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Dead Space
Dead Space Comic Cover Art
Antony Johnston
Ben Templesmith
Image Comics
Publication Date
March 2008 - August 2008
Number of Issues
168 pages
Price Listing

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Dead Space was a 2008 comic book prequel to the video game of the same name. It was published by Image Comics and was written by Antony Johnston with art by Ben Templesmith, Newsarama. An animated version of the comic was available to download via Xbox LIVE, PSN and various game review sites such as in summer 2008. The comics in their animated form could be unlocked in Dead Space: Extraction.

A transcript could be read at Dead Space (Comics) transcript.

Backstory Edit

In the distant future, humanity colonized worlds beyond Earth's solar system. Two-hundred years prior, a man named Michael Altman discovered an artifact of unknown origin (Known as 'The Marker') which led him to begin a new religion - Unitology that supposedly taught the truth about human existence. Altman was later killed, allegedly by the Earth Government in an attempt to silence the truth. However, the veracity of this account had yet to be confirmed. In present time, a new Marker was discovered on another colony and strange things are happening among the colonists. The comics started off with Neumann making a video log about what happened in the comic, but the comic drifted away from Neumann's point of view occasionally and featured events where Neumann was not present.[1]


Issue ZeroEdit

Comic battle download 022008

Neumann fights off a Necromorph

Sergeant Abraham Neumann and Detective Vera Cortez, the operatives from Planetside Security (P-Sec) are investigating a local disturbance at Apartment 23 Row D4 B Block, inhabited by a surveyor named Lisa and her husband, Tom who worked at the morgue. Neumann attempted to open the door and discovered that the pad was inactive. He contacted Marla Janssen at P-Sec who unlocked the door from her end. Neumann and Cortez entered the room which 'stinked' according to Cortez and found blood stains on the wall and floor. Neumann noted that this incident would be the 32nd assault in the past week as it was opposed to three since the colony started. Cortez found Lisa's mangled body which to her shock moved. She called Marla to request a trauma team. Without warning, Lisa's writhing and growling corpse impaled Cortez in the shoulder while Neumann fired his weapon and called for backup. After being thrown to the ground, Neumann found a taser which he used to shock Lisa. As operatives, Jones and McCabe arrived, Lisa's infected body jumped through the wall. Neumann noted that it might be a long day.[2]

Issue OneEdit

Deadspace1 0308
Chapter One began with a very bloody Sergeant Abraham Neumann from P-Sec making a security log with blood on the walls all around him. He said that if a planetside survivor found the security log, they are doomed and should not bother to escape. He warned anybody that if they found the log, they are to order the colony to be nuked so 'humanity did not suffer the same fate.'

Neumann recording his last message


The Red Marker is found

Back at P-Sec five weeks prior, Marla was invited on a date by Neumann when she saw a video feed from Jen Barrow's dig team showing an unknown, double helix-shaped structure covered with red symbols. Marla patched the feed to the P-Sec lounge where Sergeant Neumann, his partner, Detective Vera Cortez and their Commander are watching in awe and confusion. Cortez contacted Barrow and asked if the structure was what she thought that it was. Barrow simply replied that it depended on 'how fucked up that [Her] thoughts are'. Neumann asked what the structure was and Cortez replied that it was a 'Marker'. Neumann at first wondered what she meant and realized that she meant a Marker as in Unitology. Realizing for the first time that his partner was a Unitologist, he voiced his disdain for Unitology. This led to an argument between the two that was quickly broken up by Commander James. As Neumann and Cortez left for the airlock to escort Barrow's team, Neumann demanded why Cortez did not tell him that she was a 'Marker-head'. Cortez replied that it was because her religion had nothing to do with her work, though she also said that she thought that it was about to change.

In Oxygen Filter Bay 5, Supervisor Natalia Deyshanov was replacing a compressor, informing Jerry Cooper via radio that she was almost done. While Cooper replied, Natalia was unable to understand due to static and was pained when he switched to a new channel. Natalia finished, telling Cooper to give her a 'ten down' before he put the power back online. While Cooper counted down, Natalia was about to leave when she realized that she left her toolbag at the other end of the room. She quickly ran back in to retrieve it, but Cooper was unable to hear her demands to abort the countdown due to static. Just as the doors are about to close, trapping Natalia inside the room, she managed to wedge the toolbag between the doors just as the power was restored to the room. Natalia was almost sucked into the large fan, but was able to hold on and pull herself through the small space between the doors. Just as she made it outside, the doors slammed shut behind her, destroying the toolbag. Natalia sat with her back to the door, trying to catch her breath, stating that the tools are worth a fortune.

Some time later, Neumann and Cortez went out for lunch at Lounge Area Three. A group of miners are talking about the find. One of the miners was upset that excavation prep was shut down because of what she believed to be a simple piece of rock while another, a Unitologist believed it to be a "Marker" and the next step in human evolution which was a new life beyond death. A scuffle broke out between the two miners when his faith was insulted. Neumann and Cortez intervened and Neumann once again voiced his dislike for Unitology. The two miners avoided time in the brig when Neumann was unable to contact Marla. As Neumann and Cortez returned to their table, Cortez said that the Unitologist had a point, but Neumann replied that he lost that point at the minute that he threw a punch. He also said that her fellow believers are 'fucking nuts'.
1224844846 1138359

Meanwhile, a miner suffering from insomnia was at the office of Dr. Tom Sciarello, asking for help. Sciarello believed that the issue was depression caused by the miners that lost their chance at glory because of the Ishimura, but the miner insisted that was not the issue. Unconvinced, the doctor prescribed some sedatives to help the miner sleep. After the miner left, the doctor's nurse, Katie noted this to be the 20th case of insomnia in three days and the doctor agreed that something strange was going on.

