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The Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack consists of the albums Dead Space 2 Original Videogame Score (featuring 14 tracks from Dead Space 2) and Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition Original Soundtrack (released as part of the collector's edition of the game, featuring a further 18 compositions).

Both albums were released on January 25, 2011 by Electronic Arts. The music was composed and conducted by Jason Graves and performed by members of the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, who also performed on the Dead Space Original Soundtrack.


According to composer Jason Graves, three of the track titles are anagrams. These are:

  1. Awesome Hulk: Make us whole
  2. You Got Nill: Unitology
  3. Canonical Aside: Isaac and Nicole


Original Videogame Score
Title Time
Welcome to The Sprawl 5:20
Much Ado About Necromorphs 4:36
Nice R.I.G. If You Can Get It 2:20
Canonical Aside 2:01
Rest in Pieces 2:46
The Cassini Towers 3:58
It Had to Be Unitology 5:16
Say Hello to My Little Friends 5:02
Awesome Hulk 4:14
You Got Nill 4:13
I Only Have Eyes for You 5:00
You Go to My Head 4:14
Come Rain or Come Convergence 3:46
Lacrimosa 7:36
Total time: 60:22
Collector's Edition Original Soundtrack
Title Time
Isaac, Are You There? 5:16
Padded Room With a View 3:11
Hospital Escape 2:20
The Cassini Towers 3:58
Fear of Flying 4:03
It Had to Be Unitology 5:16
Isaac Get Your Gun 1:48
Titan Station Elementary 3:44
Class Dismissed 2:40
East of the Sun and West of the Solar Array 2:09
Administering Control 2:46
Start Spreading the Limbs 2:31
You Go to My Head 1:15
The Government Sector 2:41
Canonical Aside 1:56
War and Pieces 2:45
Convergence Delayed 3:46
Lacrimosa 8:10
Total time: 60:15