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Release date(s):

NA: January 25, 2011 (iOS)
EU: March 22, 2011 (iOS)


Survival horror, third person shooter


Single player




"Immerse yourself in the events that set the stage for the action-horror storyline of Dead Space 2. Featuring a hardcore game experience and a rich audio environment specifically designed for your iPhone & iPod touch, this was the first Dead Space storyline ever devised for iOS."
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Dead Space also known as Dead Space iOS was a third person shooter mobile game developed by Iron Monkey Studios. It was originally meant to be released exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.[1] The game was also released for all Android devices, the Kindle fire and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on August 18, 2011. As of September 2015, it was no longer available for purchase from the App Store (iOS). The Android version was discontinued for newer devices and renamed zzSunset Dead Space™. However, newer devices running Android Lollipop could run into major problems with audio.


Backstory and SettingEdit

Dead Space iOS took place in the year 2511[2] and served as the precursor to the events that transpired in Dead Space: Ignition, Dead Space 2 and Severed. iOS followed the story of an engineer known as Vandal, a newly converted Unitologist on Titan Station.[1] Vandal was sent on various repair missions by Tyler Radikov and Director Hans Tiedemann.


  • Karrie Norton aka Vandal: The protagonist of Dead Space Mobile. Karrie was a recent inductee to the Church of Unitology, tricked into unleashing the Necromorphs spreading in the Titan Mines up into the Public Sector of the station.
  • Tyler Radikov: Karrie's contact and fellow Unitologist. Tyler appeared to want to help Karrie stop the outbreak when she discovered that she was tricked by the Church.
  • Daina Le Guin: A Unitologist resident of Titan Station. Daina contacted Karrie with the express intention of thanking the engineer for aiding in their cause.
  • Hans Tiedemann: As Titan Station's Director, Tiedemann worked alongside Karrie through RIG communications to fix the damage that she caused in order to prevent the Necromorphs from reaching the Public Sector.

Plot SummaryEdit

Under the codename Vandal, Karrie Norton was sent to the Government Sector on a sabotage mission by the Church of Unitology for purposes unknown to herself. She was directed to destroy the power boxes in certain rooms, cutting communications off to the certain parts of the station. Afterward, the first onset of Necromorphs began to appear and Norton was told to head to a tram. On her way there, Daina Le Guin told her that she unleashed the Necromorph infection on the Sprawl and her death would be glorious.

Norton swore that the Church would pay once she told the government what they did. Hans Tiedemann tracked the sabotage to her RIG and ordered her to restore the quarantine seals. After doing so, Norton had to move through the Government Sector Underbelly to get to the Titan Mines. Tyler Radikov, Norton’s support on the mission contacted her and explained that he was unaware about the Church’s intentions. After questioning Tyler about the Necromorphs, Norton decided to work with him to escape. During her efforts to repair the damage that she caused, Norton began hallucinating from the influence of the Marker. With the directions from Director Tiedemann and Tyler, Norton received the task to lock the doors to the station down. In order to do so, she must travel on several tram stations while moving through the different sectors and sluices of the Water Processing. She underwent multiple lockdowns and ambushes while on this mission.

When Norton arrived, she was suspicious about Tyler. She asked him why she should shut the power to the seals off. Tyler responded by saying that by doing this, it would trigger all of the emergency seals and would protect the Public Sector. Norton believed Tyler and shut the power off. Once again, Norton was betrayed by the Church. Tyler lied to her. She simply ensured the Necromorph outbreak into the Public Sector. Under Director Tiedemann's orders, she journeyed back to the Titan Shard to halt the unusual overheating in the station’s reactor core. Tiedemann told her that if she did not fix the core, it would destroy the entire station. As she traveled through the Titan Shard, she encountered the areas that are covered with the Corruption, enhanced Necromorph forms and was forced to fight off Brutes in enclosed spaces.