Later, at Union Square, VTM Engineer 1st Class and Unitologist, Deakin Abbott was preaching to a small crowd of fellow believers, mentioning that it was 200 years since the discovery of the "First Marker" by Michael Altman and the discovery of this unknown structure confirmed the truth of Unitology. Cortez and Neumann are also present for the gathering. Much to the dismay of Cortez, Neumann spoke up against the discovery of the Marker, stating that the first one was black while the new one was red, calling Abbott a 'Fringe Nutjob'. Abbott and Neumann discussed the validity of Unitology and Cortez sided with her fellow believers. Cortez was offended when Neumann called her faith 'crap' and accused him of doing just what the woman did in the lounge. Abbott overheard this and said that Neumann was in fact the 'fringe nutjob'. Angered, Neumann stormed off, saying that there was no such thing as a Marker and they already 'conquered Heaven' and 'God' was not home. Abbott replied that Neumann's god probably did not exist, but their god was 'very much in residence' while Cortez looked on.

At the Marker, now known as Dig Site GL-426, a small security team led by Natalia Deshyanov was complaining about their assignment to look after the Marker. Natalia, although not a Unitologist thought that the Structure was an awesome find. She noted that Carthusia wanted it looked after.
1224844879 8564072
26487 normal

A miner snaps

Meanwhile, an assault took place at Surgery 1 West Sector 9 Level 5. Neumann and Cortez responded to the call. Nurse Katie who was hiding behind a desk pointed out that the insomniac miner from before was holding Dr. Tom Sciarello at gunpoint with a laser cutter, raving about what he saw at night while he could not sleep. Neumann attempted to appease the miner into putting the cutter down, but he fired it wildly around. Cortez shot him in the shoulder and tackled him to the ground while Neumann tended to the doctor. As he regained his senses, he noticed with horror that Katie was cut in half across the torso.

Some time after, Colony Manager, Hanford Carthusia was in his office talking to Benjamin Mathius of the Ishimura via video call who just received unspecified orders from an authority higher than the government. Carthusia, a third-generation Unitologist realized that this referred to the Church of Unitology. Mathius assigned Carthusia the task of protecting the Marker at all costs until the Ishimura arrived. Carthusia was pleased to hear that the structure was confirmed as a Marker. He also said that he was making preparations to bring the Marker into the colony. Strangely, Mathius asked if there are any accidents on the colony lately. Carthusia mentioned the death of Nurse Katie and asked why Mathius asked this. Mathius did not answer this, instead reminding him to protect the Marker. Carthusia replied that the Marker was miles away from the colony so it was unlikely to be in any danger.

Lastly, Deakin Abbott and a few fellow believers took a mole to see the Marker for themselves. Against his comrades' wishes, Abbott defiantly touched the Marker and had a vision of his deceased mother who implored him to "protect it" and not to let "them" take "it." When he came to his senses, he believed that he caught a glimpse of the "other side." [3]

Issue TwoEdit

345375-20803-126508-1-dead-space super medium
Dr. Tom Sciarello was at a press conference at Union Square mourning the death of Katie, his nurse and assistant for five years. Meanwhile, Sergeant Abraham Neumann and Detective Vera Cortez are seen arresting a lot of miners and Cortez was later seen in her bedroom taking sedative pills. Tom mentioned that her call to P-Sec saved his life and he would willingly trade it back for hers. As he said this, Katie appeared as an apparition and told Tom that he had more important things to do and he "got to stop them." In shock, Tom broke down and was escorted off the podium.

Some time later on that morning, Neumann visited his partner, Cortez at her home, Apartment 35, Row 7-A. She developed insomnia and was late to shifts for the past 3 days. She was taking sedatives and just like the other miners that the pair arrested, that did not always work. When Neumann made a joke about Cortez's faith, she threw him out of her apartment.

Meanwhile, Colony Manager, Hanford Carthusia reprimanded Deakin Abbott about his unauthorized visit to the Marker from his office via video call, claiming that it was a "major archaeological find" and it's status as a Marker was "still to be determined". He added that if Abbott went near the Marker again, he would be deported back to Earth. Abbott was outraged how a fellow Unitologist was preventing them from practicing their faiths. Carthusia merely replied that he did not want them to "stop believing", just for them to stay away from the Marker. Abbott smiled coldly, saying "'From that Marker', huh? I knew it." At this, Carthusia ended the call just as Dr. Sciarello arrived to see him. Dr. Sciarello urged Carthusia to make the insomnia problem their "top priority" and pointed out that the problem started ever since the Marker was found. He requested that he should be allowed to examine it, but Carthusia refused and asked the doctor to leave, but not before asking him where Katie's body was. Dr. Sciarello claimed that she was in the morgue, but when he asked Carthusia why he asked, he sent him away.

