My last analysis of the Marker suggests a psychosomatic energy field unlike anything I've ever seen.

Captain Matthius: This interference in rising from the planet, the Marker's not the problem here.

Dr. Kyne: I know, it- It's just...

Captain Matthius: Just what, doctor?

Dr. Kyne: Something's not right.

Chic: Communications just came back up; I'm reacquiring the colony's signal.

White: We're pulling scattershot low-res images from the personal cams.

Chic: {Gasps at the images as they appear on his display}

White: What the-

Captain Matthius: Put it on the main monitors.

{A series of video feeds appear on the main monitors, each displaying horrific and gruesome scenes. There is a cafeteria which has been torn to pieces and is covered in blood, an elevator stuck in an open/close cycle with its door due to a dismembered leg in the way, a corridor and a control room full of blood, and a hallway littered with blood, bodies, and organic growth}

Alissa Vincent: We need to send a security team down there now, captain!

Female Officer: Captain! I'm getting multiple flat lines across the board!

Dr. Kyne: Good God, they're being slaughtered.

Captain Matthius: By what?

Alissa Vincent: I'm going down there now.

Captain Matthius: Not until I know what the hell is happening. Chic, get someone on the com; I want a sit-rep ASAP!

{The camera cuts back to the colony, where Barrow is running back to the shuttle, carrying Jen's corpse. Looking around himself, Barrow sees a multitude of dark shapes moving in the distance. Upon arriving at his shuttle, he lays down Jennifer's body on a bench and prepares the shuttle for launch}

Colin Barrow: Hold on, baby. We're going home.

{The shuttle begins to take off but, before its doors can be closed, an Infector flies into the shuttle. Ignorant of this other entity's presence aboard the shuttle Barrow continues, leaving the colony and making a course directly for the Ishimura}

{The camera cuts back to the bridge}

Chic: I've raised one of the dig crews.

{A comlink opens on the main monitors, displaying a panicked colonist}

Male Colonist: Ishimura, can you hear us? Something's down here, killing everyone... My dig crew has changed... I think there's something down- Help us, god damn it!

Alissa Vincent: This is Ishimura, we are reading you. Who is killing everyone?

Male Colonist: Oh my God! Oh my God!

{Something from off camera strikes the colonist with a bladed appendage, completely rending his head}

Alissa Vincent: Dig team, come in. This is Ishimura, come in. Over. {To Chic} Start scanning frequencies.

{Chic eyes Alissa, perturbed by her attempting to command him. Alissa, in turn, responds by grabbing him by his shirt and hoisting him up to her face}

Alissa Vincent: Don't fuck with me right now! Get on the horn and get me the colony!

{Aside, Matthius and Kyne converse quietly between each other}

Dr. Kyne: {Quietly, to Matthius} Captain, we need to call for help. We don't have the forces necessary to protect the ship.

Captain Matthius: I don't need to remind you that this is a restricted system, and we're not supposed to be here.

Dr. Kyne: You don't, but the circumstances have changed.

Captain Matthius: My orders haven't.

Dr. Kyne: Then at least let's contact the church, they must know about-

Captain Matthius: About what?

Dr. Kyne: The effects of the Marker are like nothing documented in the religious texts, and your crew is being wiped out as we speak. I have a feeling that we at least have something very dangerous down there, and we need guidance.

Captain Mathius: Do you think they know?

Dr. Kyne: Who?

Captain Matthius: The crew.

Dr. Kyne: Most of the key officers are sympathetic to the church, maybe a third of the crew are with the church. Why?

Captain Matthius: We're going to abandon the colony and return the Marker to Earth. It's the only thing to do. I cannot afford a mutiny on my ship.

Alissa Vincent: {To Matthius} Sir, I need to take a team down there. At the very least we need to know what we're dealing with.

Captain Matthius: Denied. No one is allowed on or off the colony.

Alissa Vincent: You're condemning innocent people!

Captain Matthius: You want me to put the entire ship at risk? Is that your brilliant idea?

Chic: Captain Matthius, we've got an incoming shuttle! Just picked her up on radar, she's close.

Captain Matthius: Lock the bay doors on every level.

Alissa Vincent: They're survivors; maybe they can tell us what's happening down there.

Captain Matthius: Do what I say, and do it now.

{The camera cuts to Colin's shuttle as it heads toward the Ishimura. Chic is speaking to Colin via the comlink}

Chic: {Via comlink} Shuttle seven, this is the Ishimura. You are ordered to return to the surface immediately. Do you read me? You cannot land on board the Ishimura. Over.

Colin Barrow: Fuck you, Ishimura! Landing, crashing, or shot down; pick one. But there's no way in hell we're going back!

{The shuttle now picks up speed as it head towards Bay 17. As the bay doors begin to close, Colin activates the thrusters of the shuttle, slipping between the doors and onto the Ishimura. As he does this however, the body of his wife, now transformed into a Necromorph, attacks him. Colin is heard briefly screaming inside the shuttle as it crashes and skids across the floor of the bay. The camera now shifts back to the bridge}

Chic: Captain, the shuttle just slipped through Bay 17 before we could secure the doors!

Captain Matthius: {To Alissa} Get down there now, arrest everyone on board that shuttle and quarantine them!

Alissa Vincent: You sure you don't want me to shoot them first?

{The camera now cuts as Alissa leads her security team towards the shuttle. The team consists of Ramirez, Dobbs, Shen, Pendleton, and Hanson. Upon arriving at the shuttle, they form a half circle perimeter around the entry and close in}

Alissa Vincent: Eyes up, people.

Hanson: What exactly are we dealing with here, Vincent?

Alissa Vincent: Asked if I had a fucking clue.