After fighting off the last Brute, enhanced Slashers, Pregnants and Exploders, she must "face her fears". Norton experienced hallucinations of a white Marker in the desert. The course of her travels took her outside the station on spacewalks to activate several panels. When Norton finally reached the core, she went down to the bottom to uncover the problem of the core's overheating. She recorded what would be her final message for others to find in the eventuality of her demise, hoping that her efforts would be enough to set things right.

When Norton reached the core, she found a large Necromorph wrapped around it's structure. Near the end of the battle with the creature, Norton was wounded when it tried to pull her down below the core. Norton, now without her helmet managed to escape. Too injured to move, she slumped down to the ground. She attempted to hail help from Tiedemann with the news that she was successful in her mission. She received no answer. Tyler reported to his superiors that the Necromorph outbreak was a success. Some time after Norton’s battle, only her helmet and a trail of blood leading away from the reactor core remained.

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Standard FormEdit

  • Slasher: The most common form of a Necromorph. It attacked using two large blades sprouted from the victim's hands or from an appendage sprouting from behind the shoulders. It had an enhanced form which was encountered later in the game. They often feigned death and would not come out of this state unless shot or touched. Strangely, all Slashers in Dead Space Mobile had their blades sprouting from their hands.
  • Lurker: Reanimated infants that attacked with three barbed tentacles that fired quills. They could run on ceilings and walls. It also had an enhanced form encountered later in the game.
  • Exploder: A small, thin Necromorph with a glowing yellow appendage containing a highly explosive organic compound which rivaled it's own size. It had a suicidal attack. An enhanced form with dark skin and a darker orange appendage was encountered later in the game, but was not encountered in any other game in the Dead Space series.
  • Swarmer: Tiny Necromorphs which appeared to be reanimated flesh that traveled in large groups and could jump at victims and rip away at their flesh. They usually came from a ruptured Pregnant's sac, but could also be found traveling alone with the other Necromorphs or from the inside of crates that could be smashed (Rarely).
  • Pregnant: A large hulking Necromorph with short legs that carried a payload of Swarmers along with two large scythe-like blades. These also had an Enhanced form that was encountered later in the game. This one also appeared to be exclusive to Mobile.
  • Brute: A very large and powerful Necromorph that could charge with great bursts of speed, using it's weight and strength to crush it's victims. It was heavily armored, but had weak spots on it's hind legs. An enhanced form was encountered later in the game. Brutes in this game did not have weak spots on their shoulders for some reason.

Advanced FormEdit

  • The Boss: A giant Necromorph responsible for overheating the Titan Shard's reactor core. It had a spiked tongue for attacking it's prey and used two of it's tentacles to fire sharp projectiles. It was surrounded by glowing yellow tumor-like growths which are it's only weak spots. These spots are located on it's chest underneath the head, the two tentacles suspending it and finally the head. It could summon the other Necromorphs and it was showing some resemblance to the Hive Mind.



Like Dead Space and Dead Space 2, Dead Space iOS used the same Store and Bench mechanics to upgrade weapons and buy RIGs.


  • Level 2- 30,000 Credits.
  • Level 3- 60,000 Credits.
  • Level 4- 90,000 Credits.


  • Power Node- 1 for 10,000 Credits.
  • Heavy Pulse Rifle- 1 for 200,000 Credits (1,000,000 in the BlackBerry PlayBook release).

Downloadable ContentEdit

The game provided several downloadable content packages for the players to enhance their gameplay experiences. The DLC store required access to the Internet via 3G, Wifi or any other means. These could be accessed from either the main menu or a Store throughout the game and could be purchased using the player's iTunes account. DLC was available for all files when it was purchased. Recent updates to the game added the Heavy Pulse Rifle as well as Survival and Endless modes. These modes are only available for higher-end devices such as the iPod Touch 3rd Generation. When it was available, you could register your game via an EA account to receive a free Power Node in Dead Space 2.


  • Credit Booster [$1.99] – Enable this upgrade and scavenge more credits from less fortunate bodies on any playthrough.
  • Armor Integrity Module [$1.99] – Enable this upgrade and permanently reduce damage received on any playthrough.
  • Weapon Output Module [$1.99] – Enable this upgrade and permanently increase damage dealt to hostile targets on any playthrough.