1224844816 8686798
At Dig Site GL-426, Natalia Deshyanov once again showed her astonishment at the find to her partner, Jerry. Deakin Abbott arrived with a group of people demanding to get closer to the Marker. Natalia politely rebuffed them, but Abbott told her about the "vision" that he had, claiming that it meant that the Marker was "the real deal". He politely requested to be let in which Natalia accepted, but Jerry still refused, citing the fact that Abbott was singled out by Carthusia. Abbott finally backed down, claiming that the group would stay behind the security cordon to pray.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sciarello and Sergeant Neumann are en route to the dig site. Sciarello thanked the Sergeant for helping him and he claimed that it was because he also had suspicions about "the rock". Sciarello was glad to "hear someone NOT call it the Marker" and the Sergeant once again voiced his disdain about Unitology. When Sciarello asked about Cortez, Neumann claimed that she had the same insomnia as the other miners and they had a falling out. However, when asked if it was "because of her faith", Neumann replied "Because she was an idiot".

Sciarello and Neumann arrived at the dig site. Neumann, seeing the Marker for the first time was astonished. Natalia did not allow the two to get any closer, but Neumann spotted Cortez among Abbott's group, despite thinking that she was sick in her apartment. Cortez replied that Abbott told her to go to the dig site instead and she felt better already. Once again, Cortez and Neumann got into an argument about her beliefs with Neumann claiming that he "lost [his] wife to [their] fucked up cult". When another Unitologist asked them if there was a 'problem' between the two, Cortez replied that her partner 'did not see the light' yet. When Neumann retorted that the only thing that Cortez would see was her severance if the Commander caught her out here, she replied that "some things in life are just too important'. Neumann was angered when another miner defended her, exclaiming that he was P-Sec. Neumann attempted to bring Cortez back to the colony for a psychiatric evaluation before Abbott stopped him. Neumann and Abbott once again got into an argument about his beliefs. Neumann demanded that Natalia's security group should give him some backup, but instead they ordered Neumann to leave due to him "disturbing the prayer group". Astonished, Neumann demanded that the Unitologists should leave, but the group started getting aggressive, telling him to get back in his vehicle and "go home". Sciarello told Neumann to come on as he finished scanning the Marker. The security group coldly said "Sensible man, the Doc. You should listen to him", surprising Neumann. Stunned, Neumann asked Sciarello what just happened, but the Doctor merely stated that he did not want to be near the Marker for a second longer.

On the return trip, Sciarello found out that his scanner did not detect anything unusual, despite scanning for every possible kind of reading: "As far as science was concerned, it was just a rock". Neumann stated that he worked with Cortez in three colonies and that "just was not her" and the miners never acted that way before. He claimed that he was certain that the Marker was the cause of all of this and Schiarello replied that as a doctor, he did not want to deny science, but he agreed with Neumann, saying, "this could not go on".

Meanwhile, Carthusia was annoyed to find out that Sciarello disobeyed his orders to stay away from the Marker. Via video call, a man named Carver told Carthusia about the Doctor coming with a man from P-Sec called Neumann who was spying on the Unitologists at the Marker. Carthusia replied that he knew Neumann. Carver mentioned that Abbott and the miners are threatening Neumann and a fight would have started if him and the doctor had not left. Carthusia said that he would deal with Abbott and the miners when Carver mentioned that the guards are getting aggressive too. Carthusia told Carver to leave it with [him].

Back at P-Sec, Marla showed Neumann an unauthorized vid-log of the Marker. She commented on the glowing symbols, noticing that some are repeated "like some sort of code or language" and had similarities to advanced mathematics. Neumann laughed off these theories pointing out that the Unitologists tried to decipher the first Marker for centuries, but to no avail. Marla said that maybe "a fresh perspective was all of what it needed".

At the same time, Carthusia was in his office talking to Carver, a security guard (And fellow Unitologist), wishing to know who made that vid-log. He ordered the guard and his team to relieve Natalia's team from guarding the Marker and arrest them if they refuse. He also told Carver not to call P-Sec for back-up, saying that they are not devout.

Carver and his team arrived at the dig site, telling Natalia that they are all relieved of duty and placed under arrest due to Carthusia's suspicion that the vid-log was made by one of them. Natalia rebuffed all of these accusations and suddenly drew a line cutter and killed the guard. As Carver's team all aimed their weapons at her and Jerry tried to calm Natalia down, she said that she "would not let them hurt it" and even if they kill her, [He would] see her again." Jerry managed to calm down Natalia, taking her weapon. This ended up distracting Natalia long enough for one of the guards to knock her unconscious.

Later on, Neumann and his Commander are urging Carthusia to have the colony evacuated. Carthusia replied that this was unacceptable due to the mining operation that already cost several billions of dollars only to be abandoned 3 weeks before planet crack due to the death of a few miners. Carthusia added that in 4 days, the Marker would be lifted into the colony and transferred into the Ishimura when it arrived. Neumann was outraged at the thought of the Marker being brought into the colony, only for Carthusia to end the call. When Neumann asked the Commander what to do, he merely replied "Brace ourselves." Meanwhile, Carthusia told his secretary, Alice to get him Captain Mathius.