{The team enters the shuttle, which is now thoroughly coated with blood on its inside}

Shen: Clear right.

Dobbs: Clear left.

Ramirez: Jesus, what the hell happened here?

Dobbs: There's a hell of a lot of blood, but no bodies.

Shen: Sounds like one of your parties.

Dobbs: Or your sex life.

Alissa Vincent: Cut the chatter, people. This thing didn't crash itself.

Pendleton: If someone was piloting this bird, they ain't here.

{Alissa scans the floor, noticing footprints and trails of blood}

Alissa Vincent: Blood trails. Someone got off this shuttle...

Ramirez: Where the hell are they?

Alissa Vincent: We're moving out.

{The camera now shifts to Hans Leggio, still under the effects of the sedative. Suddenly, his eyes open and he sits up, gasping. Looking around, he sees a dark shadow move past the door in the hallway. Exiting his room, he discovers a blood trail on the floor going into the morgue. Following the trail into the morgue, he discovers it terminates in a puddle in which two dismembered legs lie. Surveying the room, he discovers that, not only are the bodies from the colony are missing, but also that the freshly killed bodies of several crew members are strewn about the area}

Leggio: No. No.

{A chittering noise is heard as several Infectors come into view, setting about converting the corpses in the room into Necromorphs. As several of the newly-created Slashers notice Leggio, he attempts to flee, but is impaled on the claw of a Pregnant which had come up behind him, who then tosses his dead body to the floor}

{The camera cuts to the bridge. Kyne approaches Matthius}

Dr. Kyne: You don't look well.

Chic: Vincent's team has secured the dock; there's no sign of the shuttle crew. They're beginning a search of the ship and...

Captain Matthius: And what?

Chic: We've lost all contact with the colony.

Captain Matthius: {To Kyne} I want you to check on the artifact. Make sure it's secure.

Dr. Kyne: We are in over our heads. You need to contact Earth and find out what our next course of action should be.

Captain Matthius: I think this is a test of our faith...

Dr. Kyne: What?

Captain Matthius: Nothing. Just get down there doctor.

{The camera cuts to the cargo bay in which the Marker is being held. A group of Unitologist crew members approach the Marker, intent on seeing it. The security guards posted around the Marker ready their Divets}

Security Team Leader: Get back to your stations.

Male Unitologist: We have a right to see it!

Female Unitologist: You can't lock it away, it's a holy relic. We have the right!

{Dr. Kyne enters the area, pushing his way through the crowd}

Dr. Kyne: Clear this area immediately! This is a secure area and Captain Matthius wants the artifact left alone.

{A large, older man, Samuel Irons, leaves the group and approaches Kyne and the Team Leader}

Samuel Irons: Excuse me; I'd like to talk to them. I- I think I can help.

Security Team Leader: Who are you?

Samuel Irons: Samuel Irons, Engineering Specialist.

Security Team Leader: Are you a rock worshiper, too, Irons?

Samuel Irons: It might be useful having one of their own speaking to them; your presence may be misinterpreted as hostile.

Security Team Leader: This is me being cordial. {Points his Divet directly at Iron's chest} You want to see hostile?

Dr. Kyne: Let the man speak with them.

Security Team Leader: {To Irons} All right, play the pied piper and lead the flock out of here before someone gets their nuts stomped on.

Samuel Irons: Thank you. {Turns around and addresses crowd} Brothers and sisters, there will be plenty of time to observe the holy relic when we return to Earth. The Church first must interpret the markings if we are to be enlightened by their words; interfering with the captain's orders will not help resolve our current crisis. Right now we must pray for our fellow pilgrims on the surface of the planet whose lives may be in danger. Set the example that we Unitologists are not hysterical fanatics. We respect the orders of our captain.

{The crowd looks to one another and nod in agreement before dispersing. The security team lowers their weapons}

Samuel Irons: {To Kyne} See? They are reasonable people when not confronted with violence and threats of arrest. Oh, perhaps in light of my help... {Gestures towards the Marker}

Dr. Kyne: You'll get your chance to see it in due time.

Samuel Irons: I understand.

{Irons wanders off. Kyne turns and moves towards the Marker, but stops when he spies something in the vents above him. Looking closer, he recoils in horror when he sees the morphed Jennifer Barrow staring down at him, which then immediately darts off into deeper into the vents}

{The camera once again follows Alissa's team as they now proceed into the morgue. Despite being covered in blood, it seems completely devoid of any bodies}

Ramirez: What the fuck is going on?

Shen: I count fifteen sets of footprints, give or take.

Alissa Vincent: The log says there were twenty corpse set for cryo-storage.

Hanson: Maybe they had a miraculous recovery.

Dobbs: Here's a crazy idea.

Shen: Don't say it, Dobbs.

Dobbs: Hey, I don't mind shooting the living dead as long as I get to shoot something.

Pendleton: I've got one.

{The team closes in on Pendleton's position, where they find a horribly mutated and seemingly dead Leggio lying on the floor. Dobbs kneels down and begins poking at the creature's organs with a baton}

Dobbs: I'm not doctor, but it looks like something's been chewing on him.

Pendleton: This shit gets weirder by the second.

Dobbs: Sounds like a date with Shen.

Shen: Fuck you, rookie.

Hanson: Has it occurred to you jokers that whatever did this could still be in here?

Alissa Vincent: I'm going to call this in. Stay sharp. {On radio} Security Chief Vincent to bridge, come in bridge. Over.

Captain Matthius: {Via comlink} This is Captain Matthius. Give me a sit-rep Vincent.

{Dobbs returns to his feet, holding his offal-covered baton out in front of himself. A small piece of entrails fall from the baton and lands on the floor. The sound of it hitting the floor seems to awaken the Slasher-Leggio, which now darts up and gets ready to attack Dobbs}

Alissa Vincent: Dobbs, look out!