  • 10,000 Credit Pack [$0.99].
  • 50,000 Credit Pack [$2.99].
  • 100,000 Credit Pack [$4.99].
  • 500,000 Credit Pack [$6.99]. (This pack allowed you to get the Heavy Pulse Rifle, Level 2-4 RIGs and 12 Power Nodes.)

Power NodesEdit

  • 2 Power Node Pack [$0.99].
  • 10 Power Node Pack [$2.99].
  • 20 Power Node Pack [$4.99].


  • Although the game was entitled Dead Space, it was not a remake or port of the video game, Dead Space (The first game of the series).
  • Although it was released at the same time as Dead Space 2, the game borrowed many art and design assets from the original Dead Space such as crate design, RIG design and layout designs such as bulkheads and oxygen stands found on the USG Ishimura. This was highlighted in the various tram stations present in the game which was nearly identical in style to the Ishimura's tram stations.
  • Dead Space (iOS) was one of the two games and the other being was Dead Space: Extraction to have a hard cap on ammunition. There was a maximum number of shots allotted to each of the four weapons obtainable. If Vandal tried to pick up more after the cap was reached, she would receive an ammo full warning.
  • All healing items are removed from this game. Instead, Vandal would automatically regenerate lost health if damage was avoided.
  • Like Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction and Dead Space 3, the first letter of the chapter names would spell out a message. In the case of iOS, the message, "H.E. W.I.L.L. B.E.T.R.A.Y." was a reference to Tyler's loyalty to Karrie.
  • If you listened carefully during the opening sequence, you could hear a woman singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
  • Vandal saw doubles of herself throughout the game. One of which you must shoot in order to "face your fears", otherwise when you bumped into them, they would turn into Necromorphs. However, shooting them did not always trigger this event.
  • There was a glitch where you could shoot a Lurker on the ceiling and it would fall to the floor and stay in one place, but would continue "crawling on the ceiling". You could not stomp on it and you must shoot it to kill it.
  • The Heavy Pulse Rifle was the only weapon that could be purchased in the game (200,000 credits). All of the other weapons are found in lockers throughout the game.
  • The audio logs left by Vandal in the game are distorted, but when you found them in Dead Space 2 their voice contained no distortion whatsoever.
  • If you looked at the middle crossover tube that connected the rest of the station with the Titan Shard in the opening cinematic, you could see a 2D version of the USG Ishimura where it would be found in Dead Space 2.
  • The tools in Dead Space (mobile) appeared much larger compared to Vandal than they did compared to Isaac Clarke in other games. This was likely due to the smaller stature of Vandal (Like Ellie Langford and her Plasma Cutter in Dead Space 2) and the small size of the game in general.
  • The Core Extractor was much like the Contact Beam in many ways. The Primary of the Contact Beam and Alt of the Core Extractor are a concentrated, high energy beam that dealt heavy damage. Both had the most valuable ammo in the game and had a few similarities in design.
  • In Survival Mode for the Outer Space map, it was possible to glitch yourself by jumping at a low angle from a wall to a block. Vandal would still be alive even if all of the oxygen was reduced to zero. However, this only lasted for a short time.
  • If you listened well enough during the boss fight, you could hear some audio roars that resembled those of the Hive Mind.
  • The Heavy Pulse Rifle was not available on Android devices. It was still not included as the latest update.
  • At one point in time, the controls are available to be used in the Xperia Play. However, these capabilities are removed for unknown reasons.
  • In the film, The Darkest Hour, one of the main characters could be seen playing the game on their phone during the beginning of the film.
    • The same could be said for the 2015 horror movie, Krampus where one of the cousins could be seen playing the game on their iPad in the scene where Tom and Uncle Howard are preparing to find Beth, the first victim of the movie. Surprisingly, this would not make much sense as the game was pulled from the IOS stores in September while the movie was released in December 4th, just 3 months after it's discontinuation.


Concept artsEdit



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