Issue Three Edit

While walking down a corridor,
Sergeant Abraham Neumann commented to Dr. Tom Sciarello how "half the colony was walking around like it was the end of the world".
DeadSpace03 p1
Sciarello recalled his vision of Katie's ghost: He claimed that despite being a lifelong atheist and skeptic and convinced that the vision was a hallucination. If he was a spiritual man, he would be praying right now. Neumann was befuddled how a group of blue-collar miners could get "so swept up over a rock", but Sciarello pointed out that it was the same thing as doing so about a chalice or a scroll.
DeadSpace03 p3
He added that Hanford Carthusia finally allowed him access to Natalia Deshyanov and planned to question her.
DeadSpace03 p2
1224844907 3908923
Meanwhile, Deakin Abbott addressed an enormous crowd of Unitologists in a vehicle maintenance bay. He claimed that "everyone had a theory" about the Marker's purpose and origins, but Unitology had the truth: That the Marker was "talking" to them. He cited the growing depression felt among the miners since the Marker was found as the proof of this: The Marker was "preparing" them, making them have thoughts of death and the "realization" that material life was unimportant. He also said that "Soon, this shell that we inhabited would be obsolete. Soon, we would leave it and transcend to the next life. We must be prepared!" Detective Vera Cortez was seen watching Abbott from a balcony.

Later on, Dr. Sciarello arrived at Natalia's holding cell. In a panic, she told the doctor that every night, even when she could not sleep, she dreamed about killing people. She added that they had to leave the planet before attempting to strangle Sciarello. The holding cell's guard entered and subdued Natalia who begged him to kill her while Sciarello looked in disbelief.

Foreman Colin Barrow left with his men to retrieve the Marker. While Neumann watched them leave, Marla called, telling him to go to Union Square where Abbott would be giving a speech.

Abbott was jubilant at the fact that the Marker was about to be moved into the colony and told the crowd about this "glorious day" and how they would be waiting for the chance to "ascend and become one with God". He instructed the crowd to "await the voice of God". Neumann spotted Detective Vera Cortez in the crowd and once again tried to convince her to go home, citing Abbott's speech as proof that he was crazy, but Cortez did not listen. When Neumann demanded whatever happened to her 'rational, scientific religion', Cortez said enigmatically that the Marker, their planet and their fate and everything that happened to do with their religion was science. She also told Neumann that it was all evolution and they "could not escape their fate". Neumann was unable to understand when Marla informed Neumann that the Marker was being placed inside the colony as they spoke. Suddenly, everyone in the crowd of Unitologists drew out weapons and a deafening high pitched noise was heard, causing pain to everyone in the area. Abbott ordered the crowd to "listen to the voice of God and prepare" themselves at which point everyone in the crowd pointed their guns at their heads. Neumann tried to stop Cortez from doing so, but she calmly replied "Do not worry Braham. See you soon." The crowd along with Abbott and Cortez committed mass suicide. While Marla demanded why fifty vitals monitors cratered at once, a stunned Neumann cradled Cortez's body. Carthusia watched this gruesome sight from his office and smiled.

Later on, P-Sec officers, Jones and McCabe went to check on the Marker. Foreman Barrow, the foreman responsible for the Marker's transport informed them that everyone that are involved in transporting the Marker felt sick with one person even throwing up and collapsing. Barrow was unaware about what happened in Union Square and the officers informed him.

Meanwhile, Captain Mathius was once again talking to Carthusia via video call. He demanded that the bodies of the Union Square crowd should be frozen so they could be "in top condition" when the Ishimura arrived. Carthusia asked him if it made any difference, but Mathius replied "Better safe than sorry. All of the incumbents of the Church are treated the same way." Carthusia ensured the Captain that he "would get [His] cemetery" and the Captain stated that "their" future was depending on it and urged Carthusia to not let "them" down.

Elsewhere in a "Megavent", a technician (Later named as Supervisor Cameron) was leading Neumann far along the vent to show him something that he found in the vent which was a strange foul-smelling blob. Neumann attempted to collect a sample when suddenly, to his surprise, the blob moved. Neumann started burning the blob despite the technician's warning that the vents fed into the entire colony. Neumann responded "Exactly". Neumann left while Cameron resumed the job.

Back in P-Sec, Jones and McCabe are looking at a large list of recent assaults and murders commenting that they  never saw anything like this in a long time. Neumann arrived and Jones and McCabe informed him about the Marker's status. Neumann looked at the list and noticed that apart for the mass suicide, there are no violent crimes on that day. Neumann asked about Marla and they told him that she went home sick from a headache.

Carthusia entered the rooms where the Marker was being kept and wondered aloud if the Marker held the secret of 'eternal life' and the 'journey beyond death'.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sciarello arrived at the apartment of Mrs. Fencher who called him due to being concerned about her husband. She claimed that her husband was one of the members of the dig team that uncovered the Marker and was not the same ever since. Sciarello entered Mr. Fencher's room and found the walls completely covered in scribbles like the Marker's symbols and phrases like "Altman Be Praised" and "THE MARKER WOULD SET US FREE". Sciarello found Mr. Fencher in the corner babbling maniacally about "the key" and "Death [Being] the answer". When Sciarello approached to give him a sedative, Mr. Fencher started strangling him and screaming "Kill! KILL! DEATH!", only to be saved by Mrs. Fencher who injected him with the sedative. Sciarello compared this to the incident with Natalia and the suicides in Union Square. Mrs. Fencher asked what was going on and if her husband would be all right, only for Sciarello to reply that apparently right now no one could figure it out.