{Dobbs turns and comes face to face with the creature, which throws him across the room and leaps onto him. It bites and tears off a large chunk of his hand before its jaws clamp down on Dobbs chest}

Captain Matthius: {Via comlink} Vincent! Vincent! What's happening!?

Dobbs: Ah, get him off!

Alissa Vincent: {Attempting to pull the creature off Dobbs} Give me a hand, god damn it!

{Shen and Pendleton run over to assist Alissa and together the three manage to tear the creature off Dobbs. The Slasher, however, quickly rights itself and leaps all over the room before leaping onto and pinning Hanson while attempting to bite him}

Hanson: Shoot this fuck!

{Ramirez grabs a chair and smashes it into the back of the Slasher, knocking it away. As it gets up, the team opens fire on it with their Divets, ceasing only when they had consumed all the ammo in their clips; the Slasher lies dismembered and twitching on the ground, the sheer volume of bullets having been fired at it having torn it apart}

Alissa Vincent: Hold your fire!

{With the Slasher now dead, the team heads back to Dobbs, who had a large section of his chest torn out by the Slasher. As Vincent kneels by Dobbs, he reaches up and clasps her hand, before going limp and dying}

Captain Matthius: {Via comlink} Vincent, report!

Shen: Dobbs is dying! We've got to stop the bleeding!

Captain Matthius: {Via comlink} Damn it, Vincent, what is going on?

Alissa Vincent: I've got a man down; we're in the morgue, A Deck. We were attacked by something not sure what. Shit, Shen, look out!

{Another Slasher has entered the morgue, this Slasher having once been the Donna Fawkes, which now proceeds to attack Shen. Before it can reach her, however, the team opens fire on it, killing it}

Ramirez: What the fuck was that?

Shen: I don't know. Fuck this shit; let's get the fuck out of here.

Pendleton: Man up Shen, you got a job to do.

Shen: Dobbs is fucking dead!

Alissa Vincent: Get a hold of yourselves. Whatever these things are, they are loose on the ship. Secure this room and get ready to move.

{The camera switches back to the bridge, where Matthius is contacted via comlink by Vincent}

Alissa Vincent: {Via comlink} Vincent to bridge. Over.

Captain Matthius: I want a report, Vincent.

Alissa Vincent: {Via comlink} Something's going on sir. Something alien is attacking us.

{Kyne runs up to Matthius from behind}

Dr. Kyne: We need to talk.

Captain Matthius: Not now.

Dr. Kyne: Captain, whatever was on the planet has made it aboard ship, and it's somehow connected to the Marker. I think the Church may have been mistaken...

{The camera now cuts to one of the showers aboard the Ishimura, which is now filled with corpses. A naked, obese man is being chased by a Pregnant and then slips, resulting in his evisceration by said Necromorph. As an Infector begins to turn him into a Necromorph, a horrified red headed woman watches this from inside one of the lockers. Her hiding place is soon compromised, however, by a Slasher, and she attempts to flee. Just as she exits the showers, one of the Slashers impales her on a spike and pulls her back inside. A spray of blood emanates from the showers before the door automatically shuts}

{The camera returns to the bridge}

Female Officer: Sir, I just lost telemetry on ten crew members- Five more just flat lined.

Captain Matthius: Where are they?

Female Officer: Mess hall, A Deck.

Captain Matthius: Get me a visual.

{A video feed from the mess hall shows several crew members fleeing, while one (the same Male Unitologist seen previously) is impaled by a Slasher and dragged away}

Captain Matthius: Sound the alarm!

{As the alarm sounds, Matthius opens a comlink with Alissa}

Captain Matthius: Vincent, get your team to A Deck mess hall on the double.

{The camera cuts to Vincent and her team}

Alissa Vincent: On our way. {To team} Get full mags in those weapons; I think we're about to walk into a world of shit.

{The camera cuts to a view of the Ishimura before returning to Alissa and her team, now entering the mess hall. The mess hall itself is completely stained with blood and gore, with vast numbers of bodies littered about in various degrees of mutilation. Shen, unable to hide her disgust, vomits onto the floor}

Ramirez: Jeez, Shen.

{Scanning the area, Hanson spots a shadowy creature moving around a corner}

Hanson: Over there!

{Moving around the corner, the team discovers the Necromorphs putting the corpses in a large pile as well as further mutilating some of said corpses}

Alissa Vincent: Get ready to fire on my command.

{Shining her pistol's flashlight over the Slashers, the Necromorphs becomes aware of the group and prepares to attack}

Alissa Vincent: Fire!

{The team opens fire on the Necromorphs as they begin to charge, their bullets temporarily stalling them. As they are forced to reload, it becomes clear their weapons have had minimal effect on the beasts, as they begin charging once more. The team falls back to behind a table and flips it on its side to create a makeshift barricade. One of the Slashers leaps over the table and knocks Shen aside, before moving to attack Pendleton. Pendleton grabs its arm before it can strike him and punches the Slasher in the face. As it attempts to regain its composure, Pendleton picks it up and throws it over the barricade, knocking over three other Necromorphs. As group continues firing into the crowd of Necromorphs, several of the Slashers make their way around the table and pile onto Pendleton. As Pendleton struggles with his attackers, one manages to stab him in the shoulder, though that creature is soon thrown off by Pendleton. As Pendleton continues to fight the beasts grappling him, one of these Slashers manages to strike and knock out Ramirez. Meanwhile, Hanson begins firing at a charging Necromorph, managing to dismember both of its arms. The creature, however, does not die and, as Hanson runs out of ammunition, bites into his arm. A nearby Shen attempts to assist, but drops her clip as she attempts to reload her Divet and is then chased away by a crawling Slasher. Pendleton, now having managed to force all but one Slasher off of himself, holds out his arm and prepares to open fire on the Necromorphs. However, as he does so, his hand is sliced off by the Slasher still hanging onto his back. As Pendleton screams in pain, another Slasher charges him and strikes him across the jaw with a bladed arm, completely tearing off his jaw and most of this neck. As Pendleton falls to the ground, a group of Slashers begin stabbing him, completely eviscerating him. The Necromorphs, now clearly having gained the upper hand, move in on the remaining team members, one of them knocking Vincent to the ground. Another Slasher then grabs the head of a still not-fully-conscious Ramirez with its abdominal hands and prepares to kill him, when Samuel Irons comes from behind and slices the creature in half with a Plasma Saw. Irons then proceeds to slice apart the remaining Necromorphs, saving Vincent as her gun runs out of ammo. Vincent, in turn, kills the Slasher which had still not released Hanson's arm. Finally, 'Irons kills the crawling Necromorph just as it was about to reach Shen, slaying the final Necromorph in the room}

Ramirez: Holy shit. {Looks at Pendleton's corpse} Pendleton...

Alissa Vincent: {To Irons} Who are you?

Samuel Irons: Samuel Irons, mechanic's division.

Alissa Vincent: Thanks for the assist, Irons.

Samuel Irons: No problem. These things seem to handle bullets just fine, but a couple of rips from this bad boy {raises Plasma Saw} and they don't get up.

Ramirez: We've noticed.

Alissa Vincent: Where'd you get that?

Samuel Irons: There's a store room down the hall; I busted open a crate. It was a divine discovery at a time like this {Irons clasps his Marker pendant in his fingers}, don't you think?

Ramirez: Aw, shit. You another Unitologist?

Alissa Vincent: Shut it. Ramirez, Shen, go grab us some weapons.

{Vincent attempts to open a comlink with the bridge, receiving only static}

Alissa Vincent: Bridge, this is Vincent, come in. Over. Shit. Com is down.

Hanson: I think we should consider abandoning ship; if these things have spread, there's no stopping them.

Alissa Vincent: Our job is the safety of the crew. The way I see it, we have two options: Fight or die. We don't have the luxury of running.

{Shen and Ramirez return with more Plasma Saws}

Alissa Vincent: {Addressing the group} I've lost contact with the bridge; we're going to head there now. Anything gets in our way, cut first, ask questions later. Got it?

Ramirez, Shen, Hanson, and Samuel Irons: {In unison} Got it.

{Screen cuts to the bridge}

White: Sir, systems are failing all over the ship. Shipboard communication is all but down.

Captain Matthius: Plot a course for Earth; we're getting the hell out of here.

White: What?

Captain Matthius: Lock down any sections of the ship affected by this disturbance. I want it contained, do you understand? We have to get the artifact home. That is our only mission now.

Dr. Kyne: Captain, listen to me. We're not in control anymore. I'm not sure we ever were.

Captain Matthius: What are you talking about?

Dr. Kyne: The artifact, the mission; it's a trap, it has to be. We've brought something aboard that we didn't fully understand, something alien, and it's trying to kill us. We cannot bring the artifact to Earth.

Captain Matthius: Have you lost your mind, Doctor? The holy artifact must be delivered to the Church if humanity is to be delivered into the welcome arms of the universal awakening!

Dr. Kyne: Keep your voice down.

Captain Matthius: Don't tell me what to do, I'm the captain. This is my ship!

Dr. Kyne: You are being irrational; people are dying. We are all in danger!

Captain Matthius: The faithless want to destroy the artifact because they fear it. I won't allow it, Kyne, I will not allow it!

Dr. Kyne: The Marker is making us paranoid and delusional; it's the only explanation for the irrational behavior that has been plaguing the colony, the crew, and now the officers.

Captain Matthius: This is not irrational, Doctor, this is religious persecution; and I'm not going to allow you or anyone else to destroy the artifact. White, have the Doctor restrained!

White: Sir, he's right.

Captain Matthius: He's speaking heresy! He's a spy, planted on my ship to destroy any hope we have of transcending death.

{White and Chic attempt to restrain Matthius as he tries to attack Kyne}

White: You need to calm down.

{Matthius strikes White across the face and tosses Chic aside}

Captain Matthius: I gave you an order, Mr. White!

Chic: Nobody cares if you're a Uni, Cap. We just want to get out of this alive!

Captain Matthius: What is that supposed to mean?

Dr. Kyne: Captain, please. Let me give you a sedative.

{Kyne raises another syringe like the one he used earlier on Leggio, filled with the same liquid}

Captain Matthius: Wait a minute... You- You're all with him. He's going to poison me, isn't he?

Chic: Fuck this, he's lost it!

{Chic and White accost Matthius and hold him down against a railing}

Captain Matthius: You'll all be arrested for mutiny!

White: He's out of his mind, Kyne. Give him something.

Matthius: Get your filthy- Get off of me! We have to bring the artifact back to Earth. The Church needs it. Kyne, you traitor! You're one of us; you were sent here by the Church, specifically, to retrieve the Marker. Just like me! You bastard!

Dr. Kyne: This is a sedative. Don't fight us; it's for your own good.

Captain Matthius: Bastard! Get away from me.

Dr. Kyne: Hold his head.

Chic: I'm trying!

{Matthius breaks free of Chic and White's hold, attacking Kyne and then attempting to strangle him. As Kyne gasps for air, he reaches out his hands in an attempt to get the syringe into Matthius' neck to sedate him. However, Chic and White come from behind and, in attempting to restrain Matthius once more, push the Captain into the needle. The syringe punctures his ocular cavity and Matthius cries out in pain, stumbling forward, before falling atop Kyne and smashing his face into the ground, pushing the syringe in further. As Kyne lies underneath Matthius, the Captain's health monitor on his RIG begins to drop, finally going out completely. Matthius is dead}

Dr. Kyne: My God.