Neuman went to Marla's apartment to find her on the sofa studying the Marker vid-log on a laptop where she said that she thought that she was getting close to a solution. Neumann was outraged to find out that she faked her headache in order to continue studying the Marker and demanded if her 'solution' would help him convince Carthusia to get rid of the Marker. He mentioned that they had over a hundred assaults and 52 suicides since they found the Marker and the blob that he saw in the Megavents. When Neumann realized that Marla was too busy staring at the Marker to listen to a word that he said, he lost his temper, saying that the Marker was evil. Marla was surprised at what he said and mentioned that he was the one who said that there was no such thing and there are just people and the decisions that they made. Neumann retorted that the Marker was not a person. Marla said that it was a chunk of rock and the carving on the Marker could point to alien life. Neumann said that she sounded like Vera and Marla retorted that she could not believe that Neumann, the 'big, bad cop' was being so emotional. Neumann stormed out, saying that people are dying and he could not think about a better reason to get emotional.

At Carthusia's office, Neumann once again confronted the Colony Manager, demanding that they should abort the operation. Carthusia once again refused with the same argument as before. Neumann showed Carthusia a list of all of the deaths since the colony started: In the past two and a half years, only 3 deaths occurred (All working accidents). After the Marker was found, they had 65 deaths. Carthusia dismissively stated that 52 of those are suicides only for Neumann to once again plead for Carthusia to stop this before it was too late. Carthusia replied that it was already too late. Even if he wanted to abort the operation, he no longer had the authority to do so: The Ishimura arrived and Captain Mathius took control of the operation.

Issue FourEdit

463754-ds2 super medium
Issue Four started with Neumann and Dr. Sciarello walking along a hallway, discussing how things are after the Marker was taken up to the ship. While Neumann stated that the crimes went down, Sciarello replied that "Almost 20% percent of the staff now had psych problems".

When they reached their destination Neumann wondered "If she was not cured, why did [Sciarello] take her out of the secure quad if she was still dangerous?". Sciarello replied that "She was not dangerous anymore, but far from cured". We quickly discovered that Natalia Deshyanov was inside the room. They entered the room with Natalia asking "Who was the cop?". Neumann noted that "[Natalia] seemed kind of cheery for a nut-case". Sciarello answered that "it came and went".

After they left, Neumann asked about the writing on the walls which Sciarello pointed out that he saw it with numerous others who came into contact with the Marker. Neumann hastily left, saying that he had a friend who would want to know about this. On his way, he received a call from Supervisor Cameron who told him that he found more of the strange alien growths in the Megavents again. Only this time, there was a lot more of it (Covering an entire wall). Cameron's assistant, Lambert arrived late due to another case of insomnia and questioned if the stuff grew there overnight which Cameron replied "Yeah and you could make up for being late by getting down in those vents and burning it off."

Carthusia was speaking with the Captain about the status of the Marker and bodies, stating that the Marker was on its way and the murder victims would be on the second shuttle and the suicides would be on the third shuttle that would leave soon. Carthusia was excited about the events that are going to take place only to learn that he would not be joining the Ishimura as Mathius pointed out that the colony was out of control and did not want the same madness to affect his crew. He said that he would issue a no-fly order between ship and planetside once the bodies are on board. Carthusia refused to bring the bodies up himself, saying if Mathius wanted them, he would have to break his own order and get them himself.

Neumann brought Marla to see Natalia. Natalia did not remember Neumann and was still writing and rambling. Marla was stunned at the sight of all of the writing on the walls and asked Natalia what she was writing. Natalia rambled on a little more and said ominously "Death was the key. You did not understand. We could never go back."

Neumann once again tried to warn Carthusia about the situation, showing him the video from the hub of the Megavents. He pointed out that only a small piece of it existed a week earlier and now the entire hub was covered with it. He fruitlessly attempted to convince Carthusia that there was a hostile alien life form on the planet that they somehow missed in the initial sweep and it was infecting the colony. He once again dismissed him completely and Planet-Crack would proceed according to schedule in the morning.

Neumann came to see Marla and she thanked him for taking her to see Natalia as it was useful. Dismayed, Neumann said that he hoped that it might persuade her to stop, not carry on. Marla was writing something down, saying that some of Natalia's ramblings made a strange sort of sense and was convinced that she knew what the Marker was and it had something to do with DNA, but was still working on the specifics. Much to Neumann's chagrin, she was still obsessed about it and refused to leave until she was finished. Exasperated, Neumann left.

Planet-Crack was about to start with everyone getting ready. Carthusia and Sciarello are seen in their respective offices. Neumann was in the observation deck along with the other colonists and Natalia was still writing. The order was given and as they counted down, Marla was seen staring in amazement at something on the laptop screen, saying "Oh shit. Oh wow."

The countdown finished and Planet-Crack began. Just as Marla contacted Neumann to tell him about her findings, a flash occurred and the colony underwent a blackout, resulting in the colonists starting to panic. Neumann lost contact with Marla and could not reach Control. Sciarello noted that the backup generators should have turned on by now. He spotted Katie's ghost and she told him "There was no time, Tom. I tried to warn you. Now, it was too late." Natalia suffered from a headache in her room. Carthusia left his office and headed for the morgue. As Neumann desperately tried to get through the crowds, firing his weapon to clear the path, Natalia exited her room and Cameron noted the problem with the communications, calling out to Lambert, but receiving no response. He went to investigate and warned him that he better not fall asleep, but only found his radio in the strange alien flesh. As he called out to him again, a horrific creature (Referred to in Dead Space as a "Necromorph") jumped out of a nearby vent and attacked him (Most likely killing him).

Neumann arrived at Marla's apartment and she asked him about what was going on. He warned her to get her gun as he had a bad feeling about what was going on. She said that she just realized something about the Marker when the power went out, but Neumann interrupted her and said that they need to get to HQ and see what happened.