White: Is he...

{White and Chic lift Matthius' body off of Kyne and place it on its back}

Dr. Kyne: The sedative must have punctured his brain.

White: You killed him, Doc. {looks to the crew} You all saw it; he killed the Captain.

Dr. Kyne: It was an accident.

White: Arrest the doctor.

{An alarm suddenly sounds on the bridge}

Female Officer: Launch sequence for escape procedure's initiated.

{An exterior view of the Ishimura shows that all of its escape pods launching in waves}

White: Who is doing this?

Chic: I don't know.

Female Officer: Shuttles one through twenty-five have launched.

{A monitor shows that a scan of the pods has revealed there is no one aboard them}

Chic: The shuttles are all empty.

Dr. Kyne: {To himself} There is only one thing left to do.

{Kyne begins to back away, and then breaks into a run as he flees the bridge}

White: Stop the launches!

Chic: I'm trying.

Female Officer: Shuttles twenty-six through fifty have launched.

Chic: That's all of them. All emergency shuttles are gone.

{The camera shows the empty pods drifting away from the Ishimura and into the darkness of space}

{The camera cuts back to Alissa Vincent's team as they proceed through the Ishimura}

Alissa Vincent: We need another way up to the bridge.

Ramirez: If there still is a bridge.

{Suddenly, a mass of Necromorphs emerge from the darkness in the distance, closing in on the team. Samuel Irons runs to a nearby door and opens it}

Samuel Irons: There's a utility lift ahead; we could move up to hydroponics and cross to the bridge from there.

{The team runs through the doorway and Irons closes it, the door slicing Slasher in half. The group moves to the elevator doors ahead, as the Slashers tear through the door behind them. As the Necromorphs come closer, Irons attempts to open the next door; however, the keypad is not accepting his passcode}

Alissa Vincent: Some time today!

{Finally, the door accepts Iron's code and it opens}

Samuel Irons: I got it.

Alissa Vincent: Get inside! Ramirez, slow them down.

{All of the team moves through the door while Hanson and Ramirez stay behind. Ramirez pulls out his Diver and opens fire on the Necromorphs, knocking several of them down and slowing the rest. He continues in this manner until the gun runs out of ammunition}

Ramirez: I'm out.

{As Ramirez runs to get through the doorway, he sees Hanson simply standing there, blankly staring at the approaching Necromorphs}

Ramirez: Hanson, come on!

{Hanson continues to stare on, failing to respond to or even acknowledge the presence of Ramirez or the Necromorphs. Ramirez, seeing that the Necromorphs have almost reached them, grabs Hanson by the arm and leads him through the door and onto the elevator. The doors slowly close, just sealing themselves before the creatures reached the group. With a whirring noise, the elevator begins to ascend}

Alissa Vincent: {To Hanson} What happened back there?

Hanson: I don't know what you mean.

Alissa Vincent: You froze up. Do I need to worry about you, Hanson?

Ramirez: You falling apart on us, Sarge? Maybe Irons here can sign you up with the Unitologists; they seem pretty at peace with this bullshit.

Hanson: I'm okay; mind your own fucking business.

{The elevator arrives at hydroponics and the doors open. The team cautiously moves out, seeing no apparent threats}

Alissa Vincent: Seems quiet enough.

Ramirez: Famous last words.

Alissa Vincent: One way to find out. Move out.

{They proceed deeper into hydroponics}

Alissa Vincent: We're not far.

{As they continue onwards, the group members grow increasingly nervous, with Hanson particularly so. He begins to move further and further away from the group, moving erratically, fearing attack from every direction. Ramirez, meanwhile, watches the group's flank, but leaps when he bumps into something; thankfully, it turns out to be Alissa, who gives him a wink. She then turns and begins watching the estranged Hanson}

Hanson: {Whispering} It's okay, it's okay.

Alissa Vincent: {To Ramirez} Keep an eye on Hanson.

Hanson: You can handle it together. Come on, come on.

{Suddenly, a clattering noise is heard and the team immediately focuses on the source: a small can rolling across the ground, coming to a halt when it reaches a nearby growing pod. Hanson, unable to contain his fright, begins screaming. Alissa immediately shoves her hand over his mouth}

Alissa Vincent: Shut the fuck up, Hanson. We don't need any attention right now.

{Hanson pushes Alissa away}

Hanson: Fuck you, Vincent! This is your fault!

{Hanson pulls out his Divet and points it at Alissa}

Hanson: You've killed us, you fuck! We're all dead.

{Ramirez pulls out his own Divet and aims it at Hanson}

Ramirez: Hanson, shut your fucking mouth.

{Shen suddenly leaps onto Hanson, knocking away his weapons and pinning him to the ground}

Shen: You've clocked out, man. Pull it together.

Hanson: They want our bodies... And they're going to get them.

{Shen notices a trail of slime leading away from where she tackled Hanson to the ground. Hanson begins laughing manically}

Shen: What the-

{As Shen's gaze follows the trail, a Pregnant leaps out from behind a growing pod. Shen immediately springs to her feet and charges the beast with her Plasma Saw}

Ramirez: Shen!

{Shen tears into the beast, first sawing its head off, then completely cutting it in half. As the halves of the Pregnant hit the ground, Swarmers begin bursting out from the corpse and attacking the team. The Swarmers are soon joined by a number of Slashers. As the rest of the team battles the Necromorphs, Hanson looks to retrieve his weapons, first picking up his Divet; when moving to collect his Plasma Saw, he hears a high-pitched screech as a Lurker emerges from the darkness and leaps onto him, its tentacles tearing into his back. Managing to knock it away, he crawls towards the Plasma Saw, only to have the creature leap on him and began stabbing him again. He once again knocks the creature away, then attempts to fire at it with his Divet; this is proved fruitless when he discovers the pistol has no ammo. With the small beast now charging him, Hanson scrambles over to his Plasma Saw and picks it up, then raises it in front of himself and the creature reaches him, sawing the Necromorph in half. Standing himself back up, Hanson watches Shen completely dismember a Slasher with her saw, all the while having an increasingly crazed grin grow on his face}

Shen: {Punting the Slasher's head away} Yah!

{Shen stands back and displays a confident smile}

Shen: These guys ain't that tough.

{Suddenly, Hanson comes from behind Shen and stabs his Plasma Saw into her, laughing the entire time. As Shen screams in agony, Hanson proceeds to completely saw her in half, vertically}

Alissa Vincent: Shen!

{His bloody work with Shen now complete, Hanson lunges at Alissa with his weapon, forcing her to the ground. As Hanson attempts to drive his Plasma Saw into Alissa, she reaches out and blocks his arms, the Saw instead sinking into the ground adjacent to her head. Hanson begins forcing Alissa's arms down, bringing the blade closer and closer to her neck, when suddenly a gunshot is heard and Hanson's face erupts in a shower of gore as a bullet exits it. As Vincent throws the corpse of the crazed man off herself, she sees that it was Ramirez who had saved her with his Divet}

Ramirez: Sorry, boss. I wasn't fast enough...

Alissa Vincent: Not your fault.

Samuel Irons: They turn us on ourselves; if they don't kill us all, we will kill ourselves.

Alissa Vincent: Let's go.

{The camera now switches to the bridge, where White stares at the bloodstain on the floor left by Matthius}

Chic: The captain's body is secure in the morgue. What do we do now?

White: The captain's dead... We lost control of the ship... No escape shuttles... Communication array's been incapacitated... There's no way of contacting home. It's only a matter of time until those things reach us. {Looks at a video feed of the Marker} All for a fool's errand.

{The lights and holographic displays die out as the generator powers down. As the bridge staff look around, a clanging noise is heard coming from the primary bridge elevator's doors}

Chic: Can they get through?

White: Probably.

{Chic and several of the bridge staff ready their weapons and aim at the elevator doors. The pounding continues until the doors screech open and Vincent emerges from the shaft}

Alissa Vincent: You guys expecting someone else?

{Chic sighs in relief and helps Alissa and her team out of the elevator shaft}

Chic: You're a sight for sore eyes.

Alissa Vincent: Is that a compliment? Now I know things are fucked up. Where's the captain?

White: He's dead. Kyne killed him. It could have been an accident... Well, it doesn't really matter.

{The bridge electronics start back up again}

Alissa Vincent: What's the ship status?

White: I was hoping you'd tell us.

Chic: Communication has been shit since the crack; we're not really sure what's been going on.

Alissa Vincent: Most of my team was lost, I haven't been able to raise any other squads. These fuckers are mean, but they're beatable.

White: {Laughs uneasily} Don't you see? It's over.

Alissa Vincent: Ain't nothing over. There are still people out there fighting to survive. It's our job to help them survive this, or die trying. You're an officer for Christ's sake. Do your job.

{An alarm begins blaring, as the engines and thrusters of the Ishimura mysteriously shut down, causing the ship to enter a deteriorating orbit}

White: Oh, what now?

Chic: The guidance computers are losing power.

White: Can you fix it?

Chic: The computer core mainframes are on D Level; whatever's doing it is down there.

Alissa Vincent: Can you get me an image?

Chic: Seems like the link is still intact.

{A video feed from the mainframe pops up on the screen, where a man in a scientist's RIG is running about, shutting down the computer systems: Dr. Kyne}

Alissa Vincent: It's Kyne.

Chic: What the hell is he doing?

Alissa Vincent: {To White} What happens if those computers go down?

White: The engines will stop firing correctly. The weight of the rock we're hauling, combined with the planet's gravity, will cause the ship to fall out of orbit; we'll basically just crash back into the planet.

Alissa Vincent: He's trying to scuttle the ship. We've got to stop him.

White: That's suicide, you'll never make it!

{Alissa lashes out and punches White in the face, knocking him to the ground}

Alissa Vincent: I told you: We either save these people, or we die trying.

{Alissa, Irons, and Ramirez exit the bridge}

{The camera now cuts to one of the lower hallways aboard the Ishimura, where Vincent and her team head to the mainframe to stop Kyne. In the distance, they hear a creature roaring}

Ramirez: You hear that?

Alissa Vincent: Yeah.

{As they move on, Irons is forced to stop as he suffers from hallucinations, images of the Marker, the Necromorphs, and other violent scenes plaguing his mind. Clasping his pendant, he manages to continue onward}

Unknown Woman: {In the distance, sobbing} Help. Please. Please. Please.

Unknown Man: {In the distance} Help! Help!

{Hearing these pleas for help, Alissa tracks them to a vent leading off into an adjacent room}

Alissa Vincent: There are people trapped somewhere- Irons, you know where this vent leads?

Samuel Irons: This is the main cooling duct for the personnel barracks.

Alissa Vincent: Okay, we're going to get these guys out of here.

Ramirez: What about Kyne?

Alissa Vincent: We'll get to him; these people need our help. Come on.