Carthusia reached the morgue to visit the suicide bodies, apologizing that they could not join the others and he was not sure if there would be another chance. The lights finally came on, but the communications are still down.

Neumann and Marla reached the HQ. She questioned the whereabouts of everybody and Neumann hoped that they are heading for the shuttle bay if they had any sense. They entered the HQ and found out much to their horror that everyone was dead including Jones, McCabe and the Commander. He spotted some of the alien flesh again, pointing out that it got there pretty fast from the vents.

Dr. Sciarello received a distress call asking for help, telling him that there was mass panic and people are dying. Sciarello was interrupted by what sounded like a scream from the hall and went to investigate, confused at first that there was nobody there, but found bodies that are torn to shreds.

Neumann was stunned by the condition of the bodies and Marla warned him not to touch them. He agreed saying that they should call the ME, but she said that they need to leave. She once again pointed out that she knew what the carvings on the Marker meant. It was in fact a set of instructions for altering DNA. As this was happening, back at the Morgue, Carthusia promised the suicide victims that their time would come and he would see to it himself. Neumann stated that "DNA did not just get up and go and walk around to kill people", but she pointed out that it did if it was recombinant (Confusing Neumann), explaining that they mutated genes at a cellular level like a cancer or virus. Carthusia told the bodies that they would all ascend soon. Marla continued her explanation of the Marker that this particular recombinant DNA only spread through specific target vectors. This confused Neumann once more and she yelled "Necrotic flesh 'Braham, it infected dead bodies!" At the morgue, Carthusia said "Altman be praised" as a Necromorph approached him from behind.

Issue FiveEdit

The story picked up from where Issue Four left off. Neumann was still confused about the situation with the Marker and what it did. "All right so it mutated dead bodies fine, but what killed them in the first place? This stuff?" Marla replied that she was not sure. She attempted to call the Ishimura, but with no luck as the communications are still down. They both watched in disgust as one of the bodies started to mutate and it's ribcage appeared to rip itself open. Marla received a distress call which she at first tried to put on hold, but the caller yelled "We are dying down here! We are being attacked! They are coming in!" Marla was at first confused by who their attackers are. When Neumann saw the creature starting to move, he tackled Marla to the floor in fear of her safety, but she pointed out that it was not after her. It was going for another corpse to reproduce again. Neumann started shooting the creature, swearing to kill Carthusia if he saw him again.
35606 normal
Back at the morgue, Carthusia said "I am ready. Take me." And almost as if on command, the Necromorph impaled him through the chest. It left the morgue for the hallway. At Avenue B7 North Sector 3, we met the caller of the distress signal. Further, he exclaimed "People are dying down here! We are being attacked! They are coming right out of the walls!", but lost the signal and was cut off from further communication as a Necromorph attacked him.

Neumann at first thought that he succeeded at killing the creature, only to see that the newly infected corpse now mutated into a Necromorph. He shot it as well, but the bullets had no effect on it. Marla got an idea to use an overturned table to trap it against the wall, but they realized that the first one was still alive and was infecting another corpse and the current one was not as trapped as they thought with its torso separating from its legs. The Necromorph crawled across the floor toward Marla. Neumann grabbed an axe and cut off the Necromorph's head, believing it to be dead, but they realized that the first one would just keep making new ones so they decided to leave. He tried to call Dr. Sciarello, but could not get a hold of him. He said that they need to head for Union Square and get everyone out and head for the shuttle bay. Marla pointed out that there was a no-fly order in place and Mathius would have a fit. Neumann simply stated "Then, I got two balls for his chin because we are not staying here."

Sciarello and a few others are seen running for the Medical Labs trying to figure out the situation themselves. One doctor explained that they need to be at the Medical Labs as that was where people would expect them to be if they need help. Sciarello reluctantly agreed. They entered the morgue and Sciarello saw that the suicide victims are all gone, pointing out to the others that Carthusia kept them here against Sciarello's wishes. Sciarello started to wash up when he felt a drip on his head at first believing it to be a leak only to his horror to discover a Necromorph hanging from the ceiling which proceeded to impale him through the forehead.

At Union Square, the colonists are in mass panic and are waiting for the trams, but the one that arrived was already full. The conductor attempted to convince them that it would not support the weight if any more got on, but the colonists are worried that they would be dead before the next one came. Natalia was seen heading in the opposite direction which one of the colonists pointed out that it was her funeral which she responded "Yes, I supposed that it was." Marla and Neumann arrived and he attempted to "organize" the crowd, but Marla stopped him. She thought that they should head for the shuttle bay on foot and help out those on the way. The tram was about to leave as the conductor was finally able to keep them off, but he noticed someone climbing on top. He attempted to warn them to get off, only to realize that it was not a human. The crowd became more panicked than before. Neumann called out and told the crowd to follow him as the Necromorphs started to attack.

At East Sector 2, Level 1, Natalia was slowly walking along the halls infested with the alien flesh and dead bodies. Among which are Necromorphs hidden in vents and behind doors, ready to attack. Natalia's fate was not yet revealed.