{As Alissa leads the group to the trapped people, the camera cuts to the scene inside the barracks, where a number of the ship's science team has taken shelter. The door of the room is being pounded repeatedly by something outside. A pair of blades slip between the door cracks, and rends the door open slightly, revealing several Slashers, causing the science team members to panic. Meanwhile, Alissa watches the Slashers from behind a corner of a hallway outside the room}

Alissa Vincent: We need a diversion. I'll get their attention and lead them away from the hatch; you two enter the cooling vent and get the survivors moving towards the bridge.

Samuel Irons: No. I'll get their attention. You two get those guys out.

Alissa Vincent: No time to be a hero.

Samuel Irons: I'm not a hero- Just a man.

{Irons engages his weapon and moves out from cover, towards the beasts, clasping his pendant. As he moves closer, Vincent and Ramirez enter the air ducts and move crawl towards the barracks. Irons whistles, attracting the attention of the slashers, who now charge him. Kissing his pendant, Irons runs at the creatures and begins cutting into them with his Saw. Inside, Alissa kicks out the vent covering and enters the barracks, startling several of the scientists}

Alissa Vincent: We're here to help, come on.

{The scientists begin to crawl into the vent, helped along by Alissa and Ramirez, as Irons continues to wreck havoc outside the barrack doors. As the last scientists enter the vent, Alissa prepares to leave, stopped when she hears a woman crying. Looking around, she sees a frightened woman (who bears a strong resemblance to Nicole) hiding in one of the bunks}

Alissa Vincent: Come on, we've got to move quickly.

{The woman refuses to move, prompting Alissa move closer and lean her head on the bunk}

Alissa Vincent: You got a boyfriend?

{The woman nods}

Alissa Vincent: You want to see him again, right?

Nicole Brennan: {Nodding her head} Mm-hmm.

Alissa Vincent: Good girl.

{The woman takes Alissa's hand and leaves the bunk, proceeding to enter the vent with Alissa. At the vent's exit, Ramirez begins directing people out of the vents and towards the bridge. While this is happening, Irons continues to shred Slashers as more and more begin pouring in}

Samuel Irons: Must have faith...

{As the last of the people escape to safety, Irons begins falling back, clearly becoming more and more exhausted. As a group of three Slashers lunge at him at once, Irons manages to dismember two of the creatures, but one manages to impale him through the chest with its claw. Using the last of his strength, Irons saws the creature's arm off, then pulls it out of his chest, before dropping his weapon and falling to his knees. Meanwhile, Alissa emerges from the vent}

Alissa Vincent: Where's Irons?

{Looking around the corner, Ramirez and Vincent watch as the creatures encircle the kneeling man. Clasping his pendant tightly in his hand, Irons begins to recite a Unitologist prayer}

Samuel Irons: Holy creatures, transform me into your humble servant. Show me the path to enlightenment as you alter my flesh and free my soul.

{The creatures attack Irons, repeatedly stabbing him until he lies dead on the ground. The Slashers then back away as an Infector flies in and begins to infect Irons' corpse. All the while, Vincent and Ramirez watch the grisly scene}

Alissa Vincent: So that's how they work... Let's go.

{Alissa and Ramirez leave the area, resuming the course to Kyne}

{The screen cuts to an elevator ascending to D Level, which Alissa and Ramirez exit once the door opens. Running through the hallways towards the mainframe, they stop upon spotting a group of Slashers hunched over a small pile of corpses}

Ramirez: Shit.

Alissa Vincent: Shh... They haven't seen us yet. The entrance to the computer core should be up ahead.

{The two run across the open area to the mainframe doors and Alissa immediately inputs the passcode into the keypad there, however, the system rejects the code}

Alissa Vincent: We've got a problem here.

Ramirez: Hmm... The lock's been disabled from the inside.

Alissa Vincent: Kyne.

Ramirez: I can bypass it. I need some time.

{Ramirez begins removing the keypad cover's screws, while a roaring noise can be heard from around the corner}

Alissa Vincent: We don't have time.

{Ramirez continues his work, as one of the screws falls out and makes a small clattering sound on the floor below}

Ramirez: Hey Vincent, you know why I really took this job?

Alissa Vincent: You can tell me later.

{Ramirez removes the keypad cover and begins rewiring the system to bypass the circuit}

Ramirez: My old man always said I was chicken shit. He wanted me to join the service, but I wasn't big on the idea of getting my ass shot off in some war zone back home.

Alissa Vincent: Ramirez, they're getting closer. Give me the all hope is lost speech another time.

Ramirez: I've always been afraid of getting into a fight. Can you believe that?

Alissa Vincent: Ramirez, I swear I'll...

Ramirez: I guess it makes sense as to why I took a security job, you know? Badge and a gun pretty much makes it easy not to get into a fight.

{Ramirez begins inputting codes into the keypad}

Alissa Vincent: Will you shut the fuck up and open that door?

Ramirez: It wasn't until all of this shit went down that I realized it ain't like my old man says. I'm not a coward-

{Ramirez pushes one last button, opening the door}

Ramirez: I just don't like confrontation.

Alissa Vincent: Yeah, that's great, let's go.

{From the darkness behind them, a plethora of Slashers emerge, quickly closing the gap between the two parties}

Ramirez: {In a shaky tone} I'm losing it, Alissa. They're in my head, and I want to hurt you.

{He grabs Alissa's arm and shoves her through the doorway}

Alissa Vincent: What the- What are you doing?

Ramirez: The door won't hold them for long. I'm giving you a head start.

Alissa Vincent: Knock it off, they'll kill you!

Ramirez: It's been an honour to serve with you, boss.

{Ramirez crosses two of the wires and the door slams shut. As Alissa pushes herself against the door, Ramirez can be heard screaming briefly on the other side, before being silenced}

Alissa Vincent: Ramirez... You stupid bastard.