At South Sector 4, Level 6, Neumann and Marla are leading the surviving colonists from Union Square. One of them asked "What the fuck are those things?" Neumann replied "You would not believe me if I told you." At first, the colonist replied angrily, but Neumann told him that they are hostile and bullets are ineffective against them. They came up to a closed door and Neumann could not get it open. Marla took a look at it while the other colonists asked him to find another way, but Neumann shrugged the idea off as the only other path was a two-hour walk. The two hours apparently looked good to them when the door opened. Beyond the door was a room littered with bodies and the smaller Necromorphs moved around to infect them. Neumann stated that they could move through safe if they go quietly and quickly as the creatures are too busy with the already dead bodies to bother them. The colonists are scared to do so as they witnessed the creatures "eating" the corpses. One of the colonists headed in to save someone that he recognized, kicking the creature off the body, only to realize that the body was already infected. The body mutated and a nurse questioned what it was. Marla simply responded "It was a sign. A sign that we just ran out of time. Run!"


Issue SixEdit

Issue 6
The final comic began with the colonist who was investigating an infected body getting impaled by the now-infected person who transformed into a Necromorph. Marla and Neumann began to lead the group away from the Necromorphs, but many of the colonists are slaughtered in the escape. As Neumann got through the door leading out, he drew his gun and Marla reminded him that shooting them had no effect. He replied by saying "Who said anything about them?" He aimed at a rack of oxygen tanks and shot them as the door closed, creating a large explosion. Neumann and Marla arrived at a door to the shuttle bay with the survivors and one of them complained about how everything was the Unitologists' fault. As Marla opened the door, a huge crowd was seen trying desperately to get into the few remaining shuttles. The scene cut to Natalia Deshyanov still walking in the halls and writing symbols from the Marker on the walls in blood. She entered a vehicle and drove away from the colony.
544096-deadspace06 p2 medium
544099-deadspace06 p5 medium
Back at the shuttle bay, Marla said that only five shuttles are left and it was probably a 30-minute round trip for them to return for more passengers. Another shuttle took off with more passengers while on board, the pilot and a passenger began to argue about the excess payload of passengers. Neumann noticed that the shuttle began to rock back and forth from too many people on board and the pilot and passenger got into a fight, resulting in the pilot being knocked out and the shuttle lost control. The shuttle soon after promptly fell and crashed into the shuttle bay, destroying it and most of the other shuttles. After recovering from the explosion, Neumann and the surviving colonists expressed their frustration while Marla suggested to Neumann that she could maybe get a better communication signal to the Ishimura from the main communications needle. Neumann tried to dissuade her, saying that it was too long of a walk. She refused however and they left the shuttle bay to go to the communications needle and try to get a signal. The scene switched again to Natalia driving a rover to the edge of a cliff (Possibly the site of the planet-crack) and marveling at the view before saying "I am ready. Make me whole." She jumped off the cliff, killing herself. There was a chance that when Natalia said "Make me whole" and her marveling of the site may be referring to the "Hive Mind" which was the creature which controlled the Necromorphs.

Meanwhile, Marla and Neumann made their way into the communications needle with Marla telling him that there are no permanent staff at the needle. They found a door inside to be opened which was strange since no one worked at the needle. Neumann stated that something got inside before they did. More of the growth from earlier in the story happened to be prevalent in the room and Neumann urged Marla to find a terminal. She became stressed, saying that the orange-like growth might have killed the power and she would have to re-route the power. Neumann calmed her saying "You are a genius, remember?" They are interrupted by a noise from the power room and they soon found out that inside of it the growth greatly increased with more Necromorphs inside. Neumann quickly lost concentration when he saw his deceased partner, Vera Cortez's body sticking out of the growth. The Necromorphs in the room began to approach and Marla snapped him out of it. Neumann dashed back through the door with Marla right behind him who was struck down by a Necromorph. She got up and attempted to run, but was impaled through the chest by it. Neumann started to lose it, saying "Marla! No, no, no!" A dying Marla hit the close button to the door, saving Neumann, but leaving her to be torn apart by the Necromorphs.

As Neumann succumbed to his loss, the scene cut to his security video log from Issue One. He said that the incident started 12 hours before he made the video log and he did not see another sign of life for the last six hours. He stated (Maniacally grinning) that "They said that there are no Atheists in foxholes? But, after what happened here, it was more like the other way around." He left the recording and walked away, saying to whoever may find it "Do not come looking for me. You may not like what you find," ending the comic series.


Concordance Extraction Corporation
A massive mining corporation. All of the characters in the comics are the employees of the C.E.C.
Planetside Security
The local colony law enforcement.
Church of Unitology
A large religious body founded by Michael Altman.


Major CharactersEdit

Sergeant Abraham Neumann
A devoted P-SEC operative and protagonist of the comic's events. He was usually called "Braham" by his co-workers. He staunchly disagreed, even resented Unitology, making it somewhat ironic that his friend and partner was a Unitologist herself. He mentioned that he lost his wife to Unitology's beliefs. After losing everyone close to him and soon losing contact with everyone else, he appeared to be on the verge of insanity by the end of the series. The last time that we saw him was that he was walking away from the video log that he was previously recording, presumably to his death.
Officer Doctor Tom Sciarello
The colony CMO, a sound atheist and very confused by the events of the story including experiencing visions of dead friends. In the fifth issue, Sciarello was impaled through the forehead by a Necromorph hanging from the ceiling of the morgue.
The main antagonists in the Dead Space series. They did not appear until Issue Zero (But not officially until the end of Issue Four). Their exact origin was unknown or at least unrevealed. They existed in multiple forms, but only two types are seen in the animated comics. According to Marla, the Marker had a series of carvings that are actually a code for recombinant DNA and it mutated genes at a cellular level once the host was dead. The suicides are the primary targets as they are exposed the longest, they mutated and started walking shortly after the planet-crack. The Necromorphs attacked humans (And possibly other sentient beings) and killed them, leaving them to be infected by another type of Necromorph that crawled around. After mutation, the body appeared to rip itself open and develop extra limbs that are used to impale and tear their victims apart. From what was seen in the Fifth Issue, the Necromorphs are not greatly affected from bullets which would explain the need for a weapon to dismember them which Neumann accomplished with an axe (However, it was possible that he stunned the creature as he cut it's head off and according to the game designers, decapitation was often not enough to kill them and it would probably just make their attacks more frenzied which in Neumann's case would have been hindered as they trapped the creature behind an overturned table). Alien flesh that was spotted in several locations of the colony, particularly the Megavents seemed to have some sort of connection with the Necromorphs. It was highly likely that it was the "base" form of the Necromorphs.