{The camera now cuts to the computer mainframe, where Kyne is continuing his efforts to scuttle the ship. While computer's announcement system blares on it the background, Alissa enters the room, her Plasma Saw active}

Ishimura Computer Voice: Warning, orbital integrity compromised. Planet fall estimated in three hours.

Alissa Vincent: Get away from that control panel, Doctor.

Dr. Kyne: Alissa? I'm doing what has to be done. The Marker must not return to Earth...

Alissa Vincent: So you're going to kill us all instead.

Dr. Kyne: We have been deceived into believing there are space gods; Unitology is a lie. That is the mechanism of their control, the lies that brought us here under false pretenses.

Alissa Vincent: Get out of my way!

{Alissa punches Kyne in the face, knocking him to the ground. She immediately sets about trying to bring the ship's systems back online, however, Kyne lunges at her from behind and knocks her away from the controls, wrestling her to the ground}

Dr. Kyne: You don't understand! This is an infection designed to take over our entire race; it will do anything it can to spread, anything!

{Alissa manages to strike Kyne in the mouth and knock him away. She then proceeds to leap on his chest and deliver multiple blows to his face until he appears to be subdued}

Dr. Kyne: No...

Alissa Vincent: An infection can be stopped.

Dr. Kyne: Defiant to the end; I wouldn't expect anything less from you Alissa. A good soldier never admits defeat, even when it's staring you in the face.

{She returns to the computer panel and begins trying to restart the systems once more. Unknown to Alissa, Kyne slowly makes his way back to his feet and grabs her Plasma Saw, then retreats from the room down a nearby corridor}

Ishimura Computer Voice: Guidance system offline. Access denied. Guidance system offline. Access denied.

Alissa Vincent: What's the access code? Kyne. Kyne!

{She turns around and sees that Kyne has escaped, leaving her to do what she can}

{The camera cuts to Alissa now exiting the mainframe room and closing the door. She then attempts to contact the bridge of the Ishimura via comlink}

Alissa Vincent: Bridge. Are you there bridge? This is Alissa Vincent. If you can hear me, stabilizers are back online, but we need to move farther away from the planet. {Pauses} White? Chic? Anybody. {Sighs in defeat} Looks like I'm hoofing it.

{Alissa moves through the ship, eventually ending up in the cargo bay in which the Marker is being held. She stares up in awe at the strange object and moves closer, when she hears creatures snarling in the distance}

Alissa Vincent: Great.

{Turning around, she sees dozens of Slashers running towards here, prompting her to flee. Heading towards the Marker, she slips and falls, sliding across the ground. She covers her head in preparation for the Necromorph attack, but it never comes. Looking around, she sees that the Slashers are unable to get close to the Marker, preventing them from reaching her. As the Slashers begin to back away, she gets to her feet}

Alissa Vincent: What's wrong? I'm right here! {Gesturing to the Marker as she backs up against it} You can't get close to it, can you? This is what kept you sealed up in that god forsaken rock.

{Letting herself fall to the ground, Alissa leans against the Marker and folds her arms. As she stares out into the mass of Necromorphs, she passes out}

{Alissa begins to wake up some time later to the sound of someone speaking to her. Opening her eyes, she sees a translucent apparition of what appears to be Ramirez speaking to her}

Ramirez's Apparition: Vincent. Vincent. Boss, you got to wake up. There's one more thing you got to do. Finish the job. Save the ship.

Alissa Vincent: How?

{As the figure fades away, Alissa sets her eyes upon a crashed shuttle or, more precisely, the beacon module attached to it. She heads over to a nearby computer panel and activates the recorder and slumps down into the chair; it is revealed she is recording the very same message from the beginning of the film}

Alissa Vincent: My name is Alissa Vincent. I was- am the security chief on board the Ishimura. I may be the sole survivor. We encountered an alien life form, they have taken over the bodies of the crew. The colony was lost. My team is dead. The Ishimura is under their control. It is my belief that the artifact we discovered on the surface is somehow responsible. It has... Driven us mad. Turned us against each other. If you find this recording, the Ishimura and the artifact must be destroyed. {Tears begin to well up in her eyes and fall down her face} Tell those on Earth that many people fought and died bravely. Don't let us be forgotten. This is Chief Alissa Vincent signing off.

{The recorder shuts down as the video log completes. A message on the screen indicates the file has been uploaded to the emergency beacon on the shuttle. Standing up, she types a final command into the computer, beginning the venting sequence}.

Ishimura Computer Voice: Venting sequence initiated. Warning, venting in twenty seconds.

Alissa Vincent: Here we go.

{Sprinting beyond the zone of safety afforded by the Marker, Alissa runs toward the shuttle, dodging and evading the Necromorphs present. Climbing up onto the shuttle, she grabs hold of a section of it as the bay doors open, sucking the Necromorphs in the bay out into space. Struggling against the intense vacuum, she manages to hit the emergency beacon button on the craft, launching the beacon out the bay doors and into space. The last of her strength now gone, Alissa is sucked out of the cargo bay. As the last of her life ebbs away her eyes remain focused on the Ishimura, as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” plays in the background, continuing as she disappears into the blackness of space}

{An indeterminate amount of time later, a ship approaches the USG Ishimura. As it passes by the camera, it is revealed that it is the Kellion, the very same ship which carries Isaac Clarke to the Ishimura}

Chen: Ishimura, this is the Kellion. What is your status? Over.

{The camera switches to inside the Ishimura, where a computer display is simultaneously receiving the Kellion's hails as well as monitoring the Marker}

Chen: Ishimura, come in, over. Is anybody there?

{A number of Slashers begin to approach the computer console}

Chen: Ishimura, are you reading?

{The Kellion comes into view through the windows}

Chen: Ishimura, prepare to be boarded.

{One of the Slashers turns towards the camera and the screen fades to black}