Minor CharactersEdit

Detective Vera Cortez
Neumann's partner and a practitioner of Unitology. She developed insomnia, eventually becoming increasingly unstable and took part in a mass suicide with the other Unitologists. To Neumann's horror, he saw her one last time at the end of the sixth issue as part of the Necromorph flesh in the communications needle.
Deakin Abbott
A First-Class C.E.C. engineer and high-level Unitologist. He was the first to experience strange visions and led the mass suicide.
Jennifer Barrow
A geologist and site surveyor for the Aegis 7 Colony. She was also the leader of the mining team that discovered the Marker.
Natalia Deshyanov
The leader of the team dispatched to protect the Marker. She developed a fanatical devotion for protecting the Marker, even at the cost of her own life. She was later placed into protective custody. At the end of the sixth issue, she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, saying "I am ready. Make me whole."
Captain Benjamin Mathius
The Captain of the Ishimura. He had frequent communications with Carthusia, requesting that the corpses should be delivered to the Ishimura upon it's arrival. His fate at the end of the comics was unknown, although most likely alive since the Necromorph infection did not spread to the Ishimura. He was last seen in Issue Four talking to Carthusia via video communication.
Supervisor Cameron
A technician working in the colony's "Megavents". He was the one who discovered the strange alien growths in the ventilation system and warned Neumann about it. He was later attacked and killed by his former co-worker turned Necromorph, Lambert.
Marla Janssen
The P-Sec go-to girl. It was implied that she and Neumann are in a relationship. She had an interest in Unitology and the Marker. She devised that the markings on it are a code for DNA and it infected dead bodies, mutating them. In the sixth issue, after the shuttles are destroyed, she came up with a plan to radio up to the Ishimura and call for help, bypassing the problem with the communications by heading straight for the communications needle, but upon reaching the needle, she realized that the alien flesh was probably the cause of all of the problems with it and her job would be ten times harder. Upon investigating an open door, she was attacked and killed by the Necromorphs.
Katie Evans
Tom's assistant and nurse. She was killed by a stray cutting beam and later seen in a vision of Tom's. She warned Tom and Neumann about the imminent doom that they are about to encounter.
Jones and McCabe
Fellow P-Sec operatives. They are both killed by the end of the fourth issue.


  • Neumann's closing line in the video log bore a striking resemblance to Doctor Zaius's final words to Taylor in the 1968 Sci-fi thriller classic Planet of the Apes: "Do not look for it, Taylor. You may not like what you find." Zaius was referring to the derelict Statue of Liberty that Taylor eventually encountered and the fate for humanity that it represented. Similarly, Neumann was warning anyone who encountered the video log of the fate that awaited him and all of humanity if the Necromorphs are not stopped. Whether this was an intentional reference on the part of the comics' creators was unknown.
  • A video/animation of the comics could either be found on YouTube and as downloadable for Dead Space on the Xbox live as videos.
  • In the animated version of the comics, digsite GL-426 may be a reference to Aliens and the planet known as LV-426.

In-Game ReferencesEdit

Although the characters in the game are different from the characters in the comics, there are several references to the comics by means of audio logs and text logs found throughout the game.

  • In Chapter 2, Isaac found audio logs and text logs of conversations between Captain Benjamin Mathius and Doctor Terrence Kyne and in some cases, Dr. Kyne and Doctor Challus Mercer. These communications made references to Doctor Tom Sciarello's research on the illness plaguing the colony and the miner named "Harris" who attacked Dr. Sciarello and killed his assistant, Katie. Based on the amount of detail used by Dr. Kyne to describe Harris' behavior, it could be presumed that Harris was taken aboard the Ishimura for more scrupulous study. One of the text logs written by Dr. Kyne explained that although Harris' guilt was unquestionable, he behaved as though he did not do anything wrong.
  • In Chapter 12, Isaac found an audio log recorded by Sergeant Neumann during the events of Issue Six when Neumann, Marla and the other survivors are attempting to leave via the shuttle bay. In the audio log, people could be heard screaming in the background as Neumann explained that one shuttle tried to take off and crashed back down, destroying the remaining shuttles and killing hundreds. Neumann went on to advise that anyone finding the recording should not land on the planet's surface under any circumstances. Ironically, since the log was on the planet's surface, the only way to receive the log was to land on the planet. Although the events outlined in the audio log all transpired in the comic, Neumann was never seen recording such a log and based on the pacing of the events, it was unlikely that he would have time to record such a log.


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